november in review || featuring crazy random moments

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


- wrote 30,009 words for nanowrimo making my book around 81,682 AND ITS NOT DONE

- designed ju's book cover

- I went sugar free for a week DUN DUN DUUUNNNNN

no dont worry it didn't snow like that much just a few flurries
- participated in a festival and earned money for christmas gifts *whispers* yaassssss

I legit got a nickname this month. I don't remember who came up with it (someone in my writing group) but now I have the nickname "Sare" YOU GUYS SRSLY MAKE ME SO HAPPY JULIA EVEN CALLS ME IT NOW i've tried forever to get Ju to use a nickname for me and you guys did it in a week okay

I had the best birthday -- that's all I can use to describe it k

- got the most adorable mini whale from Hannah for my birthday LOOK AT THIS THING xD

- a bunch of girls in my nanowrimo group did a collab Narnia party themed hack. TOTAL EPICNESS.

- okay I was looking thru my planner and last month legit wrote 8k for the whole month of October. OKAY WHAT I WROTE 11K IN ONE DAY THIS MONTH what have i even been doing

November 1st - *dies* I wrote 11k okay.

Nov 8th - wrote 1,362 words in a 25 min sprint. yeeaaahhhh my group was gonna call the nano police on me lol

November 21st - WRITERS BLOCK OKAY.

November 26th - has not written for three days ugh

*when you decide that today is going to be dedicated to writing and end up running errands literally all day* *headdesk*

- symphony of silence by sophia noelle -  << *sighs happily* just. these words okay.
- the monstrous beast of comparison by hannah white - << okay can we just all like scream right now at the epicness of this post yes we can uh huh *nodnod* like, TRUTH is written all over this post okay yup
blanket by lorraine - << this post is so real to me -- i often wonder if when I see someone, when i utter that 'goodbye', if it'll be the last time i see them. and once, it was.

my airforce man by elizabeth anne  - << can i like go cry in the corner plz

what is nano really about by hannah white -  << so bc hannah is so awesome I had to mention this post too BC LIKE TRUTH AGAIN. I didn't go for 50k this month, and, I'll admit, I did feel quite bad when I looked back on my planner and discovered that legit 15 days had "0" words written. HALF OF THE MONTH OKAY. well, I realized then that well, maybe I *could* have done 50k. but, nope. Do you know how busy I was? I'm satisfied now as I look back on this month--I legit wrote 30k amidst it all. so, thx Hannah, for the reminder. XD
as of late by hannah - << where I learned you can go without sleep for 96 hours. (apparently google does not know me hahaha xD)
apart by julia ryan - << yesss, i'm a good sister I mention ju *nodnod* but rly this post is real. 

lost camera card. me: "I already looked in the couch!* *looks everywhere* *julia finds it in couch* *headdesk*

- *loses lens cap outside during photoshoot* *looks for it outside three times* *finds in pocket* whoops.

- *rakes leaves* *gets blister* um yeeaaahhhh. gloves. whoops.

- *is looking for lockbox key* *goes under bed* *ohh look old writing* *finds writing from when I was six. ewwww no* *shoves it away* *gets to bottom of box* *forgets what I was even doing* "ohey I found the key"

- finding the most adorable thing ever at the store

- *sets down bowl of oatmeal from microwave* *faintly touches finger on hot stove* mom: "oh! did you get burnt?" me: "nah" later: "oh look, a blister. whoops."

- *awkwardly runs thru store in heeled boots bc the store is closing (a.k.a. is closed) to get the paper plates your mom asked you to get*

- *when your sister pretends she turns to into a pumpkin at midnight, and is groaning on the kitchen floor*
me: ....

- the awkward moment when you are mixing your frosting and realize 30 seconds into it that it's whipping air bc you forgot the paddle attachments

- that crazy moment when your mom and dad bring in your cupcakes and stuck in each individual cupcake is a single candle that is exploding fireworks. legit you blow them out and they come back. like, they crackle with blue light of electricity. good joke mom. xD
- when you are at the store and this elderly gentleman asks you to try on a pair of leather gloves bc he is Christmas shopping and your hands look a similar size to his wife's lolol

- sitting in the car eating Doritos and drinking soda with your bros as turn up the Christmas music

- TAKE OVER THE BLOGGING WORLD jk jk *ahem* I mean, comment on more blogs, yes, of course that's what I meant to say *nodnod*

- start and stick with my new bullet journal

- finish my mess of a book named Oblivion, get chapters organized and print the thing out in book form *squeals*

- try to see the bright side in taking pics of snow (when it does rly come) and embrace it for pics

- finish ALL Christmas shopping (almost done already) and package and send out gifts to friends

- update my friends page which is in dire need of such mentioned

- write one poem and force myself not to hate it lol

well guys, what do you think of my new 'monthly update' thing? xD
how is your christmas shopping going?

what happened || i got a mini whale for my birthday

Sunday, November 27, 2016

well, guys. if you read that hacking of a post from a few days ago you may have gathered that my birthday was on the 23rd. legit tho it was the best birthday ever I woke up and got ready for the day, bring greeted by a birthday song from the sibs as I come downstairs and floods of comments from all you amazing people.

