F E B R U A R Y in review

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

L I F E  I N  F E B R U A R Y -

- i went stargazing in freezing cold and saw saturn's rings through my bro's telescope and omw such detail and beauty our Lord has created <33

- went rollerblading - this was epicness but wooowwww so sore the next day

- updated phones

- Ju and I got to do an interview on aliyah's AH-MAZING blog

- i picked up making friendship bracelets and actually made an okay-ish looking one (i'd almost given up hope lol)

- i survived HA - shocking, right?? legit tho - been sick with different things twice this month and gah i'm so done with it like plz

W R I T I N G -

- basically i keep scrapping my plot? BUT THATS OKAY RIGHT lolol

- when you redo your plot so many times you title your document "legit brainstorming"

- started a pinterest board for my new novel i'm plotting

R A N D O M   M O M E N T S -

- my bro eating a "vegetarian" dish my mom made: "I'm not a vegetarian I'm a meat-atarian"
me: *headdesk* 

- when your little sister somehow manages to get a staple in a pencil. like. how?

- that awkward moment when your book is missing and you go all over the house looking for it then find it on the couch where you left it. heh. 

- when your phone won't stop correcting "oooohh" to "posh"

dad: where is the iron?
bree: downstairs. On the ironing board. 
me: how ironic

- when you pet the cat and she starts purring like she's gonna explode 

lesson of the day: siblings will eat anything. aka when you have a bad cooking day and everything about it fails and they your siblings start raving about how great it is?...

- eating waffles for breakfast #TEAMWAFFLE

- when you put a necklace then try to take your headphones off then realize they are stuck over each other #awkward

Bree: are there any veggies for dinner?
Julia: *hesitantly points to French fries*

- when you are trying to take pics of the moon and stars and all you get is white blobs in blackness. arg.

- having an 1 hr and 22 min brainstorming FaceTime session with Hannah #totalepicness

little sis playing a game: HEY SISTA. look at this yummy cake I made. mmmm. So yummy I wanna eat it. 

- i am still so weirded out by this human baby that apparently stands like waht. advanced children these days like, gosh.

me: what are you watching?
julia: a storm chaser show 
me: *blinks* *laughs* ohhkaaayyy. interesting choice

- *cautiously handles paper bc i have been prone to paper cuts lately*

me: *drops chicken nugget on floor*

starting time: 9:32 pm
me: *starts to upload gif for post*
internet: *gets stuck*
me: *tries again 527817272216827629 times*
internet: ha no 
me: *tries copying image instead of uploading* ohey that worked 
internet: *loads gif at 11:22 am next day*
me: don't play with me you internet you

- when your little sibling puts a cardboard box above their head and jumps off the couch yelling "PARACHUTE COMING UP"

- when your mom uses your braid like a horse. like. mom. plz. 

- when you realize Siri isn't human ^^ 

- when you are sitting on the couch with the kickstand up and your little sister makes a blanket fort using you as a "holder"

- little sis: *sees steamboat* "i'd wanna have that house. except you couldn't play outside..you'd like have to jump in the water"

- beating ju by 19 points in scrabble like yaaasss

- when you are holding a chip and Julia reaches out and grabs it from your hand and then proceeds to stuff it in her mouth and you look at her like:

- when julia flops her sleeves at you and you just can't handle it anymore and burst out laughing 

- when you legit comb thru a ton of needles for 10 mins and finally find a needle only to find you already had one stuck in your embroidery like -_-

- julia found me this adorable whale notebook and srsly i love it so much

P O S T S  I  L I K E D -
WHO ARE YOU WRITING FOR - by jessica - srsly such a beautifully written deep post and wow such truth. every writer has to decide this for themselves - who are you writing for?
when all you want is to inspire - by jonathan - ugh yes - pretty much about dumping your perfectionism #weallneedthis
my book in print // squeals and pictures of gift and the sea - by michaila - HER BOOK IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND I WANNA READ IT NOW PLZ
TEN REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER WRITE A BOOK - by natalie - i laughed way too hard at this post lolol

F E B R U A R Y  G O A L S -

- plot my new novel to completedness - wow um lol SOMEONE HAD HIGH HOPES heh. okay so i actually plotted a good amount...it's just not ready for the writing stage yet...so halfway.

- try a new bullet journaling style - okay so yep kinda did this. I did a different monthly overview look that I like a loottt

- update my phone - did this *nods* actually just ordered the case for it *thumbs up*

- beta read one book - *whispers* yaaaassss. I beta read Hannah's novel and srsly her characters and sarcasm*dies*

- make a playlist for my new novel - wow uh heh no. I did start a pinterest board for my new novel tho so..ya know

M A R C H  G O A L S -

- start my new novel, or finish plotting it (realistic-ness here GET READY FOR APRIL NANO OKAY)

- take the carpet out and paint my bedroom floors (ugh julia is forcing me)

- keep on track with algebra bc SUMMER IS COMING in a few months anyways (i can dream, okay)

- read 8 books and work on the 2017 Reading Challenge

well you guys, February is over - what is your own fav memory from the month?
any goals for March?
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