swimming in the dark || half finished

Sunday, July 31, 2016

We had been painting for a couple of hours (fresh coat on the porch!) and decided we wanted to go swimming.

Well, it was dark. Pitch black to be exact.

Well, I got my camera out and try trying to take some pictures.
Me: "UGH. Why is it turning out black?! I can't figure this out," << I've been having some problems with figuring out my settings for being outside in the dark.
Bree: "Try something else!" then she looks at my camera, "the lens cap is STILL ON."
*cue chorus of laughter*

Well, a tip on taking photos in the dark? ...remember to take your lens cap off. 'kay?

I felt like a traitor to summer today when I wore a long sleeve shirt *gasp* because it was raining today and it got down to 69 degrees. I seriously haven't worn a long sleeve shirt in...months. i can't believe i did that. SUMMER STAY HERE FOREVER.


are you the person who has to set goals to get things done?
have you worn a long sleeve shirt at all this summer?

22 pounds of blueberries || 45 minutes

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Weeeellll, if you ever want to know what it’s like blueberry picking on a hot, steaming day, (for real guys. Our window. was. steaming,) with the sun pouring down on you—

Well, I could tell you.

“It closes in 45 minutes,” the people running the blueberry farm looked quite doubtful that we could fill 20 (ended up with 22) pounds of blueberries in that time.

We are the sort of competitive girls that won’t give up and just fill up half and go home because WE SERIOUSLY chose THE HOTTEST DAY OF THE SUMMER TO PICK BLUEBERRIES. Nooooooo, we are the sort of girls that just HAVE to fill it all up in 45 minutes to prove those doubtful people wrong. So, yes. We did prove them wrong in case you are wondering.

It was hot. Like, HOT HOT.

(yes all you people living in Texas who are laughing at me stop it. I know. If I came to where you live I’d die. ‘kay? I would.) Maybe it’s just a relative thing? Like, you get used to where you live...*stops thinking* the heat is getting to me.

Has your window ever steamed with heat?
Did you laugh at me when I said it’s hot at 94 degrees (WHICH REALLY IS HOT)? Honest?

that smirk || the unsupervised theater

Saturday, July 23, 2016

GO HERE NOW, and read this post (yes, Julia beat me to it. again.), otherwise what I am about to tell you will make no sense.

*glares at you until you click on the link*

Okay, now that you've read it, (THAT WASN'T FOR YOU JULIA IT WAS FOR MY POOR, CONFUSED READERS. *ahem*)..it was actually a really awesome movie experience. I mean, going into the wrong theater accidentally...having a completely EMPTY theater and taking flash pictures then dancing around..CAN IT GET BETTER?!

While we were doing this all, I suddenly realized, 'They MUST have someone watching us. I mean, you don't leave a whole theater unsupervised.'

^^ whichhhh explains the weird smirk the guy gave us as we left. Yup. They were watching us. There is probably some video that now exists somewhere online of us dancing around in an empty theater.

I mean, COULD YOU SAY THAT ABOUT YOURSELF? and yes i climbed over the seats in the theater #iwillnotlie

P.S. finding dory is the cutest. #kidatheart

P.P.S. these photos are from a few weeks ago from our camping trip. another post Julia beat me to. lol

have you ever wondered if someone is watching you?
did you click on the link? *glares* *laughs*

"well, I was almost roadkill" || the secret of nano

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Just a normal day as a photographer.

Hot. Sweaty. And sitting on a dirt road with my camera bag at my side. Come on, you totally want to do it,

right?! *silence* *crickets* okkkaayyy then.

Around where I live you get around 7 cars coming on our road a day. Yes, I'm serious. Maybe less--and if there

are more, you suspect the road is out and maybe they've been redirected them or something.

*sees distant car*

*jumps up to move into yard*

*drops lens cap*

*goes back for lens cap without second thought*

"Well, I was almost roadkill," I looked back as the car went by.

So I just reached 18k like what there are still 12 days left. xD It's going pretty good, I got out of by rut. I think. I

really have no idea what the secret of NaNo is. I mean, one month I can write 30k and the next month with no

nano--nothing. xP

well, I'm off to go finish editing the photos I took from my great-grandma's 90th birthday party. *grin*

have you ever almost been "roadkill?" lol

do you enjoy editing photos?

iced hot chocolate || tornado weather

Thursday, July 14, 2016

"What are you going to get?" my older sister asked me as we walk into Biggby.

"uh, not coffee."

I ended up choosing a cocoa carmella. Like, YUM.

"Do you want that hot, or iced?"

"I'll try iced," I said, it was too hot and humid for hot cocoa. I had never tried an iced before, but it couldn't be

that bad, right!?


like an iced coffee...but cocoa, (that sounds stupid. but really.)

*googles recipe for iced cocoa*

While we were are Biggby hanging out with some friends (HEY YOU GUYS I KNOW YOU ARE READING THIS), it

started raining. Like, pouring.

It poured for around 30 mins. It's actually really cool being in a coffee shop with those large windows, chatting

about writing with your friend and listening to the rain patter on the windows. Like riding in the car when it's


P.S. I'm almost at 14k on my Camp NaNo goal. xD

have you ever tried an iced cocoa?

do you like riding in the car in the rain?

we are sisters || the secret is out

Saturday, July 9, 2016

yeah, I know. That wallpaper. ugh. we got rid of it. I promise.
yeahhhh...we've gained since sense of style since then

sooooo this is Sarah (italic) >> And, this is me, Julia. *grins* 

so you may have wondered why I ALWAYS talk about Julia. And why I ALWAYS talk about Sarah -- and include

random photos of her. you MAY have thought us besties or something. Well, we are...but, we are also..

SISTERS. Blood thick ewww sisters. And, I'm older. Though many of you have thought I the elder. HA.*rolls eyes

in annoyance* Whateves

Our sort of sisterly relationship you ask?

Weird. Sporadic, and the knock against the wall type. Not in anger though!!

yeah, actually, I can't even remember the last time I was mad. O.o And if you do vow not to talk to her because

you are mad--she'll march into your room and sit herself down on your bed and start talking and you

forget all about it in a minute. Your room is so cute though! Besides, we've always been like that.

"I'm not going to play with you anymore!"



"Wanna play??"


So, people. Now the secret is out.

We are sisters.

did you ever suspect we were sisters?

are you completely shocked?

i fell off the seasaw || tennis court

Sunday, July 3, 2016

So yesterday we went to a park. I LOVE PARK DAYS. Anddd, we were walking around taking photos and we

came across this tennis court. It had grass growing through the cracks and vines crawling up the fence. It was

super cool. So we were taking photos and we were saying how we wish we had bought some rackets so we

could take some pictures.

On the bench nearby, Julia spotted something. It turned out out to be this really cool racket (with a hole, duh),

but it worked great for photos anyways. lol.

So Julia and I were going up and down on the seasaw thingy (yeah, kids at heart. NEVER GROW UP) and I

bounced up, (literally), and suddenly, I felt myself slipping.

I seriously slipped off, still holding on of course, and did this odd twirl twisting my arms.

"Are you okay?!" Julia waited until I was crouched on the ground beneath the sea saw before she jumped off.

(Thank you very much for waiting to get off)

"I'm dead," I groaned, crouching on the ground, "oh, this is going to feel bad tomorrow."

My arms and legs seriously felt like they were tied to a pole and beaten, (not like that's ever happened before..)

Would I go on a seasaw again? Yes. and I have no idea why.

P.S. Sorry if comments won't be published for a day or so—it's because I'm going on a camping trip. xD

have you ever gone somewhere that just felt oddly mystical?

would you (of have you) gone a sea saw of late?
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