DECEMBER IN REVIEW || emperors new groove - a gif for everything

Thursday, December 29, 2016

WARNING THIS POST IS COMPLETELY STUFFED WITH EMPERORS NEW GROOVE GIF'S AND EXCESSIVELY LONG i legit dunno why but i guess this post proves that there is indeed an emperors new groove gif for everything. k. here we go.


- decorated for Christmas when it was snowing out and the Christmas music was playing <3

- wrote like a ton for a non nano month YASSS.

- WAS BRAVE ENOUGH TO SHARE MY SNIPPETS TO THE WORLD jk jk. but rly you guys thanks so much!! snippets 3# and 6# were the obv favs. *rubs hands* yaasss. xD

- it snowed. lots. like *cue dumping of snow* and I had fun freezing my fingers off doing photoshoots and filming a video for Ju.


- *suddenly blanks* WELL I ACCOMPLISHED STUFF K

- wrote a total of 24,400ish words so far this month. 99,376 total on my novel. *screams* but yes - I don't know the exact number BC APPARENTLY I FORGOT TO WRITE IT DOWN AT THE BEGINNING OF THE MONTH but i do remember 81k so -_-

- *suddenly deciding a third way thru the month that you want to finish your book this month so you start writing 1k a day* like i'm even competitive with myself goodness

- when a sibling comes into your room and you are in the middle of writing an important scene:

- that amazing scary moment when you write that sentence that explains what your title means

- when you get out of bed and leap for your computer and write this scene you've been playing in your mind AND IT COMES OUT LIKE PERFECTION like I've been thinking of this scene since I started

- writing this rly emotional scene like:

heartbeat - by julia ryan - << this post is way too real for me
a package // a fallen tree & a falling girl - by michaila - << this post legit just made me so happy <33
rocking around the christmas tree // i did a lip sync video - by julia ryan - << at this video ju and i did xD

joy to the world - by savannah - << okay these words right here ohmygoodness yes so amazing and truth right there <33

searching for cheer - by elizabeth anne - << ohmygoodness look at Elizabeth over here describing the way i felt this year about Christmas practically to perfection GO READ THIS THING *pushes you off to her blog*
blogaversary ~ Q&A coming up - by hannah - << *pushes you off to Hannah's blog as well* GO ASK HER THE QUESTIONS PEOPLE

- carrying five gallons (in bags) of liquid with one arm like a pro #igotthis

- the tragic M&M murder - when it's late and Hannah and I get too deep for our own good SHE CRUSHED THE POOR M&M OKAY. (no of course she didn't write a poem about it noooo and no she wasn't arrested by the m&m police *shakes head*) we get in the weirdest moods sometimes like 

- ju: these apples are juicy
me: kinda watery
ju: but like a good watery
me: yeah like a fruity watery
^^ when you describe the way the apple tastes at midnight

- *watched someone shut car door* *wonders how many car doors shut at that exact moment in the world*

- when you are gift wrapping and your OCD takes hold ^^

- when you go to screenshot but your thumb gets lazy and you end up turning off your phone

- when Julia's cover just won't work and you know it gets bad when you save your images as "this prob won't work.png"


- when you somehow end up on Youtube watching guys dancing around on this giant piano mat. the coolest thing EVAH.

- when you are putting the lid on the sharpie and totally miss and draw over your hand #epicfail like

- *does a craft with glitter* *takes pic* *gets glitter all over phone case*

- that moment when you contemplate writing a poem about your flexible ruler and legit do it 

- me as I'm pushing the cart in the parking lot in the slushy snow "this thing needs four wheel drive"

- hanging out in the store in the furniture and chillin' on the couches #ohyeah

- dad: "the cookies!" (apparently the cookies were slipping off the table?..)
*cookies fall off table*
me: *glances up after they had already fallen*
dad: "you have the reflexes of a dead cat"
me: .......
^^ this was after six hours of constant shopping yep

- me before going to bed: *checks alarm*
me: *groans* *turns it on*
me: no wait. Christmas break. YAASSS.
me: *vehemently turns off alarm*

- when you stayed up until 2:42 talking with Julia about her book bc you finished it and wake up the next morning like - *stumbles off bed* why did I even do that what even

