three years of blogging || you guys are da best

Friday, October 28, 2016

GUYS. It’s been three years since I started this little ‘ole blog. WAHT. *shakes head in disbelief* it's so hard to believe how far it’s come. Three years ago, if you had told me how far my blog has come I prob woulda laughed in your face. for real yes. like, 118 wonderful people actually follow my blog. 

HA. YEAH RIGHT. Are you like insane or something? *splashes water in face*

you guys are all so great and i’ve made so many good friends through this place called blog land where mostly introverts live—seriously, wouldn’t it be the best if all the bloggers got together? LIKE CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE THE INSANITY

there are so many thing I probably wouldn’t have forced myself to accomplish if it weren’t for you all—such as learning so much in the field of photography LIKE I ACTUALLY GOT A DSLR THIS YEAR I STILL CANT BELIEVE IT SOMETIMES *hugs my precious canon rebel t5* *squints* no touch-y. 

anndddd writing my first novel. like, I woulda laughed about that too. I mean for real. ME actually writing a novel? *dumps 10 gallons of water on your head*

thank you all so much you guys are seriously the best (sorry if you got a little wet from this post but yeah xD ) thanks for sticking with me through my weirdness it's been da best. I'm totally looking forward to the years to come with you awesome peeps <333

what is your all time fav post of mine?
how long have you been following me on this whimsical journey?

i'm the photographer || "awwwww, you're so little!!"

Saturday, October 15, 2016

I REACHED 50K. it's odd, I thought I'd never reach 50k, but now that I have, it doesn't feel that different. Maybe it'll feel different when I actually finish my novel tho. xD I won't blab about it 'cuz your probably bored with all my writing talk hahahaa.

I'm pretty much the main photographer in the family (prob mostly 'cuz i'm the only one with a DSLR hahaha)--so when fall comes around I'm the one who takes the fall pics. (well, my older sister used to until I took over). Taking photos of kids is muccchhhh easier with my dslr. If you have siblings you probably could understand how fast shutterspeed just helps things. xD

We kinda realized that a lot of our photos were on our computers and that if anything really happened to them...well, we didn't really have many printed. Our computers are just *kinda* stocked with photos. Like, stocked. stuffed. loaded. Currently, I'm going through around, uh, 200gb or so of pics. yeah, not kidding.

Going thru old photos is like:
"Awwww, you're so little!!"
"oh, MY HAIR. moooooommmm, why didn't you telll meeeee."

well, speaking of photography, I'm off to go take some pics of our fall harvest hunt hahaaa

do you understand the "thing" of going thru old pics?
do you prefer milky way chocolate bars or snickers?

i've written a novel || nano is in 24 days wut

Friday, October 7, 2016

Can you believe we are already a week into October? like, wut. for all you crazy nano-ers (talking to myself too btw) NANO STARTS IN 24 DAYS.

So I'm seriously 1,500 words away from 50k. NO I AM NOT KIDDING WHAT. okay, *deep breath* this is my first novel and I've got maybe...20k left? WHAT. 50K PEOPLE. *shakes you* I AM SO EXCITED CAN YOU TELL I"M NOT EVEN DONE WITH IT. no, my precious book doesn't have a title because I decided to change it because it doesn't relate to the book any more but I can't find another title so I'll just call it "my novel" can you relate? xP

I'm not writing the full 50k this month -- no, I'm not chickening out I just have to finish my book first before I start a new one, (which, surprisingly, I actually have a few new ideas for). shall we say, YAS. like, it's so much nicer having something else to move onto.

so I'm not sure if it's called cheating or what, but I'm using nano to finish up my book so, no, I'm not writing 50k next month. But I really don't care--I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE I HAVE A NOVEL. like, doesn't that just sound cool? nooovveeeelllll. oh yassss.

Along with much writing, like, last month I beta read 3 books in a week in all completely different genres. (going to read another one sooonnnn you know who you areee) so yes. much words. YOU GUYS JUST WRITE AMAZING BOOKS, OKAY.

p.s. Julia and I got such an AMAZING response from you all from our video a couple days ago. like, YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME. so, I'm not going to reveal anything. You'll just have to wait until the end of this month to find out anything. sowwwwyyy *runs off*

have you ever written a novel?
have you ever beta read a book before?
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