I then started on my cupcakes (making from scratch bc a box of fudge brownies had been bought instead of cake) I made chocolate andies mint cupcakes. like, YUM.

after those were put in the oven we went to set up our fall tree. meanwhile, as I strung lights, my friend was texting me and telling me to hurry up so we could Skype. so I finished stringing the tree and grabbed the sis's laptop (THANKS BTW) and went upstairs and skyped with my epic and adorable friend Michaila <333

after that, my sisters and I went to two antique shops where we wandered aimlessly around looking at all the totally awesome jewelry and old photos. from there, we went into the store were we went through the clothing and artsy stuff. LIKE SO CUTE.

so after that, we drove home and I made my mint frosting and frosted the cupcakes. OH. and this was the moment when we finally remembered to get the mail and I got my epic gift from Hannah. DO YOU KNOW WHAT SHE DID? she legit made me a mini whale out of blue felt ITS THE MOST ADORABLE THING OKAY and like that emotion thesaurus EEP

then, my parents brought out my cupcakes. well, stuck in each individual one was an exploding, fireworks-like candle. LEGIT IT HAD LIKE BLUE SPARKS you try and blow them out? nahhhh they'll just come back. thx mom lolol. my dads face tho--he was like totally enjoying that xD

well, it was epic guys I'll leave you saying that. thank you all who participated in that crazy epic Narnia themed party and thank you for reading this long post. and thank you to all those people who flooded my inbox, texting and phone with lovely birthday wishes <33

note to self: don't ask your family not to sing the birthday song to you bc instead, they'll sing it FIVE LEGIT the fireworks are exploding on your cupcakes lol

did you read the narnia party post my epic friends posted??
what is your fav kind of cake?

For Narnia...and Sarah! || HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Copy of YOU'RE INVITED.jpg


  Welcome one and all to the great birthday bash for Queen Sarah Margaret of the Wild North (that is her new title from now on *promptly crowns Sarah*)! We (her buddies from a writing hangout) hacked her blog - er … we decided to throw her the most awesome party that has ever been thrown since the coronation of the Pevensies. Which of course, means it’s a Narnian party.  
  Virtual party, anyways. And you’re all invited!
  So grab some Turkish Delight, invite your favorite faun, and come join in the fun! (and shower Sarah with best birthday wishes in the comments)         
  Wait, wait, wait. We’re going all-out on this party, which means you’ll have to be dressed like a Narnian to attend *nodnod* (only the best for Queen Sarah Margaret of the Wild North). We’ll help you out with the your costume ...

(soleil, jesseca, savannah)

  What is a party without costumes?! (honestly, the centaurs won’t let you into Cair Paravel if you aren’t in costume. And you don’t want to miss this party, trust me.) Here’s some inspiration on what you can “wear” to Queen Sarah’s party.


  But of course, a Narnian outfit isn’t complete without some accessories. Which one would you choose?


  And you’ll need to take some inspiration from the Narnian royalty themselves (because they obviously know how it’s done) …


  Are you all decked out now? Looking very Narnian? Good! Queen Lucy approves.


  Alrighty, now you’re ready to go. *all the centaurs escort you to Cair Paravel* Let the fun begin! *shoos you away to the next section of the post*     

(mary, hannah)

*calmly tackles everyone and takes over this section of the post* All right, let’s get some tunes going, shall we?

A little sheet music in case someone wants to serenade her majesty on the piano.

And, of course, this party wouldn’t be a party without the playlist. A smattering of songs composed by yours truly for Queen Sarah Margaret of the Northern Wood. *bows regally* (Actually, I didn’t compose any of them, I just stole them off soundtracks. I know, shocker, right? I’m so musically inclined that you would think I created these masterpieces. ;P)

 *has The Call stuck in my head* Ahem. NOW ON TO THE FOOD. (Which I will probably forget to eat. I’m relying on my twin to keep me alive, k?)   