- when your sis texts you to "look behind you" so you turn around and basically have a mini heart attack bc she's crouching behind you and you had no idea

- when your Christmas gift comes in the mail and you have to wait to open it xD ^^

- the foosball gets so intense on Christmas Eve and you end up with one bleeding finger and another has a blister so you can't even move it now #waytoocompetitive
me: oh look I'm bleeding *goes back to playing*
later: ohhh starting a blister *keeps playing* *blister pops* *gets band-aid and keeps playing*
even later: *dents hand* *keeps playing*
later, later, later: *walks by foosball table* *wacks side*

- me: "heeyyy gramps. wanna play foosball?"
grandpa: "what happened to your hand?"
me: "uhhhh. foosball"

- that moment when it's Christmas Eve, pitch black, and you wham full force into the couch that was moved into the dining room and fall over groaning.

- okay guys look at this adorable whale I got for Christmas EEP <3

that moment when you count all your pens, pencils, sharpies ect., and discover you have 178 total. O.o

when you buy a wallet and realize you now have less money to put in it

- TAKE OVER THE BLOGGING WORLD jk jk *ahem* I mean, comment on more blogs, yes, of course that's what I meant to say *nodnod* - eh, imma give myself half of this one. I kindaish did?..

- start and stick with my new bullet journal - yep. I don't think i've missed one day yet - I love this thing!

- finish my mess of a book named Oblivion, get chapters organized and print the thing out in book form *squeals* - I DID IT AHHH

- try to see the bright side in taking pics of snow (when it does rly come) and embrace it for pics   - yep yep did this 

- finish ALL Christmas shopping (almost done already) and package and send out gifts to friends - DONEEE. it's all over *breathless*

- update my friends page
 which is in dire need of such mentioned - eehhhh. I did like some and then.. #distracted

- write one poem and force myself not to hate it lol - actually I wrote like three this month and my fav is prob the one i wrote about my flexible ruler *laughs* 


- brainstorm a new novel idea

- update something with my blog design 

- get better with my macro lens 

- beta read one book 

- make and keep up a writers journal


well - so long 2016. I've many so many memories in your hold - both bad and good. thank you for them. hello 2017I don't believe I know you yet?...

did you make it through this gigantic post?
what was your fav random moment?

IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE || i'm the prankster

Saturday, December 24, 2016


okay yes sorry to freak you out if you haven't finished but TOMORROW IS CHRISTMAS GUYS OKAY EEKK. isn't it insane? like Christmas just crept up on me.
November: psh Christmas is a whole month away
Me: *agrees but Christmas shops anyways*
Christmas: HEEEYYY.
Christmas: lol nope. sorry.

like years ago you couldn't get to sleep forever. now it's like, "oh, tomorrow is Christmas." *falls asleep .5 seconds later*

(okay yes but I legit can't wait for my little bro to open his gift) oh, and all the gag gifts Julia and I have been making for our dad and grandpa. *smirks* okay, admit it. gag gifts are the best. xD psh no of course I didn't prank my sis and trade her tin whistle for a straw that I cut holes in *grins* shh. don't worry. she'll still got the real thing xD

*hopes my dad doesn't get on here shhh*
I don't think i'd call this a gag gift but ISN'T IT THE COOLEST. my dad has always been a hand sanitizer (stop giving me that look, spellcheck) guy so when Julia found this we were like YAASSS ^^ yep I made it credit to pinterest for the idea. and yes I'm made my grandpa edible coal.

i think i laughed way too hard at this gif cant even rn

can you imagine, God gave His only Son for us. Jesus died for you and me - He saved us - and He's coming back for us. it's so amazing and just...mind boggling.
for there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. - luke 2:11


mom: *tosses kit kat at me* *kit kat hits me in face* "whoops"
me: "thaannkss"

have you ever done any prank gifts?
do you feel like Christmas came rly fast this year?

