WHAT IM UP TO september 2018 edition

Saturday, September 29, 2018

I find it so incredibly strange that, suddenly, its fall. I think sometimes change is the same way. sometimes, we know when its happening, and other times, we don't even realize the change happened until we look back and go "wow. things were so different then" its an interesting feeling
practicing parallel parking in the schoot lot and a bunch of 9 and 10 yr old boys (they were playing football across the lot) were watching me park and one kid call out "you're doing rly good!!" like :'''')
mom "the fridge breathes like Darth Vader"

when "exact" turns to "escargot" with spellcheck like wow and I sophisticated or what
*crickets outside* "can i just kill all bugs"

"hey look a shooting star!!" me: hey ju that was a lightning bug
ju: "that deer runs like a deer. I mean a dog. runs like a dog."

"its been a very long day already" julia at 11:17 am

"I haven't had ice cream in forever. like, THREE DAYS"
what i'm up to:
tubing. for the last warm weekend we got together with a bunch of friends and hopped on a bus to be brought up the river (and on this bus everyone who ever enters has to sign their name on the inside with a sharpie which was SO COOL. I put mine on the window lol) it was a good farewell to summer trip w/ lots of splashing and dunking which i mostly escaped bahaaha :'''')
outlining. my novel has been going rly well but um lol how is nano in a month ????????????????? I'm PRETTY sure I'm doing it ??
driving. in the rain yup
nerf event. this was sooo much fun we all had a blast and man, its crazy how much my library friend group has grown. its nice to know so many people by name
reading. many many many books but I still can't keep up with all the ones I've been ordering -_-
watching. amazing sunsets and dick van dyke lol
digging. sweet potatoes!! now we need to make a sweet potato casserole bc yuuuss
baking. a lot. and Julia and i sort of realized how much food pics we post on here and Insta like lolol sorry you guys
deleting. many pics and taking too many more ugghhh guys help I take too many pics xD
rollerblading. ah haha. if I ever try to do the limbo on blades again – stop me – thank uuu [oh!! it was also rly cool bc the girl there let me hook up my phone and play my whole playlist oh yes]



Saturday, September 15, 2018

lately I've been reoutining and rewriting my novel and let me just say, being a perfectionist has its good and bad points.

confession time: I research things TO. DEATH.
which is sometimes a good thing and sometimes a rly bad thing. on one hand I feel like I've saved money and time with research, and on the other, maybe I've lost a lot of time and self experience. sometimes I feel like I'm always searching for the right answer, or the correct way. lol I'm not one to just jump into anything without knowing some facts first

and recently, with my novel in particular, I realized how much its been holding me back and why I can't let it anymore

I will not write a perfect novel. You will not. We won't. Perfection is not in us, and its not supposed to be.

(on a side note, there ARE things good about perfectionism which I will have to post about later bc lol without us I don't think the world would be the same. like...yikes XD) p.s. you guys rly need to check out Audreys latest post about this bc like wooww lol we must be twins or something
but there's a line. I've been afraid because I know my novel won't be what I imagine it to be. but thats ok too. Sometimes, you just gotta go for stuff (wow is that hard for me to say or what).

you don't have to wait until your older or have more experience to do something bc you'll be "better at it". you have now. use now. Give yourself a chance to make mistakes bc mistakes aren't always bad things

I've been holding on to this for a long time -- demanding perfect of myself. I've let go with a lot of things; I create art more freely and let myself use my own imagination even if its not that great, i create my blog and write my posts and edit my photos how i like them, if I don't have time to write a blog post one week, I don't. its okay.

I think letting go of something is a lot of letting go of a lot of little things -- wow idek if that made any sense whatsoever lolol
close to perfect is sometimes ok (I mean, someone's gotta design those skyscrapers and make pleasingly round cookies c'mon people). Perfectionism is even okay and sometimes rly great, but not when it holds us back.

so I'm going to let go of this. I'm going to take the info I have, outline, and get writing this thing. I'm going to let myself write this novel no matter how wonderfully terrible it may turn out. basically, I'm gonna see what happens with this. lets not hold ourselves back

p.s. this topic applies to many things, not just novels <3


climbing the dunes

Saturday, September 1, 2018

when we got to the dunes, it was complete fog. After running down just a couple hundred feet, looking back all you could see was a faint ridge line and silhouettes of people at the top. Down, was pure white fog.
We knew it was about three miles down to the shore, but, knowing it would be one of those rare chances where we could actually go down, decided to go for it. (even though we knew that sometimes if people are unable to get up you have to hire a helicopter to come get you like lolol no thx)

TIP: if you run down a sandy dune, plz lean back lolol we saw a couple people flip and roll #oops
We asked a couple people hiking back up their opinion. "Its totally worth it. Five minutes to get down, two hours to get back up." "Its clearer when you get halfway down!" "You're not going to want to walk tomorrow, but its so worth it"

Sure enough, halfway down, you were able to see the water. SO. GORGEOUS. We have previously gone to this spot (but never climbed the dunes before) on a clear day, and, although it wasn't AS deeply blue, it was still gorgeous. plus it wasn't too hot and there was a soft breeze, so the sand wasn't scorching our bare feet.
Almost to the bottom, we stopped and laid a blanket out to eat our lunch on the dunes. (by now we've taken half a billion pics lol) After eating, we decided that we just couldn't come this far and NOT make it to the complete bottom, so we went for it.

Man, do I love the shore. We searched for stones, sat on the shoreline, waded, and skipped rocks at the bottom for about an hour.
then we had to go up, and lol, looking up we were all wondering "what in the world were we thinking" annndd then Julia goes "the first person to complain has to buy everyone ice cream," and since we were a large and teen/young adult group (lol not rich), no one complained the whole way up
"Oh man." Jackets came off and we dispersed all of our stuff we had brought down. We started up. After a couple hundred feet your heart was already pumping but with lots of breaks, sitting to take in the view, and spotify premium, we made it up.

It took us only 45 minutes, including breaks, to get back up. I was ALMOST the second of our group up, and then Julia runs past me at the last minute to get there before me *squints* XD
we all headed back to our cars to eat something and try and get some of the sand off of ourselves before going back to the look out point. and lol, when we saw how far we'd climbed we all agreed that if the fog hadn't been there, we probably wouldn't have gone down.

p.s. cutting down the pics for this post was haarrddd. I think I had like 100 pics just myself ha XD two of us had cameras, and then our whole group had phone cameras if that gives you any idea of how well this trip was recorded xD
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