{BEACH PICS} || recent stuffs & feels + learning not to push my own limits

Monday, July 24, 2017

R E C E N T   L I F E - N E S S  +  F E E L S   I N   N O   P A R T I C U L A R   O R D E R  -

my first kayaking trip (note: bring snacks + water next time). gma and gpa visiting. blueberry donuts. long car rides + cramming all the luggage on the car floor. waves splashing. taking lots of photos. foggy skies. new camera card = new possibilities. discovering 'rogue one' on netflix (will be watching this again soon!!). going to the library to plan new teen events. early morning rising. working at the CSA. walking a total of 600+ steps to get to the beach. all-you-can-fill frozen yogurt (get cookies and cream it's ammaazinngg). falling asleep in the car ride home against gpa's shoulder. new shoes. wading in the water. ice cream. mozzarella cheese sticks. watching 'the finest hours' again. snuggling with 5 yr. old sis on the couch. barefeet + walking on the beach. falling asleep with your bedroom light on. extreme nerf wars. talking about photography with my gpa. almost being done with our house redo. baking bread. frizzy beach hair. hugs. lots of hugs. saying goodbye. "it's the hardest part. the leaving." as my gpa said yesterday. being busy. learning to be more patient with myself and my limits. striving/learning to crave Jesus and His word more. enjoying every moment. living life. <33

what are some things God had been teaching/bringing to you lately?
what's up guys?? tell me what you have been up to! <33

the world needs more encouragers + YA today || {WE HAVE SUPERPOWERS}

Saturday, July 15, 2017

the world needs more encouragers.

sometimes, a bit of encouragement, or even a smile, can be the difference between life or death. it could make a difference that you may never even know about on this earth!

"keep going. keep writing. keep doing what you're going." << an elderly man from the blueberry patch we went to said this to me. my sisters and I just randomly started a conversation and soon we were chatting with five other people as we picked up a bunch of blueberries. XD We heard a lot of their travels, and they wanted to know what we liked to do, and wanted to do in the future. he said that before we left, and wow, I never knew a few simple words could really mean so much. but it's true.

we have to keep going. we have to keep writing. we have to keep doing what we're doing.

WE are the generation that can stand strong and defeat the "normal" YA books of today. we are the writers. the voices. the storytellers.

we can break the silence.
we can do this.

But it's not easy. It's not easy to stay strong, follow Christ, and stay on the straight path. It's not easy to be abnormal. face it, it's hard. It's gonna be hard. We don't just start on the straight path, we stay on it.
life following Jesus isn't normal. it isn't easy, but it's worth it.

This is why we need to encourage more. We have the power, why don't we use it? my younger siblings have played a game where they ask "what super power would you have if you could have any one you want?"
well, guys, this is real. We have the power to make an impact. We have the power of encouragement - the power to make words that are clean, enjoyable and God-honoring. The power to smile, to speak words to strangers, friends, and family and tell them about Jesus. 

We all have superpowers. Let's use them.

has anyone ever said something encouraging that has really made an impact for you?
do you use your superpowers enough?

{PHOTO DUMP} || ft. camp nano update + SNIPPET + coffee shop writerlyness

Thursday, July 6, 2017

uhhmm. I got a new 64gb camera card and im feeling the freedom. also, it's summer and there are 1380813623937191 things to take pics of and I didn't want to not post them so yep. photodump was the solution. expect many of these this month xD

humans, I have found the perfect chocolate buttercream frosting recipe. legit, I don't normally like buttercream but this is awesome. (I've made it like three times so far. ahem.) LINK. be warned, this isn't the kind there you eat a little and then you're done. i basically ate everything off the spatula then went to the bowl and still ate cake. halp. 

also go ahead and die at those pics of hers. like, if you follow the recipe it turns out exactly like it *dies and wants more*

bleh. all I have to say.

No, not really. I'm just having a bit of trouble getting back into the writing feel, ya know? also, I jumped into writing a super main plot twist thingy (part 2 struggles). so it's like forcing myself to get back into my characters emotions after two months of basically nothing. 

my grandpa brought a bunch over and we had a legit blast << (pun intended *cough*). also, expect 198301283101 photos in a later post k. dont say I didn't warn you 

so my older sis and I hung out at a coffee shop and discussed our novels until the friends we were meeting came and it was awesome. (why are coffee shops so inspiring btw?? XD) we got this dangerously good fudgy brownie and it was legit like a donut. when Hannah and Rachel came, we hung around for a bit and then went for a walk around town (we stuck mostly in the shaded areas. otherwise you felt like a wilting plant xD).
ALSO. LOOK AT THAT BEAUTIFUL BRICK WALL even the trash cans look cool 'kay. I had a blast hanging out with Hannah with discussing our novels and such (it was the day before nano started haha xD)




what even is that. time? EXTRA time?


awesomely busy.

with summer reading, swimming, work, camp fires, s'mores, taking a ton of pics, going on walks, running spontaneous errands (aka grab your shoes and RUN OUT THE DOOR), almost falling asleep in the car ride home from previous said errands, more reading, painting, trying to keep my room in some sort of orderly state, writing, blogging, eating lots of food, sleeping (trying to fit this into my schedule more. I've heard its useful), and trying to keep my brain orderly for counting stuff at work (its a struggle, people).
^^ I mean, this is basically what my brain is like rn


do you like photodumps?? what's your current nano word count?
whats keeping you busy this summer?
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