THE EPIC WRAPPING PAPER BATTLE || i lost the flashdrive. again.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

so Julia came up to me the other night with an empty wrapping paper roll in her hand, "I challenge you to a dual..thingy"
me: *grins* *runs to closet and comes back with my own* "muahahaa" and no of course we didn't start clashing "swords" at 11:00 last night noooo.
me: *wacks Julia's 'sword' out of her hand*

me: *laughs* *starts battles with everyone* *starts quoting the princess bride*

so my dad installed this new crank pencil sharpener -
mom: "did you see that new sharpener?"
me: *scrambles for pencil* *sharpens it* AHHHH IT'S SO SHARP AND AMAZING LOOK *continues to show it to julia and point it at her* muahaha xD

yaaassss. #expertgiftwrapper 
oh and *cough* posting this before Julia does *cough cough* I of course didn't lose my flash drive again - well, IT FELL DOWN THE COUCH AGAIN OKAY - still don't know how that happened. I DON'T EVEN REMEMBER HAVING IT THERE. -_- be jealous of my skills with losing things people

well, guys. CHRISTMAS IS SUPER SOON *too lazy to count the days* besides, everyone counts differently, right? I mean, some people count the day of, and some don't #confused

do you count the day of, or not? (when counting down)

have you ever had a wrapping paper roll battle?

the snippets tag || i can't believe i'm doing this

Friday, December 16, 2016

whoa, yeah, what am I even doing like why am I doing this.

I've managed to keep my book and snippets to myself AND I'VE LET A TAG GET IT OUT OF ME (btw, thanks to Savannah for tagging me - I think. xD) oh, well. Let's get started, shall we? *stumbles off to rummage through my messy novel* *ignores the fact that I skipped the rules* psh. WHO LISTENS TO THOSE ANYWAYS.

// 1. Share your most gripping, fascinating, and hooking first line of a story. 
wait. whhaattt. it has to be the first line of my story? *revolts bc my first line is baaddd*

But he didn’t need to say it. Trey knew how it was. Things were happening. Changing.
You could feel it in the very air you breathed.

^^ this is actually the ending of a chapter. shhhh no one saw that #cheater 

// 2. Share a snippet that made you want to shout to the world that you're SO. HAPPY. 

okay prob not a scene that made me SUPER happy but im lazy and done looking thru my messy novel k thx.            

Eleena pushed her way through the large, packed crowd. She grunted as she went, forcing her way through until she got to the front.
            “We can’t face this oppression any longer!” a loud voice sent rumbling of murmurs through the crowds, “we must fight. Fight for our freedom,” Eleena grimaced as she made her way to the front. She knew that voice.
            “Flin,” she hissed, “what are you doing?!” she stared up at him. He stood up on a tall platform. He looked tall up there, even if he wasn’t normally tall. He looked down at her and grinned, “get down here,”  she added. He ignored her, “I saw guards nearing—now get down if you want to still have your head tomorrow!” he jumped down at her command. She sighed. He was new to the group and didn’t understand what it was. It wasn’t a cry for war. It was a cry for something altogether different. The total opposite.
            Eleena stepped up onto the large platform, “No—this isn’t a time for war,” she tried to keep her eyes off the guards atop their horses nearby. Tried to ignore them. Out of the corner of her eye she watched with relief as Flin skillfully weaved his way through the crowd and was lost. Safe, she thought. She didn’t totally blame him. Keeping peace was hard. Especially for the wild, young 15 year old he was. War sounded like the brave thing to do. But he didn’t understand. It wasn’t like that at all. She made a mental note to reprimand him later.
            Talk like war could bring down the lives of the whole village.

