Saturday, February 17, 2018

I think when everyone says "you need to take a break" we often nod and agree and maybe you /do/ take a break.

but..often times those breaks aren't very restful and can actually become stress-filled because you feel like you aren't accomplishing anything FEEL ME ON THIS???????

however I was watching a video the other day and the whole "resting" thing was put to a whole new perspective to me

the guy was saying how we need to take rests to be re-energized. but not the "get more sleep" kind of resting often think of. being re-energized and re-empowered also happens by doing the things we enjoy! now, some things I may enjoy (such as writing, reading, arting, baking) may be empowering to me, but may be stressful for you.

recharging can come in many different forms: reading, crafts, quiet, fun, events, baking -- it's different for everyone. sometimes we may think we just need to take a nap or read or just slow down (those things ARE amazing btw)

lol i just love this movie so much xD

but sometimes I think we need to take the time to do the things we like doing. but that brings me to my second point of this post

the question in the video was this: "what is your prime time"? basically WHAT TIME OF THE DAY IS MOST PRODUCTIVE FOR YOU? early mornings, afternoons, or late at night? then he said this:

"if you want your best work, you have to set aside your best time"

and that sort of hit me. so often we push back that because we have things that need to be done, and it's often true. they DO need to be done. but, if you even set aside 20 minutes a day, by the end of the year you'll have 120 hours to work on what you love to do, whatever that may be. it doesn't have to be the same thing. and it doesn't have to be every day. it could be one set aside day a week (also something to look forward to, and plan ahead for so you can get your things done prior)

now I will say that hobbies aren't always the most important, but setting aside 20 minutes a day IS possible. We may not be able to get more time in our day, but we can inject more energy and accomplish more in the time we DO have

time isn't just time. it CAN be moments. but that's up to us

MY PLAN FOR THIS WEEKEND: I'm actually up in a cabin for a girls hangout, and I plan on getting some writing work done ITS BEEN FOREVER and I've reallllyy been missing it. also read and eat much food yus xD

p.s. thank you all SO much for your responses on my last post. in the end I think I decided to keep the one I have now, and change it to the other in a month or two. CUZ I STILL LOVE THEM BOTH xD thoughts??


A NEW DESIGN + I NEED YOUR HELP [choosing a header]

Saturday, February 10, 2018

GUYS WHAT EVEN HAPPENED AROUND HERE??? ITS SO DIFFERENT but I tottaallyy love it! xD i've been planning this change since the beginning of the year and after going back and forth over which template to choose (I ended up changing it up a ton anyways, like I always do oops) but legit, I finally got around to changing it


see, I made these two headers, okay? and I loved them both so much that I went around and asked my fam what they thought. LEGIT NO ONE COULD DECIDE and when people finally did, it was seriously even with both of the options

SO I NEED YOUR HELP. (I temporarily put one up here on the blog until I can finally decide btw lol) but anyways, here are the headers i made:
 this one
and this one

i may or may not end up deciding myself in the end if it's close again, but hey, I really want to see which one you guys like best xD so comment below with all the opinions!!

p.s. sorry this post is shorter but hahaha I've been spending all my spare time working on this thing and i plan on spending today REEADDINNG (among other things) cuz guys ITS SATURDAY!! -- have an awesome weekend you peeps <33



Saturday, February 3, 2018

staying organized and getting everything you need to get done in a day can be a struggle. and if you aren't a list sort of person, you'll probably forget half of it (cuz goodness. brains just aren't reliable nowadays) and likely, you'll end up trying to get it done at midnight, or stuffing it into tomorrows schedule.

and even if you ARE a list person, sometimes that piece of paper you scratched on isn't always on hand to keep you reminded, or you forget to look at it, or better yet, you *gasp* lost it? #totallyhavenotdonethat

being a list person, it's always been a semi-struggle for me. BUT. here are some things that I've been doing lately has really been helping loads:

[ o n e ]  S E T   P H O N E   A L A R M S
no, alarms aren't just for forcing you to force your eyes open in the morning (ha. who knew?) I also tend to stick to alarms (bc you can add a note to it) rather than setting a minute amount. (because I've set timers and have had it gone off and then sat there for three minutes wondering what in the world that was supposed to be for #oops).
T I P : don't let that snooze button get to you. it's easily pressed, and before you know it a half an hour+ has passed #oops -- does anyone know if you can turn off the snooze button?? that would be amazing (because Julia always kills me when it goes off and starts buzzing hahaa)

[ t w o ]  T O   D O   L I S T   O N   N O T E S
because did you know they have the checklist option?? like YUS. this is super helpful because (A) your phone is almost always on you, so you can write things down in the moment and not forget to write it down later and (B) you can get in the habit of checking it more often and therefore will remember to do the things more
T I P : leave this page open when you turn off your phone, that way it'll be the first thing you see when you turn it on!

[ t h r e e ]  S T I C K Y   N O T E   P A D
THESE ARE VERY USEFUL. just get a pack of square sticky notes. take one, write a to-do list and stuff it in your pocket. this is great for if you don't always have a phone on you, and also great for having on hand when you need to write down random things.

T I P : keep your to do list to the basics of things that NEED to be done today. Otherwise, you'll be overwhelmed and deterred from starting on it all SO DONT LET THAT HAPPEN, K

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