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nerf in the library + another baking fail || SPOILER: 8 DAYS OF NANO LEFT

Saturday, April 22, 2017

last week, Julia and I went to the library for an after hours teen event they were doing. They had another capture the flag nerf event. last time, when it was just nerf it was awesome, but adding capture the flag?
there's nothing better than running and screaming in the library, dodging through isles and shooting other teens with nerf, I kid you not. It just can't get better. (and btw my team won both times HA *laughs at ju*)

but onward, it's been busy but I can't seem to remember what I've been busy with. i'm the type of person that can't even remember what i did yesterday. xP *silently tries to remember what I did yesterday*
ANNNYYWAYYYSS. the leaves are sprouting - LIKE GUYS SUMMER IS COMING OKAY I CAN FINALLY SAY IT. once it's green I will be so happy

so my novel is currently riding at...uh. almost 30k? *forgets* i'm sorry guys, lol, I have this cold or something and I just can't think. xP But yes, writing is going relatively well - although I think this novel is going to be a lot shorter than my previous. But it is one MC instead of like four, so. but it's crazy, like, guys...NANO ISN'T MUCH LONGER. *freaks out* NEED. MORE. WORDS.

- - - - -

truffles are amazing, right? the other day I got the idea to make brownie truffles. I found out we didn't have a box brownie like the recipe called for, so I figured homemade would work just fine.


I made them, and I guess I picked the wrong recipe?? so it turned out like a sheet cake. and was like: "WELL. guess i'm makin' cake."

I had found this super awesome chocolate frosting recipe and decided to half it. basically, my brain failed and I halved everything...but added the normal amount of chocolate.

anyways. I ended up scraping it all out of the bowl, making the rest of the frosting and adding it all in...and yeah. I ended up with an excessively frosted cake brownie thing. #idon'tevenknow

what kind of awesome events does your library do??
do things you make sometimes...uh, turn into other things? xP

camp nanowrimo

I CUT MY HAIR - 12 inches to be exact || me? sewing? + camp nano update

Friday, April 14, 2017


I. cut. my. hair.

like, a lot of it. 12 inches to be exact.
It was so spontaneous, which, isn't normally me. Basically, it started with my sisters saying I needed to cut my hair. then I looked up some hair cuts and was like. "yeah. okay." I looked at my hair in the mirror and was like:

"All or nothing."

Then I got the idea to donate it and welp...from the point of my sisters saying I should cut my hair,  approximately five hours later I had 12 inches no longer on me. let's not talk about how insane that probably was, k?

halfway through I was like. "WHAT AM I DOING" (also, that moment of cutting it was sheer horribleness no joke) then I saw the new-do and after like a few minute of "whatdidido whatdidido what. did. i. do." running through my mind, I basically fell in love with it. xD yes, I'll miss my messy buns and long half-up's, but at the same time, it's something new. and wowoww so much less time to clean and I don't even brush it anymore lol. I have a TON more volume and actually have some curl (which i have neeveerr had).
btw guys my sis it amazing. like I show her a couple pinterest pins of hair cuts, and she's like "okay, yep." #sherocks

- - -

so it's finally warming up *cheers for warm weather* and I feel like I should be writing extra, but I'm not, but that's okay? I'm not so worried or so about finishing early, or getting more words than I aimed for this month. I'm just good with it, and enjoying my time a lot more.

so my sisters have been trying to get me into sewing. basically, it's the one craft thing I've always detested doing. (Like I was the one who always sewed things inside out and the machine always got stuck.)
but they roped me in and, basically, I'm working on two dresses at a time right now #whatevenhappenedhelpme


what's the most you've ever cut your hair before??
have your ever tried sewing?

lets live

conquering candy making || announcement + taking dory's advice

Wednesday, April 05, 2017


if you have been around her for a while, you've probably heard about my epic seafoam fail. (basically I made it four times in one day bc it kept failing and I AM SO STUBBORN) basically, I was doing it by eye after my thermometer broke. (seafoam is like a honey tasting, crunchy, chocolate-covered candy and has 1423870340872 names for it jsyk)

so months later, I FINALLY remembered I should buy a candy thermometer and found one for like $4 and was like, sure, whateves.

