making seafoam || my stressful day in the kitchen

Friday, September 30, 2016

rainy fall days have come

Sometimes you have those good days in the kitchen, and others, well. you just won't. give. up. I got this brilliant idea to make seafoam (this stuff is called a TON of different things btw). It's like foamed up sugar candy that hardens and you cover it in chocolate. google it. I don't care to look at it again.

so I started my first batch around 3:00 p.m.
-  "oh wow. this wasn't hard at all it took barely any time look its so cool! *sends pics to friends*
1st fail - the wax paper stuck to ittttttt they didn't sayyy iittt wouldddddd

second batch - 4:30 p.m.
- MY THERMOMETOR WONT WORK NO NO the world is ending now what LET'S EYE IT yeah *applauds* awesome idea
- okay, not as's okay.
- *drops phone* well, i just tested out my phone case.
2nd fail - IT WOULDN"T SET i guess i didn't cook it enough ugh oh and I lathered the pan in oil and that messed it up too HOW DO I MAKE THIS STUFF NOT STICK
2.5 fail - let's take it and boil it down into a syrup. okay, accidentally leave the stove on high AND MAKE A BURNING MASS OF STUFF. whoops. *pours down drain* no one saw that

so around this time I was quite ready to give up. But Bree was like, "get it ready and I'll do it."

3rd batch - 8:20 p.m.
- used a nonstick baking sheet that *worked* but make it flatter than it should be. This stuff hardened in a few minutes and actually tasted pretty good the next day. the chocolate was off in flavor tho. xP success? maybe.

oh, and after all that I think I ate like three pieces.

have you ever tried making candy?
do you ever have a kitchen day that is just a complete fail?

grass tastes sweet? || craziest texts

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Hannah and I (from the Relentless Daydreamer) have known each other for...well, our whole lives. Sometimes we can be

"normal" and others times well, you know what I mean, right? I really don't know who this conversation got so crazy. I'd blame it

on the nail polish remover I "tasted." Although, I don't know what Hannah's excuse is. xD To be honest, I'm not sure if this

makes any sense. I'm the one talking in the blue text in case yer wonderin'

I've sided over to jeans and long sleeves for the past few days. I know, fellow summer lovers, I can hear your cries. It's just been

super chilly lately--which hasn't been that bad. I really must make myself some hot cocoa for the new season..


okay, something better...uh. 2017 IS IN 97 DAYS


uhhhh, nanowrimo starts in 40 days *freaks self out*

wow. I think I just crushed all your poor little souls. um, I'm off to go eat chocolate cake. bye people. *whispers* sorrrrryyyyy

what is the craziest topic you've talked about that you can remember?

are you a "counting down" person?

four leaf clovers || the important things

Thursday, September 22, 2016

I've found a four leaf clover twice in my life. As I was looking for some with my siblings I was seriously like, "How did I ever find those this is impossibleeeee." Like a needle in a haystack. Or a clover in a yard. whateves.

I still remember pressing the clover in my Bible--not often that you find a four leaf clover, huh? Seriously tho--I just sit there like, "whaaaa" when people claim our world "happened by chance" and "started with a massive explosion of chemicals and gasses"

*stares at the world in front of me* ha. yeah. SUREEEEEEEE.

I mean, our God puts random four leaf clovers out there out of the thousands of three leaf clovers for us silly humans to find for enjoyment. And you know what we do with it? "Look, it's a LUCKY four leaf clover" *headdesk*

I enjoyed the last day of summer yesterday (today is the first day of fall, btw NOOOOOOOO) by making chalk roads on our driveway and the sort for my siblings and riding bikes all around. Ya know, giving people "tickets" for passing stop signs or passing and such. We used to do that all the time when I was younger--I haven't done it in forever. You know what, it felt good. The little things in life are what matter. Not the things that *seem* important, actually, the ones that don't seem important actually are the ones are. If that made any sense.

well, peeps, I'm off. Autumn is here and I intend to make the best of it, although, I'll miss summer dearly. Over sized sweaters, hot cocoa and cozy writing days here I come. *reluctantly hands over summer* *winces* NO. WAIT. *cries*

have you ever found a four leave clover?
what did you do for the last day of summer?

"it has sugar in itttttttt" || JUST GO BACK

Saturday, September 17, 2016

*slides into seat* *brushes off dust* *loads up photos* it's been a while since I've done one of my normal posts, huh *cranks up

projector* well here you guys go

it's sort of sad actually, how we had to take down our pool. it sends that feeling of "SUMMER IS OVER" through you. then the

temperature starts dropping and you sit there tapping on the thermometer like, JUST GO BACK UP, OKAYYY? I'LL GIVE YOU


anyways taking down the pool is just an excuse to splash each other. don't worry, I made sure my camera was a safe distance

away from the danger zone. #noonewoulddare #donttouchthecamera

me: "what are you drinking?"

my four-year-old sister looks up from her cup: "coffee"

me: "coffee?! ewwwwwwww"

then she looks at me matter of factly: "nuh uh. it has sugar in itttttttt--yummy sugar"

I've come to the conclusion that people are born either liking coffee, or not. I had coffee at her age for the first time and was

like, "WHY DO YOU GUYS LIKE THIS STUFF" of course, my four-year-old brain didn't exactly say that.

It was more like: *sips* *shivers* *stares at coffee* yuck *dad laughing in background*

have you missed my "normal" posts?

thoughts on coffee?

