how my sister beta reads for me || covered wagon

Sunday, August 28, 2016


But seriously. I just suggested how cool it would be to make it into a covered wagon because I remember making one that didn't move when I was little..(WE DIDN"T HAVE A WAGON AT THE TIME, 'KAY? improvisation people) anyways, they picked up on it and are now pulling one another around in it. SO CUTE. 

Julia and I like swapping our books in progress with each other every once in a while. Okay, so I forced *ahem* I mean, asked, Julia to catch up on my book. 

When you have Julia beta read for you:
// *Julia starts mocking in high pitched country accent until I slap her shoulder and threaten to take it away*
// Random “tsk, tsk, tsks” throughout the whole book while she randomly scribbles down notes for me LIKE SERIOUSLY STOP IT
// "I DON"T WANT TO DO THIS ANYMORE" is often randomly proclaimed

*cue sobbing from me* "YOU HATE MY BOOK"

random Julia notes:
 “GAH. He is so GAH”
“why is this kid yelling?”
“HE’S FINALLY DEAD. #totally dude” << yes, she used multiple hashtags. like..??

did you ever make a covered wagon as a kid?
have you ever had a sibling or parent read your writing?

why i disappeared || sand from the dunes

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

just look. JUST LOOK AT THAT. the water horizon curves to the shape of the earth. IT IS SO BREATHTAKING. Pictures just don't

do it justice. You can totally feel the power of our God when you stand on top of those dunes and just stare, breathless,

at this...amazingness.

oh, yes. well. Some of you may have wondered why I haven't posted for over a week. Well, I'VE BEEN ON VACATION. (yes I

didn't tell you *hides* sorry)

BUT I bring pictures. as a peace offering.

This has been on my bucket list forever. To see the real blue water that seemed only something in the pictures. ITS REAL


Okay, so see the first photo there? Okay. Looking down, I said to Bree, "Oh, it's not that far."

But then I saw the people. ITS SO STEEP. Often, people have to get rescued. RESCUED. *freaks*

A while back Julia, Bree and picked out some glass jars for the purpose of sand for our trip. So when Julia and I got there

we started filling our jars with sand and stones and such, (Bree forgot hers. :P ) You should totally do this..I mean, I HAVE


p.s. climbing dunes is the best

have you ever climbed sand dunes?

have you ever just seen something so beautiful you are just breathless?

mini shells || down a river

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A week or so ago we went tubing down a river WHICH WAS SUPER COOL. So we got to the place and ended up having to wait 45 minutes because a large group just went in and they were out of tubes.

so I sat around and plucked grass out of the earth and put it on Julia's lap. #sisters

Part of the time going down the river it was around 4-5 ft. at the the shallowest it was maybe a few inches so I often stopped and jumped off to grab those shells that glittered at me. THE LITTLE MINI SHELLS ARE SO ADORABLE why are things so much cuter when they are small.

Filling cracks in my driveway with tar stuff? well, I can check that off my bucket list. xD

We live in an old country home (around 100 years old), and fixing it up is actually really fun. The other day I spent a couple hours filling in cracks in the driveway while listening to a ton of audio books. xD

Come on, you've always wanted to do it. ADMIT IT. My grandpa stopped by when I was working on this (it took me over 6 hours total..) he called me a Tar Woman. lolol.

do you do a lot of projects?
have you ever gone tubing down a river?

the wisteria writer tag || cleaning dirt

Friday, August 12, 2016

^^ apparently he thinks you can clean dirt O.o SO CUTE

so Emily nominated me for the Wisteria Writer tag THANKS EMILY

Rules // thank the blogger who nominated you // answer the ten questions // add ten (writing or book) questions of your own // nominate ten people

// Are you writing anything at the moment? If so, what?
I'm currently writing a novel set in my made up world of medievalish allegoric fantasy. I currently have around 35k and I'm aiming for around 50 or 60k. WHOOP WHOOP.

// Who inspires you to write?
as in who makes me write? or who inspires the words? Well, my sister, Julia, often has to FORCE me to write and I force her. we're a good team. But for inspiration, I'd definitely have to say God is my total rock of inspiration. He always gives me all the good ideas I need.

// What resources do you typically use when writing?
I've found a couple medieval websites but mostly I rely on my imagination and my trusty book form thesaurus and dictionary. THOSE THINGS ROCK.

