22 pounds of blueberries || 45 minutes

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Weeeellll, if you ever want to know what it’s like blueberry picking on a hot, steaming day, (for real guys. Our window. was. steaming,) with the sun pouring down on you—

Well, I could tell you.

“It closes in 45 minutes,” the people running the blueberry farm looked quite doubtful that we could fill 20 (ended up with 22) pounds of blueberries in that time.

We are the sort of competitive girls that won’t give up and just fill up half and go home because WE SERIOUSLY chose THE HOTTEST DAY OF THE SUMMER TO PICK BLUEBERRIES. Nooooooo, we are the sort of girls that just HAVE to fill it all up in 45 minutes to prove those doubtful people wrong. So, yes. We did prove them wrong in case you are wondering.

It was hot. Like, HOT HOT.

(yes all you people living in Texas who are laughing at me stop it. I know. If I came to where you live I’d die. ‘kay? I would.) Maybe it’s just a relative thing? Like, you get used to where you live...*stops thinking* the heat is getting to me.

Has your window ever steamed with heat?
Did you laugh at me when I said it’s hot at 94 degrees (WHICH REALLY IS HOT)? Honest?

we are sisters || the secret is out

Saturday, July 9, 2016

yeah, I know. That wallpaper. ugh. we got rid of it. I promise.
yeahhhh...we've gained since sense of style since then

sooooo this is Sarah (italic) >> And, this is me, Julia. *grins* so you may have wondered why I ALWAYS talk about Julia. And why I ALWAYS talk about Sarah -- and include random photos of her. you MAY have thought us besties or something. Well, we are...but, we are also..

SISTERS. Blood thick ewww sisters. And, I'm older. Though many of you have thought I the elder. HA.*rolls eyes in annoyance* Whateves

Our sort of sisterly relationship you ask?

Weird. yeah, actually, I can't even remember the last time I was mad. O.o And if you do vow not to talk to her because you are mad--she'll march into your room and sit herself down on your bed and start talking and you forget all about it in a minute. Your room is so cute though! Besides, we've always been like that.

"I'm not going to play with you anymore!"
"Wanna play??"

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