J A N U A R Y || ft. randommess + national chocolate cake day

Monday, January 30, 2017

 - saw rogue one - I'M STILL DYING PEOPLE LIKE *sobs*


- stayed on top of school *thumbs up*

- let Julia read my novel DUN DUN DUUNNN

- ate chocolate cake on national chocolate cake day

- so like writing died this month?...okay so writing died but my brain didn't (shockingly) yes, I have a new idea for a novel. shhhh. XD I WILL TELL NOTHING PEOPLE.



the silent one - by s.m.b - << can we just be done now and say this post legit describes how most introverts feel. yes? moving on.

how to hide from editing - by hannah -  << let's just say all writers need to read this. now.

i don't want to just exist - by clara - << shall we just say this describes introverts again? yepyep
letting go of your story - by hannah - << um. just yes. so same such truth.
the girl in the mirror - by savannah - << HOW CAN SHE WRITE SO BEAUTIFULLY LIKE IT'S NO FAIR 

- me: *unplugs phone*
charger: *flings back and scrapes finger*

- that moment when you check your email an you just got 56 new emails *prepares thumb for scrolling*

- when there is one chocolate left and Julia put it in her hand, then behind her back
Julia: "choose"
and yes she did get the chocolate bc i apparently chose the wrong one i still think it was a fraud shhhh

- when Julia starts closing the fridge on you bc she doesn't know you are standing there

- *totally was not blasting the veggie tales hair brush song bc someone in my group chat mentioned it* *cough cough*

- when you are doing a true and false test and ALL the answers are true and you start getting suspicious even though you know for sure that they are all true and breathe a sigh of relief when you get them all correct

- mom: *hands me box*
me: *is talking with julia* *glances down*

me: "wait mom - why am I holding this box?"
^^that moment when someone hands you something and you subconsciously take it

- when your sound on your headphones fits that happy perfection level like yaasssssss

- me trying to get people out of the car as go in the store: "COME ON PEOPLE"
*voice echos thruout the parking lot*
me: "ohhhhhkkaayyy. that was embarrassing"

- legit bringing icecream into the theater and being totally against it but somehow you end up the one bringing the loot in

- *ordering a pair of shoes online*
website: your order may arrive in multiple packages
Julia: "ooohhh you might get yours shoes in separate packages"
me: *headdesk*

- getting two paper cuts on completely different spots on your hand in a time span of 30 seconds #skills

- *goes on an emperors new groove spree watching all the movies with the siblings* *slyly sticks more emperors new groove on my blog* *cough cough*

- Julia while taking a walk: "guess what time it is"
me: "5—"
Julia: "nope"
me: "4:24?"
Julia: *jaw drop* *sticks up watch*
watch: 4:24
me: *whispers* "I have superpowers"

when all you want for breakfast is an over-easy egg and you break the yolk twice then burn the toast like -_-

- my brothers method of cleaning: *smacks wall with wet dish towel*
me: ....

- *starts coloring in a adult coloring book* *two gel pens start leaking*
me: WELP. there goes my creative juices. WHO EVER SAID THIS RELIEVED STRESS

- me to little sis: "how many beads are on your necklace?"
sis: "I'd better count em. be quiet please."
me: ....

- Thursday afternoon: *sends pics to my email* *images refuse to send*
Friday evening: *phone buzzes* *glances down* well those pics finally decided to send

- me: *finds typos in a legit published book*

- racing to get the phone aka sliding on the floors in your socks and skidding to a stop and just as you grab the phone someone else answers from the other line

- me: *eats super spicy chips* *mouth burns* *nose runs* *eats more*
Hannah: "maybe you should stop"
me: "but I like them"

- bro: "hey will you come click the video on our camera. we are making a movie"
me: "sure"
bro: "yeah we can't do it bc we are both supposed to be dead in this scene. like like king and the other guy are dead and everything"
me: "...ohhhkaaayyy"
- me: *has my arm around my head as I'm lying down*
me mentally: WHO IS TOUCHING ME
me: ......oh. oops.

- little bro: "I don't want to grow up"
me: "yeah?"
bro: "yeah. when I'm your age I think I'll cry"
me: "...wow...thx"

- when you wait three whole minutes to scare ju in the basement and then give up bc she's taking too long

- *coughcough* and no Hannah and I were totally not in the middle of a pun battle that went on for an hour either noooo nope

- that awkward moment when you accidentally publish like 15 posts you meant to delete ah that's just so me

- brainstorm a new novel idea  - YAAASSS. *will be plotting this soon*

- update something with my blog design - #fail

- get better with my macro lens - i did like halfway i suppose. i tried it out some but rly i wish summer would come. photoshoots are so much easier then

- beta read one book - yaasss. I beta read Katie Grace's 'The Sand Dragon's Song' and omw it's so brilliant i cannot wait for the sequel like yaassss
*gives katie allllll the pizza*

