new blog URL issues || followers please read

Friday, September 9, 2016

okay, people. So I've been having some confusion on my new blog URL as you may know.

I set it up so you could see my last few posts in your feed but after this post YOU WILL NO LONGER be able to see my posts in your feed so if you wish to continue to see my posts, please use these directions below.

I won't go in depth, but basically what it's like this: you are still following my old blog link (, now, you have to refresh your blogger system and follow my new URL (

Here's how to do it:

Pretty simple, right? If you're confused just comment so I can help ya out.

I've deleted my last two things about this because I noticed people have been confused. So if you still want to receive my posts just follow the directions above EVEN IF you have been receiving my latest posts.

Hannah, Emily F, Mikayla H, and Lydia D -- you gals have already figured this out so don't worry about this post. thanks guys!

i diy highlighted my hair

Friday, September 2, 2016

I've always wanted to highlight my hair but whenever I looked at the prices at the hair salons I cringed. So I got this idea to use a kit. Great idea, right?

So I dragged, (actually she was willing. who doesn't want to dye their sisters hair when they have no experience whatsoever?! boy I trusted her *sits here thinking*) anyways, my older sister ended up doing it on me. I got the "blonde" highlighting kit and threw out the directions and decided to use a youtube video.

Trust youtube, right?! come on, EVERYONE KNOWS IT DONT LIE YOUVE DONE IT 

Okay, if you have blonde hair GET PURPLE HAIR DE-BRONZER SHAMPOO, 'KAY? I didn't know this until I watched the video AND THANK GOODNESS I DID. Like, it apparently takes all the orange out of your hair and stuff. It's legit purple. (I seriously have no idea how that stuff doesn't dye your hair).

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