like, ohmygoodness the editing to be done 
// 3. Share a snippet that gives you a bit of insight into one of your most favorite characters ever. 
Trey felt like throwing the shovel as he dug into the earth. He shoved it in further, throwing out his rage as he worked. It wasn’t right. It shouldn’t be like this.
            He looked up to find Philip on horseback staring down at him. Trey grimaced as he wondered how long Philip had been watching.
            “Where have you been?” Philip blinked as he saw what Trey was digging.
            Trey slammed the shovel in the dirt, “Digging another grave because that seems to be all I do nowadays." He lifted the shovel up and slammed it in again. He felt himself shaking as he worked but forced himself to move. He knew that if he stopped, he would break.
            He couldn’t break. Not now, not ever. 
            Philip dismounted slowly and held onto his reins in his hands, "We were worried about you—“ he hesitated, “when are you leaving?"
            "Leaving?" Trey blinked, looking up at his friend, "oh," he said slowly. He swiped his forearm across his burning his eyes, "guess I forgot," he shook his head, "day after tomorrow, right?"
            "I guess," Philip shook his head, "you're in bad shape, Trey—maybe...maybe you should reconsider."
            "No," Trey snapped, thrusting the shovel in for another blow. His shoulders felt weak as he did so, "if I stop," he glanced up, "if I quit," his tone went low, "then I'll be digging another grave pretty soon for someone that's too small to be laid in one,” his tone cracked as he threw the next shovelful of dirt out, "I won't be doing that—I won't, Philip—not if I have anything to do with it."
// 4. Share a snippet that gets you beaming with pride and you're just like 'yep, I wrote that beauty'. 
            “No, no it won’t! You’ll die like everyone I care for does. Just hurry up and leave if you are going. Go!”
            “Tessa,” her brother reached to clutch her by the arms, “stop it, will you? I mean it! You are acting like a child. Stop being so selfish. I am going to help others because they need help—would you want people’s lives to be deprived?" he paused, "do you want others to feel the way did when mother died? I’ll be fine, Tessa, if the King wills it.”
            "And what if He doesn't? What if He makes you die?"
            "He doesn't make anyone die—he'd allow it, maybe, yes. I can't stop Him and neither can you, Tess. I could die here. So could you, or father. Don't fight it," Gabe sighed, "I gave up fighting it a long time ago," he turned away, "it just tires you out. The fighting does I mean. When mom died—"
            "Don't—" Tessa said quickly, shaking her head vehemently in protest, "please, don't. I can't—"
            "You can Tessa and you will. Stop telling yourself that you can't. When mom died you shut yourself up in a hole—it's been years Tessa. Do you think mom would be proud of you for losing yourself in your own world of pity," Tessa opened her mouth to speak but Gabe wouldn't let her, "No, Tessa, don't. I mean it—you shut yourself out from everyone and everything...while father tried to forget. I was left to try to mend the two of you, and well, I found out I couldn't. I couldn't, but the King can. So I gave it up. I don't have to fix you. Because I can't fix you. I just can't. The King can, but I, most definitely cannot. It's time to come out now, Tessa. Mom died years ago, you can't bring her back and you can't fix what happened," he looked at her steadily.
            "What do you mean, 'fix?'" she stared at him, her face pale.
            "You know what I mean—you don't think I didn't see through you? Come on, Tess. I know you better than that. You wanted to fix what happened—bring mom back...turn back time."
            Tessa turned away, putting her chin on her lap she shut her eyes, "I just wanted everything to stay like it was."
// 5. Share a snippet of genius, deliciously witty dialogue between your characters. 
*whoa had nothing witty in my book this is bad i need to fix this* *shoves scene at you* LOOK ITS OPPOSITE DAY *cough cough*           

 Dremrick knew full well that the maps were perfectly updated and well crafted. He continued, turning away from Ryan he turned to Merek, “And who, are these reports from?”
            “Your own personal spies, sir. Along with multiple of your faithful followers in the land,” Merek did well to hide his tone of annoyance.
            “Peasants that’s what they are. Not to be trusted. You should know that full well, captain,” Dremrick growled.
            “Sir,” Ragin’s eyes popped open, “your spies are very well trusted. And quite capable of such things.”
            Dremrick stood up from the maps, “If I call them peasants, then that is what they are. Don’t contract me again, captain.”
            Ragin swallowed any further words. He practically swallowed his tongue along with them.
“My father could not even conquer over a small peasants King because he was a coward,” Dremrick placed the palms of his hands on the table layered in maps, “gentlemen, I, however am far from what my father was. I am grateful to say.”

