P R A Y E R -- why does it have to be so complex?? {IT'S ACTUALLY PRETTY SIMPLE}

Sunday, September 17, 2017

p r a y e r 

so is it this thing where someone asks for prayers for something and you go "aww, totally praying for you!!" ... and then maybe...you don't really? bc I mean, we all know that saying and doing are two completely different things and does saying you'll pray really count as prayer??...

prayer is real. so utterly real. prayers are talking to God. we can legit TALK to the One who created us!!!!! LEGIT GUYS -- before Jesus came, people couldn't talk to Him the way we can now. When He died on that cross for us, that veil of separating split!!

so...why do we treat it as if its nothing special?

then you will call on Me and come and pray to Me and I will listen to you - jeremiah 29:12

praying isn't rocket science. it can be, if you make it that way, but, honestly, it isn't. it's just talking with God. IT'S THAT SIMPLE. we talk with people all the time, why should it be so different??
when you pray, you don't always have to be jabbering on trying to fill "silence" or not be "boring" to God bc sometimes...silence is better.

and when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words - matthew 6:7

- - - - -
L I S T E N I N G -

JUST LISTEN GUYS!! Listen to God --

I'll admit, prayers have always been hard for me. I've often been frustrated with myself -- like, how do you even begin to talk to the One who created you?? like, HE ALREADY KNOWS EVERYTHING ABOUT ME so what do you even SAY??

but guys, it's pretty simple. there ARENT rules. like I said, it's just talking. talking with God like you would a with a friend 'cuz...He is our best friend!

so my prayers have been turning into "talks" more and just plain sporadicness. I tell Him about my day, the good and bad, even though I'm sure He already knows all about it, I tell Him about stuff I'm worried about -
stuff like that. but...I can /feel/ the realness more -- I find myself sporadically talking with Him throughout the day and just...thanking Him for random things. maybe prayers and talking are the same thing, or maybe they aren't - idk, but it feels more real for me when I just talk

He's here guys, with us at all times -- Just talk with Him. I mean, He's a great listener for a stressed human like me and will even take it all away if you ask Him to (even countless times after I keep taking it back again :P)
take a few minutes and just REFOCUS. Talk with Jesus. Tell Him what's up in your life. He's there listening, trust me.

basically, I wrote this post because it's something I've really been feeling lately. time is SHORT people. SO very short -- and I feel like I've just been so busy lately, and I'm just trying to make sure I don't let busyness overtake Jesus and everything else that's really important in my life bc honestly, it's not worth the trade

p.s. TOTALLY OFF TOPIC HERE - but did you know they are making a new version of the Magic School bus and putting it on netflix on the 22nd LIKE WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE

 as I said, life has been so busy and a new thing may be added to it thats excited/scary so I'm trying not to take the stress back again so if you guys 
could just pray for me that'd be so awesome <33
so what can I pray for you for?? something specific, or generic?

24 VACATION PICS (aka a phoottoodummpp) || {BAKING 15 DOZEN COOKIES + LIFE UPDATE}

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

(in no order whatsoever. BUT OMW VACATION WAS THE BEST and just look at that amazing water JUST LOOK it was the best vacation ever not even joking xD)

basically my life feels like I have 1028102938101 tabs open (I mean, so does my laptop but shhh). 

W H A T S   U P   I N   L I F E -

. Ju and I baked 180 cookies (aka 15 dozen) for the shares at work today + worked a normal day, too. CALL US INSANE AND WE PROBABLY WON'T DISAGREE. we made snickerdoodles - Julia did the mixing and scooping and I did the rolling and dipping in cinnamon sugar and packing. it was fun but now I'm super tired #needsleep
. completely redoing my closet and figured out storage. SO HAPPY WITH HOW IT TURNED OUT and then bought new bedding + a soft blanket and spending too much money send help

. while cleaning said closet I found basically a ton of embarassing old drawings and writings and basically I found out I used a lot of paper as a kid? #sorrymomanddad #andtrees #cuztheygivetheirlives #silentlywondershowmanytreesihavemurdered

. made a cake for our boss's wife (adopted grandma XD) 'cuz it was her birthday and everyone needs cake

. school starts next week *internal screaming*
. *am alpha reading Julia's book* honestly I am reading so slowly and there is no way I will reach 100 books this year. arg *folds arms and gets annoyed with myself for .5 seconds then goes on with things CUZ LYFE*

. saw my town was doing a 5k run for labor day and thought LOL NOPE

. spent more money and bought a planner to try and organize my life :P

. harvested 1809209101238123801291 potatoes for work and also onions (which the potatoes are actually super cool bc you are like kneeling on the ground and digging through the dirt and these things come out of the earth?? God's design is SO. AWESOME.)

. sometimes I just look at the time like this:
. we started on our items for the fall event we are doing and bought new knitting needles and somehow lost them somewhere between the store and home?? #storyofmylife (still looking for those btw xP)

. I FINALLY got around to editing these pics from our vacation (these are my phone ones, and then I still have camera ones to come SO PREPARE THY SELVES. ha. ha.)

- - - - -
I hope you enjoyed the pics and plz excuse my random life update XD life has been so busy but so awesome and I'm loving it (although I wouldn't mind a little more sleep in my schedule XD)

how are you all doing?? what's one insane thing you did this week?
how many books have you read so far this year??