// Writing pet peeve?
When Julia is clicking on her keyboard faster than me. BUGS ME TO DEATH I AM NOT KIDDING YOU

// Reading pet peeve?
Page folders *shivers* if you are a page folder YOU MAY NEVER READ MY BOOK sorry

// Have you ever designed a book cover? If so, can we see a picture?
wweeellll. I have. Multiple. Let's see if I can find some..
So this was a play around one (wrap around for book form) and the image IS from Pinterest and it is my title so please don't steal THAT WOULD JUST BE MEAN I SPENT 5 MINUTES OF MY LIFE ON THIS THING. I do have another I recently did for my book I'm going to publish through LuLu but since I am going to use it you will all sadly have to wait until I have it in book form. xP

// What's your favorite thing about writing? 
Watching the words flow and watching your characters as they go through struggles and such. It's so satisfying to create characters that you come to know as real people.

// Have you ever taken writing classes?
I've actually taken a couple from my library. talk about awesomeness. xD

// Favorite place to write?
My room--I can just totally unwind there and let the words come, (they normally do, anyways.)

// Are you a planner or a pantser, when it comes to writing?
Both. I have 3k worth of basic bullet point planning then as I go through I come up with individual scenes I come up with. I really don't like being tied down, but I feel more secure if I feel like I know where I'm going. so, pantser. 

now for my questions
// are you writing anything at the moment? if so, what?
// if you are a fantasy writer, have you ever created your own map?
// do you listen to music while writing?
// planner, plotter or pantser?
// what, or whom, inspires you to write?
// have you ever made any book covers? can we see??
// writing pet peeve?
// where do you normally write?
// when did you start writing?
// do you have stories saved from when you were little?

i nominate all the writers i can think of: 
 - julia - abbieehannah - katie grace - micsophie - autumn - leah - hannah - sophia

if you write, do you write poems, short stories, novellas, or novels?
are you a plotter, planner, or pantser?

major nerf gun war || summer reading party

Monday, August 8, 2016

(so these photos are completely unrelated to this post but yeah).

There were many options at our summer reading party--such as, a bouncy house, games, obstacle course and...nerf guns.

I don't know about you but what's better than running around in your library after hours with 50 other kids and teens shooting each other with Nerf guns. I mean, COME ON? The bucket full of ammo was about 5 gallons. I kid you not. Everywhere you looked on the ground you could pick some up. *whispers* it was epic. SHOOTING AT STRANGERS IS THE BEST. lolol

Halfway through they brought the pizza out (which I didn't end up eating. Yes, I know. too much adrenaline). And then, they had the drawings.

So neither Julia and I won anything this year--but I think 2 hours of nerf gun warring was totally worth it.

The only bruise I got was on my hand, (yes, seriously), I put my hand up to shield myself and got shot. Not to mention the fact that for the past two days since I can barely walk--let alone walk up and down stairs.


i will never look at the library the same again.

have you ever experienced a major nerf gun war?
what are your summer reading parties like?

persevering after nano || chocolate donuts

Thursday, August 4, 2016

There's nothing better then spending a car ride talking with your sister, (HEY YOU), about plotting and books. << Bree is seriously the person you go do if you want a plot. but you can't have her. sorry.

AND THEN going to your friend's house, (HEY YOU GUYS), and making chocolate donuts. AND THEN taking a walk. and doing boho braids. and swapping writing. and writing together (AND FINISHING UP NANO). and all sorts of cool stuff that you can do in 7 hours.

like, awesomeness. Plus, it was the last day of July (IT'S AUGUST NOW. GAH.) so I got to finish up nano there and made 30k. LIKE WHAT. IT'S OVER. *goes into corner to cry*

BUT DON'T WORRY. Julia and I decided that even after NaNo we would persevere and continue on, (since we are both only halfway). And so we have been sticking with our writing rituals each night.

Hopefully I'll get to 50-60k. like what. NOVEL LENGTH PEOPLE. *hyperventilates*

guys. the summer reading drawing is FRIDAY. *trys not to scream* wait. that's tomorrow. GAH.

 have you done a boho braid?
do you ever just spend a whole day hanging out with friends?

the introverted extrovert || gah

Monday, August 1, 2016


I DID IT. GAH. I CHANGED MY BLOG NAME. Soo..introducing the new name...

The Introverted Extrovert

what do you gals think?? xD
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