// 6. Share a snippet that leaves you breathless, in a cold sweat with action-induced intensity. 
He breathed heavily as he stood up trying to get a hold of some cleaner air. His arm was bleeding and scratched. His face had had several raw spots in result from the pelting sand.
            It was dark inside as Trey slowly moved around. A steady sound hummed in his ears, stopped, then began again.
            He ducked in closer to see a small bundle huddled against the cold stone wall. Only a hazy blue light even allowed him to see it. “Layn?” he touched the small bundle carefully, using the name her elder sister had used. The bundle rocked slowly giving a slow moaning sound.
            The bundle froze, then turned to look at Trey slowly. She looked scared, at first, then reassured as he picked her up into arms. Her body shook with cold at the movement.
            “Where’s your mother?” Trey said as he continued to survey the inlet with her yet in his arms.
            “She told me to stay—here,” she said between shivers. She pushed her head against Trey then mumbled, “she thought father might be here—but he wasn’t.”
            “How did you get in here?” Trey asked uneasily as he watched the waves crash higher until the water began to creep to ground beneath him.
            “The d-door in the back,” Trey held her closer as her lips grew blue, “she said to stay,” she whispered again as her eyes began to blink in exhaustion.
            “Door,” Trey mumbled to himself as he used his foot to kick against the wall in the darkness, “where did you mother go, Layn?” he gave her a light shake then shook her again before she groaned in protest.
            “She went—“ she blinked rapidly as her voice drawled, “down. T-the shore.”
            Trey tried to hide his grimace, “Why?” he said again as she shut her eyes, “Layn, why?” he gave her a little shake again as he continued to kick the walls.
            “Another—cave,” she finally mumbled right before Trey’s kick went through and a small door banged open, “she said to…stay,” she said again as Trey tried his best to gently pass her through. The door was small, but workable as the space inside the door was larger then the height and width of the door itself.
            “Stay awake, Layn,” he said as he turned back once more. The water was coming higher as the waves roared on. He grimaced, hoping the water wouldn’t go upland. Though even now it didn’t seem likely as to how high the drop off to the shore was, “Layn,” he raised his voice. She mumbled something indecipherable in reply.

// 7. Share a snippet of a most interesting first meeting between your characters

It had been several days when Trey had been called into the large tent soon after Dremrick had arrived.
“He is reliable, sir,” Ragin had warned, “but maybe a little too, into his beliefs for your purposes.”
“Nonsense – not firm enough to ignore such an offer am I correct?” Dremrick pushed it off, ignoring Ragin’s shrugging reply. “I see a weakness in his strength,” he mumbled so low that even Ragin couldn’t hear.
Trey pushed back the tent flap. Arching a surprised eyebrow at who he guessed to be Dremrick after the descriptions he had heard. He bowed his head stiffly, waiting for someone to speak.

// people i'm tagging; michaila, hannah, katie grace, chloe, jesseca

*cringes* well, guys, I hoped, enjoyed this. btw these are not in order whatsoever and I only did basic editing yep yep k im leaving now *waves* *leaves this post far behind me*

btw I just reached 90k on this thing. I SEE THE END IN SIGHT. *scurries off to write*

soooo. honest thoughts on my snippets?

would you read my novel?

how to print your own book for $10 || using lulu and canva

Monday, December 12, 2016

Have you ever wanted a copy of your own book just for your own? To hold in your hands? (and maybe throw against the wall sometimes. shhhh) well, here you go. You can have your dream for only $10 - no joke.

well guys - here I am to bring you an in depth tutorial on how to publish your book with lulu. (including how to make cover with Canva, and actually being able to use it). I discovered that it wouldn't allow Canva images - but, well, I figured a way out of that. Want to see?

I spent 12 hours figuring this out for Julia's book so yeah, this may be long. but I'm here to save you time and headaches k? don't be daunted by my 12 hours on this - I made this test one WHILE doing this post and it literally took no time. I wish I had had this post for myself! well, here we go!

UPDATE: see the results here!

// STEP 1. first thing off is to choose the size of your book - then go ahead and download the word document sizing they give you and go format your book. It may sound daunting - but if you use the lulu formatting they give you it rly isn't that hard. Or, if you dare like I did, go free and format it yourself. (I won't be going too in depth with this bc it rly wasn't hard to figure out - comment below if you are having some issues and I'll see what I can do to help though!) oh, and in my case I chose the Premium Paperback 6x9

// STEP 2. now that you've formatted your book go ahead and write how many pages you have in the area selected on the lulu website. (I have 260 in this example). Choose if you want cream, or white paper. Select 'Make this book'

// STEP 3. go ahead and title your book and add your name. (feel free to use a pen name, or middle name).