(abi, katie)

We all know that Sare never forgets to eat (and reminds the rest of us daily) so her birthday party cannot be complete without a royal feast! AND SINGING *remembers that Sare hates being sung to* *laughs and sings anyways*

Whale Cake.jpg

In true Narnian style, Turkish Delight is the dessert of choice. Does that whale cake look edible to you? But don’t worry, we have mugs that match it, so all is not in vain.


We have enough variety to last us weeks! Or fill an entire room.


Because it’s lame to drink water at a royal birthday party, hot cocoa is in order! *snaps fingers*


We’ve melted lots of chocolate to keep this truly satisfying, so top it with whipped cream, cinnamon, marshmallows, sprinkles, or any combination thereof to personalize. Blue mugs provided, unless you happen to own a goblet (in which case you are first in line). But then you won’t match the whale cake. It’s a trade-off, sorry.

So sorry for those of you who expected pizza, we could find no trace of it in Narnian folklore...but with our professional hot chocolate mustaches and sugar rushes, we will forget all about the shameful lack of pizza when we play games!!

(chloe, Julia)


Crochet Whales.jpg

We couldn’t find any real whales for sale, but hey, a promise is a promise so here are some crochet ones instead. (Just don’t name any of them novel because otherwise you’ll get writer’s block and forget to feed them. :P)

Basically Sare.jpg

(Basically you, Sare.)


Well, Sare (still can’t believe you finally got yourself a nickname) HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Lookie here, you’re trying to catch up to me in age, but HA, impossible. *smirks* Honestly, though, I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have you for a sis. Just that you have enough patience to deal with my crazy antics is amazing, but that you’re somehow able to teach me things. Goodness!
You deserve this Narnian themed party, Queen Sarah Margaret of the Northern Wood.

what narnian character are you?
did you enjoy Sarah's birthday party??

deep thoughts from on top of my dads truck || stars

Friday, November 18, 2016

yes the moon looks like a jellybean i know

no these pics are not from this day--i actually took these another day and actually found a way to use them on here lol

I lost the round of hide and seek (PLAYING IN THE MOONLIGHT IS EPIC PLZ DO IT) so after wandering around in the dark I hopped onto my dad's pickup truck and laid down on the truck beds cover.

let me tell you, I was glad I lost the game of hide and seek. yes it was cold but, those stars. like, so amazing. Like remember those cold nights when you would press your forehead against the window in the car as you drive, and watch the stars go by and think the moon is chasing you (oh and when Julia and I would compete in who could hold their hand to the icy window pane the longest..) *whispers* we have always been competitive..

but back to stars. it was like when I went to the dunes--like, how you could sense the wideness and roundness of it all. when I laid on top of that truck my face was to the stars and that's all I saw. it's so amazing. you don't even speak and you wonder why you have missed so many nights of those wonderful stargazing times when God has put that wonderful show right over your head. a show that never gets old and will never stop taking your breath away.

when you look up at those stars, suddenly you feel so small. so minimal and yet, somehow, you are important in God's eyes. we are a spec in that galaxy above our heads and who knows what beyond--and yet we seem to always forget that. forget how small we are and how much God has done for me and you. He saved us. He died for us. He gave us life.

it's so incomprehensible. so awesome.

have you ever stargazed?
on a side note, did you see the supermoon?

spilling writing secrets || this thing is like 75k

Sunday, November 13, 2016

like i dont even remember what we were doing here lol

^^hannah and her sister came over and hung out  like a week or two ago aaaanddd I'm finally getting around to posting these pics *ducks* hahaaa

Hannah and I talked a ton about writing when she was over and I literally spilled so many of my books secrets (don't even try and ask her she is sworn to secrecy *glares at Hannah* dont), we did a full out photoshoot, and theeennnn I introduced her to her first chaider *wants chaider now*

nano is going really great--I have written as much yet as that first day but I'm cool with that. ohmygoodness I just realized something. so like, I planned on finishing my book in 30k and I'm already 24k+ into that and not nearly done. WHOOPS. is this book ever going to end or what. it's like 75k. this thing could end up rrrlllyyyyy long. O.o

okay so Hannah literally finished her 60k book during the first few days of nano and then BOOM. she starts a new book. HOW EPIC IS THAT #shetotallyrocks #icouldnotdothat

really--I'm actually excited to finish this book bc I'm going to print out my own hand held copy EEP. I've been playing around with my cover and once I get it printed I'll totally show it to you all! yes I know it's totally unedited--the reason I'm doing if because I find that you always lose the first draft in editing--once I edit this thing I will most definitely print out the edited copy as well so I can have both.