8 tips on how to start habits and stick with them

Monday, September 12, 2016

You know when you get in the kick of, "I'm going to drink more water," or "write every day," from, uh, tomorrow, on. *scoffs* yeah, right. sureeee. Well, here are a couple tips on how to hang onto that habit, today.

-- don't say, "walk a mile every day," instead, say, "walk every day." and no, I don't mean around the house walking. I mean get. out. side. (yes, I know "outside" goes together. just getting my point across thank you very much).

-- Julia and I set a time for 9:30 every morning to walk. we grab an orange and set out first thing in the morning. dont worry if it doesn't happen at the same time every day WHATEVER. just do it.

-- Julia and I often have to push each other around often to get stuff done. support groups/friends are awesome. I probably wouldn't get half as much done I didn't have the Jules. *fistbump*

-- it gets confusing with lots of people and with less people its easier to coordinate. My group is four people total and that

seems to work great--I recommend setting a "meeting" time every day to get on the chat to write.

-- I set up a group chat of Julia and two friends and every weekday we word war for half an hour in the morning before school. I can get around 800 words or so I wouldn't have had before and it really gets you going when you have support and challenge. (btw some people work better with time increments and others with word goals. I'd suggest trying both).

-- walking and writing before school really gets your brain started. If you try to write after school you are more likely to push it off and your brain probably isn't as pricked as it had been in the morning. WE ALL KNOW MATH KILLS INSPIRATIONAL BRAIN CELLS

-- be flexible -- seriously, dude. this is key. YOU CANT WRITE YOUR LIFE TO A SCHEDULE. sorry to disapoint you, but yeah. just don't be TOO flexible.

good flexible: oh, I missed the time. Guess I'll go do it now..
bad flexible: ouch. past the time..better skip it today so I can get back in schedule. << DONT TO THAT. that's the way you break a habit.

-- your habits shouldn't be too strict either. I have a super flexible blogging schedule that I love because it is flexible. Habits should be enjoyable once you get into them--after all, if feels good to take walks every day after a few days of doing it, and it feels good to watch your word count grow, doesn't it? YES IT DOES I KNOW

are you good at sticking with habits?
will you try any of these?

new blog URL issues || followers please read

Friday, September 9, 2016

okay, people. So I've been having some confusion on my new blog URL as you may know.

I set it up so you could see my last few posts in your feed but after this post YOU WILL NO LONGER be able to see my posts in your feed so if you wish to continue to see my posts, please use these directions below.

I won't go in depth, but basically what it's like this: you are still following my old blog link (, now, you have to refresh your blogger system and follow my new URL (

Here's how to do it:

Pretty simple, right? If you're confused just comment so I can help ya out.

I've deleted my last two things about this because I noticed people have been confused. So if you still want to receive my posts just follow the directions above EVEN IF you have been receiving my latest posts.

Hannah, Emily F, Mikayla H, and Lydia D -- you gals have already figured this out so don't worry about this post. thanks guys!

goodbye summer || dear autumn

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

^^ reading one another's writing 'cause thats what you do at a park

dearest summer,
boy, am i gonna miss you
with your green leaves
blue skies
and swimming filled days
with your seemingly never ending sunlight
bare feet and library days
tubing down rivers
and climbing sand dunes
i started my first novel at your beginning
as well as got my first dslr
days of camping
and the smell of fresh cut grass
picking mini shells from rivers
taking walks whenever i please
without a bother of shoes
dear summer, i'll miss you
come again soon


dear autumn,
with your golden leaves
apple cider
and fuzzy socks
ice cold fingers as i write
wrapping my hands around cocoa
with your oversized sweaters
and extra blankets
and my birthday
the sharp smell of cold
cute combat boots
days of writing
along with nanowrimo
cozy days
and weather of 50 below
hello dear, autumn

do you prefer summer, or autumn?
what will you miss about summer most?

p.s. please read my new updated about the url issue here

i diy highlighted my hair || i knowwwww

Friday, September 2, 2016

I've always wanted to highlight my hair but whenever I looked at the prices at the hair salons I cringed. So I got this idea to use

a kit. Great idea, right?

So I dragged, (actually she was willing. who doesn't want to dye their sisters hair when they have no experience whatsoever?!

boy I trusted her *sits here thinking*) anyways, my older sister ended up doing it on me. I got the "blonde" highlighting kit and

threw out the directions and decided to use a youtube video.

Trust youtube, right?! come on, EVERYONE KNOWS IT DONT LIE YOUVE DONE IT *crosses arms*

Okay, if you have blonde hair GET PURPLE HAIR DE-BRONZER SHAMPOO, 'KAY? *shakes you until you understand* I didn't

know this until I watched the video AND THANK GOODNESS I DID. Like, it apparently takes all the orange out of your hair and

stuff. It's legit purple. (I seriously have no idea how that stuff doesn't dye your hair).

So you may be looking at these pictures like, "yeah," *scoffs* "doesn't look any different." WELL IT DOES. 'KAY? It's a lot blonder

and highlightyish (that should be a word) but "still natural looking" as my friend said (she was worried my hair would turn green

come on, it couldn't do THAT, right?..)

After the day at the beach I got sun burnt. I kid you not I was as red as a beet. FOR REAL. *whispers* i didn't wear sunscreen.


have you ever dyed or highlighted your hair?

have you ever got SUPER sun burnt?

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