A U G U S T - the eighth month of 2017 || spontaneous vacation + randomness

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

L I F E   I N   A U G  U S T -

- A SPONTANEOUS WEEK VACATION (when I say spontaneous I mean one and a half days to pack HALP) but we survived and it was the best thing ever - there will be 180398102312 pics later XD 

- also, I was working on Julia's hack birthday post so I didn't have time to work on my own post a ton BUT the post turned out pretty good so #success

- I worked a lot, wrote basically nothing, started projects for a craft event we are doing, started planning school, went on vacation, bought a new expensive planner to try and organize my crazy life, took 198201398210 pics, ate way too much junk food on vacation, rode on a ferry (IT WAS ACTUALLY PRETTY AWESOME), watched the eclipse on NASA, and peeled, trimmed and packed basically 2,000 garlics with Julia

(not even joking okay)

W R I T I N G -

lolololol *tiptoes out of room*

R A N D O M   M O M E N T S -

- sleeping in to the exact time you should be leaving for work. From sleeping, I was out the door in legit 10 minutes. no joke. 
- searching all around your room for your phone and then finding it in your pocket 

julia: my arms feel long today
me: ...

summer be like:
me: *lays down to sleep* ah yes this is lovely - *opens eyes .5 seconds later* *is morning already*

*is raining outside*
ju: it looks like it's letting down out there...I mean...up. letting...up...
- when my email got out of control and I ended up deleting 109 emails *cough*

- little sis watching curious george and the scene where they are sleeping in a pile of leaves: they are gonna get ticks in their hair!

little sis: can I have lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of scoops of ice cream? no, wait. Can I have infinity and infinity and infinity and infinity and infinity?

five yr old sis: Look! a lightning bug! *is petting it* he's mine and his is name is Marlin


me: *looks around for phone* *cant find it*
me mentally: it'll turn up.
me: *flops on bed* *pillow case buzzes* *finds phone in pillow* (I'm honestly still unsure as to how it got there)

julia: these muffins look kinda weird...huh I guess that's the way they are *looks at recipe* oh. wait. ahahhahahaaa. I forgot to add the flour. whoops.

"wow! that lady has a lot of towels!" - some guy to his kid when I was running thru walmart with 12 full sized towels #dontask 
- julias and I's level of adulting while shopping and getting snack: LETS GET PIZZA GOLDFISH

me: *reaches to pull open screendoor* 
screendoor: *isnt there*
me: *continues to grab at air*

- actually felt artsy and it actually worked?? XD

little sis: are there piranhas in this lake?

- having your little sis fall asleep in your arms <33

me: hey ju, how what does my hair look like?
ju: ...like...hair...

me: *sits down on chair and opens book*
sis: hey - what is your bookmark?
me: ...a life jacket manual

F A V   P O S T S -
remember to be - by hannah - so this post was super helpful to me...I've really been feeling it lately. the want to write, but the lack of time and then the want to make memories. so, writing has kinda hit the back burner for a bit. Not forever, just for a now. anyways a lovely post on just..living and not feeling guilty for it <33

why I could be a horrible book character - by katie grace - basically a completely hilarious post and I'm totally agreed I MEAN DO HEROIC BOOK CHARACTERS EVEN EAT?? #wheredotheygettheirstrength

realm makers 2017 recap - by jonathan - SO JEALOUS I COULDN'T GO *is still kinda pouting* xD

COLLEGE + ANNE OF AVONLEA + KAYAKING + SUNRISE HIKE + PRETTY PICTURES (#GOODBYESUMMER) - by clara - this was a super sad but lovely written post also THE PICS GUYS. SO PRETTY.

God in fantasy fiction - to be, or not to be? - this is something I think about a lot and honestly, Tracy explained the whole thing so well and clearly and honestly. this is totally a bookmark worthy post *nods*

A U G U S T   G O A L S   A C C O M P L I S H E D -

- don't stress about school coming - you know, I'm actually not stressed about school, more like the time it's gonna take?? but I'm actually excited for school right now (don't quote me on this later *squints*)

- figure out what's going on with my novel + what I need to do with it - ahahahhaa isn't this amusing? my plan for vacation was to focus on this and figure it out. LOL nope xP

- take lots of photos to capture moments and memories - yeessss, I wish I could have gotten even more, but I didn't want to be so busy capturing moments, that I forgot to live them myself

- organize my closet + figure out some storage solutions - actually, this is weird because I'm doing this today?? I've come up with a storage plan and am currently working on it XD

- prioritize + accomplish things that need to be done + live life - idk if I prioritized but I obviously lived life and stuff happened so I guess that counts?? XD

W H A T S   U P   S E P T E M B E R  /  G O A L S -

- school is starting, work will happen,  preparing for the craft show will hopefully happen - as well as working on my novel, another nerf battle is happening, and hopefully during my crazy life some law and order will keep my room clean xP XD basically, life will be lived and I can't stop fall from coming no matter how I wish *cries*

me all summer and then BAM it ends:

G O A L S - 

- paint the rocks I collected from all over on vacation (I have a lot. like, a lot. *cough*)

organize life with school, work and other activities - somehow XD

- make seafoam again (I randomly got the idea to make this and imma do it)

- write, or not - whatever life allows. I don't really know what to expect with this month and it's level of busy yet, so we'll see XD

- - - - -

so august was a wonderful month and I'm honestly sad to see it go - but honestly, it looks like there will be a lot of exciting things happening with the rest of this year! my sisters and I will be running a craft booth again, my birthday is happening, and school (idk if this can be categorized as exciting, but I try XD), my library is having a nerf battle again, and also a live Clue event, and then preparing for holidays and warm sweaters and soft blankets and cocoa and all that coziness.

funniest thing that happened this month for you?
do you like pizza goldfish? hehehee XD 

hello there fellow human. i'm sarah - the introverted extrovert. just a teenage girl who apparently likes to embarrass herself {as you will see here}

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