btw congrats to Katie, and also Mary for reaching 50k in like the first week or so of nano. like, WAHT. (and yes, we did get into Mary's blog and posted a huge collab of celebration yup we did)

well, I'm off. I will add that thanksgiving is in less than two weeks. FOOOODDDDDD. hahahaa

do you plan on printing out your book for yourself at some point?
are you looking forward to thanksgiving??

journey before destination || walking in the fog

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

I've always wanted to walk in fog. kinda one of those things in my imaginary bucket list--I've done it a couple times but never in a fog as thick as this one.

it's like a layer of creamy gloss that covers your eyes--it surrounds you, and your ears almost feel clogged with it. and, if you are like me, and only used time to grab your camera (pssshhh forget about shoes) then you also feel the wet dew on your toes as you walk through the grass. it's actually really amazing and, oddly, quietly peaceful. like, I'd like to get a hammock and lie out there amidst the fog. plz.

it's funny. some things are just as you imagined them--and others, well, the best part was anticipating and dreaming of it. things aren't always what we imagine--but if we allow God to lead us wherever He leads us, we'll soon learn to love the journey, and not just anticipating the destination and being dissatisfied with were we are. right now. not where we'll be in a years, months, or even tomorrow.

it's not like we are always going to be perfectly content--of course not--but that doesn't mean we shouldn't strive to follow The Lord and be satisfied with our journey He's prepared for us.

I rly don't know where this came from but maybe one of you needed to hear it, or maybe I need it. all I know is, God's got His plan for you and me. He's got this.

can you relate?
have you ever walked in a really thick fog?

consequences of writing 11k in 1 day || a sugar free week

Thursday, November 3, 2016

this is Jane, our kitty

You may have heard of this 5k day thing that was planned for November first. epic, and insane sounding, right? well, you're correct. Believe it or not, competition got the better of me and instead of 5k, I ended up with over 11k. um, yes. dont ask.

what it's like writing on mywriteclub:
"whew I'm 50 words ahead *pauses for breath* WAIT NO STOP WRITING YOU ARE CATCHING UP SSTTAAHHPP"

everyone in chat:

yeah that's when I was writing 1,300 words in 25 mins which normally takes me over an hour whoops. #sorrynotsorry

after I finished writing 11k I legit tried to speak and nothing came out for a second and I freaked that I lost all my words but FEAR NOT muahahhahaaaa

Okay, so somehow during this nano thing, I also got dragged into (literally) a sugar free week. LIKE SRSLY. so, after writing a ton I was kinda..well, let's just say..the whole night I was literally stumbling on almost every word for real
Julia: "go get the blueberries out of the freezer and watch the ice cream"
me: "what. you want me to get the icecream?" *pause* "oh. wait. we can't have sugar *cue crushed dreams*

so yeah this is how I wrote 11,358 words in one day. I really don't know how but it was epic. thanks to all my writing buddies for literally stressing me into fire mode on mywriteclub. whose up for another 5k day? 10k? how 'bout 15k? come on you know you want to.


what's the most you've ever written in a day?
have you ever been so tired you can't speak?

6 things all nano-ers know as TRUTH || let the insanity begin

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Guys. Nanowrimo legit starts today. LET THE INSANITY BEGIN. before that tho, I'm here to bring you 6 things that all nano-ers know as TRUTH. well, maybe all.

- "I need a writing buddy.."
stares at my victim of a friend: "heyyyy you ever heard of nano?"

-  "I'll totally be able to fit nano along with my school. I'll just eliminate procrastination. what's 50k?"
Later in month: i'm dead.

- "Psh. 5k in one day would be a cinch. why not double it. better yet, why not triple it? Sure 15k. It'll be easy."
"wut was i even thinking"

- "I have enough plot"
"WHAT WERE U EVEN THINKING" *shakes past self if you could even do that*

- "1,679 words a day will be so easy -- what are these people even talking about??"
"Wut r words even"

- "I am never doing this again. NEVER. NEVER AGAIN."
next year: "aw, it wasn't that bad. It would be great to have a finished novel. I musta just done something wrong last year. I'm wayyyy better at not procrastinating this year."

LIES ALL LIES I TELL YOU. people I'M HERE TO SAVE YOU FROM THIS INSANITY but no, nano is actually rly awesome << that may or may not have been a lie again i can't really tell anymore *nervous chuckle*

btw today i'm like crazy enough to join 23 other people in legit writing 5k in 1 day. not joking. well, I'm off to pound out those words. byeeeeeee

can you relate??
have any "things all nano-ers believe" to add?
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