// STEP 4. make sure to select this handy dandy little thing, k? This means ONLY YOU will have access to your book.

// STEP 5. go ahead and uploaded your formatted document. I uploaded mine as a Word Document btw.

// STEP 6. k it's uploaded? good. Now click 'Make Print-Ready File' go ahead and wait for that to load.

// STEP 7. pretty self explanatory. download, save and continue. From there, go to the 'advanced one piece cover wizard' 

// STEP 8. pay careful attention here. the dimensions here will not be the same as yours okay. DO NOT USE MINE. Use what is on your screen. Super important. Your dimensions will be where I highlighted it. okay? Use those. 

// STEP 9. we've done everything we can on the lulu website for now. SO, we are onto the cover. head on over to Canva  I promise. You won't be disappointed. Just, dont lose your head, k? Stay focused. Get over there and select 'use custom dimensions' in the right hand corner. Enter your info. (Mine is 3851x2775)

 // STEP 10. upload your image and design your cover (remember, if you are using a pinterest image as I am IT CANNOT BE USED FOR SELLING - only personal use, k? Keep in mind that a pinterest image could come out blurry - it's a chance to take.) If you are going to have a spine with font on it, you are going to have to get the measurements by subtracting where the spine begins from your total width with those same dimensions. when you are designing your cover be sure to leave space around the whole perimeter bc they cut stuff off. (btw i barely played with this cover - just did the basics for you all). 

// STEP 11. Okay so save this as ' PDF - print' 'kay? then download your image. Saving this as a PDF blows it up SUPER LARGE meaning, you can't just open it up and load it onto lulu like this. So I had to find another way. 

// STEP 12. To do this you are going to have to download a photo editing website called Gimp (you can do this temporarily and take it off your computer after). Don't worry, it's safe and free. You can go here to download it. It should take no time to download it. ^^ download it directly. 

// STEP 13. open up Gimp and upload your cover. See what I circled up there? Okay, put in your covers size. (mine is 3851x2775) THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT OKAY. so change that and select 'Import.' Don't worry if it changes your dimensions slightly like mine is now (3851x2774). 

// STEP 14. okay very important here. See that up there? it says 'Flatten Image' Select that. 

// STEP 15. okay now you have to export it. Select that and a window will pop up. 

// STEP 16.  Scroll until you find what I have highlighted above. It needs to be saved as a JPEG image, k? now, wait. don't select Export yet.

// STEP 17. this is major right here k. It WILL NOT WORK if you don't do this. see how it says 'examplebook title.pdf' up there? Okay, well what it needs to say is, 'examplebook title.jpeg' to get that, you just type it in yourself. okay? (aka take out the pdf and add jpeg to the end) Do this. Now you can click the export button down there and save it.

// STEP 18. Go onto the lulu website where you left it and upload your cover. It should work perfectly. (I've been doing this as I go along and it works for me.) Select save and continue.

// STEP 19. go ahead and download then save it. 

// STEP 20. EEEPPP. LOOK YOU'VE GOTTEN THIS FAR. okay now. *clear throat* Select 'save and finish' okay so it says your book is now published 'order a proof copy' it may look like anyone could buy it. DON'T FREAK. it's just for you only. Don't worry. 

well, what are you waiting for? GO ORDER YOUR BOOK. also, don't forget about coupon codes. I got a special deal and was able to get a free book so Julia got the two copies like she wanted. I think it's a one time deal thing bc I had an unfinished book in my account. Go ahead and google "lulu coupon codes" and try a bunch to see if they work. I got two copies of Julia's book for $11 including shipping. Shipping is around $4 for one book and it was $5 bc we bought two. 

I spent hours trying to figure this out and I googled tutorials but found barely any. I love Canva so I'm glad I was able to figure out how to use it for my cover. I hope this helps someone out there!

p.s. I just wanted to say thanks to my amazing writing group for helping me out with this. Dealing with my constant groans as stuff wouldn't work, and, a special thx to Chloe for suggesting to "flatten" the image again.

p.p.s. I ordered the books yesterday - when I get them we'll definitely be showing you all the results. :D

would you try printing out your book?
if so, would you use my tutorial?

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