Saturday, October 20, 2018

just a quick post to share a pic of me right after I passed my roadtest bc hahhaa I forgot it was saturday and that I was supposed to post #oops

    • BUT GUYS I ACTUALLY PASSED AHHH. currently experiencing much relief whew
    • passed the parking part with only 1 point (that's just bc I drive an avalanche and it doesn't even fit the width of the spot lolol)
    • he said I was really good at changing lanes whohoo
    • the roadtester asked my hobbies and before left he goes "keep writing those books. someday I want to look at one and see your picture on the back"
    • TIP: pray and practice practice practice and you'll be fine :)

are we constantly overlooking others??

Saturday, October 13, 2018

I think most of the time we forget how other people are just as human and just as complex as we are. We get so wrapped up in who we are and what we have or don't have and what we are doing and what we are going through that we forget. 

I was reminded of this last week. I overlooked someone. I didn't realize I did, and I guess we don't realize we do. i'm not going to go into this or anything, but it shook me later when I did realize it and that led me to think of how often I overlook without realizing.

all of our lives are complex. but I think sometimes we all become a little too self absorbed and forget that that person sitting across the room is just like you and me. its not that we should be digging into everyone lives, but that maybe when we talk to people we should try to realize a little more that they are going thru stuff just like us. just some random thought I had anyways xxxxxx
and on a side note, this past weekend I went in a corn maze with a bunch of friends and lol it was great. Trekking thru mud, yelling for lost group members in the dark after collaborating with a bunch of other teens we didn't even know (to find the last token lolol.) asking everyone you see if they've found the token you are looking for and then people asking you the same "lol its here somewhere trust me." one girl goes, "hey are you guys just randomly going thru corn too?" me: "lol yeah. we've done it like 20 times so far" her: "oh good. us too."

it took us two hours and seven minutes and three seconds but we finally made it out after finding all the checkpoints and finding our lost group to get our free cider slushies for winning oh yes. good times :)

do u like corn mazes??
fav fall activity??
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