- make and keep up a writers journal - YES. *hugs my journal*

- plot my new novel to completedness (shh yes i made up this word yes it's cool)

- try a new bullet journaling style

- update my phone (bc the old one isn't working. bllaahh)

- beta read one book (again yes. hey, I like reading)

- make a playlist for my new novel
can you believe january is OVER already??
which was your fav random moment?

random things you find on your phone || the flexible ruler

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

do you ever just scroll back in your photos or notes thru your phone and just wonder why?...like, what? or sometimes you just burst out laughing bc you forgot that like:

well yes, I did this the other day as I was cleaning off my phone. I have a wide range of things in the notes of my phone such as; book ideas, recipes on how to make Mexican rice, blog posts, character names, poems about my ruler, random scenes in my books and of course - random moments for my monthly posts. YOU DON'T RLY THINK I COULD REMEMBER ALL THOSE THINGS, RIGHT?? like rly. anyways, look at some of these things i found on there

september 1st, 2016
bro while i'm putting him to bed: "I don't want to go to bed"
me: "I know but you have to. it's bed time"
bro: "when i'm all grown up and a dad I'll never make my kids go to bed"

october 28th, 2016
little sis: "sister look what i maded *aka made*" *shows me some lego creation"
me: "what is it?"
sis: *shrugs* "I dunno"

january 22, 2017
my dad getting his hair cut: "wanna cut some of those grey ones?"
me: "no, I like them! they look like glitter"
dad: "uh"
me: *laughing* "....I like glitter"

what is the weirdest thing you have ever found on your phone?
which one of these is your fav?

what type of writer are you? A QUIZ || me: ooohhh rollerblades

Thursday, January 19, 2017

it's rainy outside - like, deary icy but...oddly inspiring? (these pics were taken like a week ago btw)

so there are three types of writers - so I've heard. right? *goes around* *decides to make quiz* *brings it back after having to redo it bc it didn't work the first time* OKAY. HERE WE GO. *shoos you off to take the quiz*

legit - I have no idea how accurate this thing is so, take the test, and lemme know if you think it's true.

me: *finds rollerblades at thrift shop* oooohhh
julia: "hey come over here"
me: "but i've only got one rollerblade on. hold on" *puts other one on* *starts riding around in thriftshop* *laughs bc no one else in the store notices or cares*
also me: *buys rollerblades* *wants to use them in parking lot* *cough cough* but i'd totally not do that nooooo

so yes julia is currently reading my book - she is like halfway and i'm like dying rn bc she is reading "new" stuff (she had read a good amount of my book before but hasn't seen any of this now) *ducks back into closet until she's done*
*secretly hopes she dies reading it not rly but you writers and readers know what i mean*

what were your results for my quiz? do you think it's accurate?
do you find rain inspiring, or *gasps* boring? 

I GOT MY BOOK *squeals* || ft. a video of me opening the package

Sunday, January 15, 2017

oohhhkaaayy. so, yeah. that video was kinda awkward - please ignore me I just couldn't stop staring at my book IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL THO *hugs it*

// when the book came: 


me: *somehow calmly goes down the stairs* *excitedly grabs package* "ohmygoodness the package is so thick!! JULIA ARE YOU COMING OR WHAT" *goes upstairs to film video* *cant stop squealing*

legit tho guys i adore the size like if you are a writer YOU HAVE TO PRINT YOUR BOOK OUT OKAY YEP it's so amazing it's like, i wrote this like what even

me flipping thru book: *glances down at page* uhhh. *notices I somehow managed to misspell 'temporarily' TWICE, two different ways, in the same sentence* #iwaswordsprintingokay don't worry, yes, I can spell. word sprints be like:

I got the book, grabbed sticky notes and flipped through my book adding notes basically saying, "THIS IS HORRIBLE FORGIVE ME" and "yes this person still doesn't have a name ignore the '-----'" many random notes yep i also gave the rule of no bending the cover back BC I'D JUST DIE you don't do that to books - also, no folding pages corners like *dies at thought*

...and then I did it.

I handed my precious, unedited novel over to julia. like waht.

I KNOW, I KNOW IT'S NUTS BUT YEAH - she said it might take her a week to read it *cough cough* but it is a 432 pg novel soooo. *sighs and waits*

BUT LEGIT I LOVE MY BOOK SO MUCH OKAY credit to my awesome older sis, Bree, for designing this epic cover for me *the image for my cover is from the internet and i am using it for personal use only so...credit to whoevers image it is out there*

would you print out your novel in book form??

february nano? - 7 reasons why it should exist || *cue nonsense*

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

*runs to get headphones* *plugs headphones in* *loads up spotify* *selects unspokens 'higher'* *winces* *turns sound down*

k. i'm good. *has no idea where i'm going with this post* well let's see if this post gets anywhere, right guys??

*goes looking for gif's* *finds gif that describes life*

*repeated headdesks* *wonders why nanowrimo doesn't have a nano* oohhhkaaayyy i could to this - so...let's roll with it?...

here are 7 reasons why there should be a february nano - 
*cues drumroll*

// 1. bc february is just boring
- we all know it. it's just blah. either we are dumped in snow or it's brown boringness outside. time to use our imaginations, right? Who wants to write in April - SPRING IS APRIL. *envisions running outside barefoot*

// 2. it's an excuse for more snacks. mostly chocolate
-  don't argue with me. i know you have that nanowrimo stash.

// 3. bc in winter your brain gets deprived of sunlight
-  therefore you go slightly crazy - therefore, ideas. it all works out. complete logic, right?

// 4. you will get to use all those pretty pens you've been hoarding
- *pets all my 178 writing utensils*

// 5. you get a legitimate excuse to use pinterest
- trust me. when your friends see you scrolling through the abyss of pinterest and quietly ask if you should be writing - you can reply, "I'M INSPIRING MYSELF" << bc that just makes sense yepyep

// 6. it avoids editing
- any explanation needed? i think not.

// 7. you can fly your dragon off to idealand
- or if you prefer, call your plot bunnies. *shrugs* *hops on my dragon* you can have the bunnies

*glances up* okay, yeah that wasn't that bad. serious? no probably not. BUT WHO EVER SAID I WAS SERIOUS *laughs bc i sure didn't* okay yes i should be going *goes to wait for the mail bc MY BOOK MAY COME TODAY* *scrambles to watch out the window*

do you think there should be a february nanowrimo?
wanna add another reason - serious or not?

when you have to show others your novel || the no-internet-game

Friday, January 6, 2017

yes we were totally not waiting to scare our dad and bro's out in the forest noooo

*flops into blogger* HEY PEOPLE.

legit. since I've printed out my novel I've just been lying in bed at night just thinking of these horrible scenes that need to be cut. oh the grimacing i've done

then I remember I have to hand my novel over to Julia and some friends to alpha.

*stuffs head in pillow* *groans* nooooooo

it's just so so so so so so sooooooooooooooo baaadddd. no i'm not a sheep shush. rly. it's bad. i'm not joking. ooohhkkaayyy fine. i like the ending and most of the middle - i'm pretty proud of some of those scenes like:

but others...yeah don't worry I'll get over it. I mean like when Julia starts reading it you'll prob find me in the closet moaning in a pillow yep don't worry I'll be fiinneeee

okay. so I have a question for you guys. I know that when I get my novel (I still haven't gotten it yet COME ON JUST HERE BEFORE I THINK OF EVERYTHING WRONG AND CONTEMPLATE BURNING IT okay no I'd never do that don't worry) anyways, I know that when I get my novel I know that I'm just gonna want to get to the chopping right away —

so I need your advice.

do I wait a month and then edit? OR do I wait a bit and start a new novel then go back to editing after I finish that one?

okay so the other night Julia handed the laptop to me and asked if i could beat her score on the no-internet-game. so i played.
me: "Juliiaaaa - what was your high score??"
Julia: "2,240"

...and then she took it and literally got like over 5,000. like waht. *glares at julia* I WILL CONQUER

which option would you recommend?
have you ever played the no-internet-game, and if so, whats your highest score?

i finished my novel *starts laughing and crying* || my lens mug

Monday, January 2, 2017


at 8:14 p.m. on December 29th I wrote the last words in my novel. from july 1st to december 29th. GAH. 105,036 words. *flails* *runs to corner to cry* IT'S DONE.

journal entry: december 29th 12:52, a.m. (shhh yes)
- I did it. I finished my novel. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT LIKE WAHT. 105,036 words and i just love my ending eeep the plot twists! I DID IT.

journal entry december 30th 9:07, p.m.
- ASJKLLFAD;AJL I FINISHED IT ALL. I ORDERED TWO COPIES OF MY BOOK. AHH. 432 pages ohmygoodness i can't even rn.

yes it crazily came out to this amount after i added chapters
and if you are wondering why i printed my book out to fast is bc i legit had two days before a coupon I had to get a free book expired so yep i went for it 

Julia: so when is your book gonna come
me: i won't know until it ships - and that will be like another few days
Julia: is it killing you
me: only when you say something about it
Julia: *laughs*


^^ like me waiting up for new years this year. legit - every other day of the year i stay up reading until one with no problem and on new years it's like
9:42 - like can we go to bed now

p.s. i just went back throughout my whole planner and calculated that i've read approx 96 books this year plus like a ton of audio books (I think I've kept pretty good track) but legit. i didn't know i was 4 books off from 100 lol. but i'm sure i've missed a few sooo #c'mon xD

did you stay up until midnight on new years?
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