basically, seafoam takes nothing to make. the problem was that last time, it kept sticking to the pan, the waxpaper, or the foil and just *flails* THIS STUFF STUCK TO EVERYTHING. I saw an idea online to use a cheesecake pan. so my older sis and I buttered it lightly and hoped for the best.

guys. it worked. It came out of the pan like a glove.
I cut it into pieces (I decided against the use of a hammer lol) and covered it in chocolate. and, okay, my dad doesn't like seafoam but he ate like multiple pieces xD just make sure to soak your pan in super warm water bc basically it hardens like a rock. k? good. xD

if you have a candy thermometer, you could just make this.
life has been insane. extra busy filled along with the normal busy = insanity and also stress xP I came to the realization that I just wasn't enjoying my time doing things...I mean, I was - but I always had something to do hanging over me. I had to prioritize. basically, I came to a decision.

I'm quitting blogging.

JK JK. HAPPY LATE APRIL FOOLS (you guys are lucky I didn't try to prank you tho muahahaha) okay, but I have decided I will be posting less this month. with school + algebra and basically finishing school up for the year, along with writing a bunch, and just LYFE...I just don't have time for my normal blogging schedule. like, I don't even have time for sleep anymore AND GUYS. I NEED SLEEP K.

so the plan is to post every 8 or 9 days or so. I'm planning on possibly making the posts longer? idk xD basically I'll be adding writing, life and nano updates to whatever I post. don't except much change - just a bit more of a gap between posts.

I think we should all take this advice from dory -
well, I'm off to eat seafoam and pound out the words (or try xP)

have you ever tried candy making??
do you feel like you should slow down? TAKE DORY'S ADVICE xD

lets laugh


Friday, March 31, 2017

L I F E   I N   M A R C H -
- spontaneously designed Julia's poetry book and ordered it (like, did it in four hours or less)

- did a q&a video with ju

- got my lulu tutorial featured

- updated my blog design (and worked on ju's - like, okay, nothing more satisfying than digging into HTML and changing something to look how you envisioned it)

W R I T I N G -
- *clears throat* well, writing was pretty much nonexistent but plotting was pretty on top. GUYS I HAVEN'T WRITTEN SINCE LIKE THE END OF DECEMBER. like three months? waahhhtt. i'm super excited for nano and feeling pretty prepared! just hope it doesn't all flop at the last moment tho hahahhaa *nervous laugh*

how you feel having spent four straight hours plotting

R A N D O M   M O M E N T S -

little sis: *pinches her arm*
me: what are you doing?...
sis: seeing if this is a dream 

- when you legit get one strand of hair caught in the car door 

me: you're cutting that wrong. you are supposed to do the knuckle thing so you don't cut your fingers off
julia: eh i've got ten of em 

- when you are baking with nutella:
- freedom is being able to move from your desk to bed to get your notebook without having to take your headphones off

bro: *looks at algebra* whoa. that looks like gibberish 

- when all you have is vowels
little sis: knock knock
older sis: who's there
little sis: *silence* ummm. *turns to mom* - what was it again?

bro legit first thing as i come home from errands: ya know I can put a whole orange in my mouth?
me: uh hi

- when a friend in your writers group has a college project and you end up with a pencil between your teeth to rate how happy you are 

little sis: wanna basketball? ooorrrrrr...tic tac toe?
- when your in the store shopping and this elderly gentlemen goes "excuse me, love" with an ahmazing accent

me overhearing in hardware store:
guy one on lift: did i mention i was afraid of heights
guy two looking up: that's why your the perfect guy for the job 

me: *gets paper cut from paper plate*
(i've been getting so many paper cuts recently it's not even funny)

me: *locks julia out of the house*
julia: PLLLZZZ
me: NOPE. wrong password. 

- RANDOM FACT - humans actually glow in the dark, but our eyes aren't strong enough to see it
 - making cookie dough truffles when you have no power and melting the chocolate over a 700 degree woodstove and basically melting yourself from the heat
little sister: *pops head in room* tomorrow is the green daaayyyy (aka st. patrick's day)

- that moment when you are cleaning your ring and almost drop it down the drain *mini heart attack*
me: do you know what day it is?
little sis: nooo. oh wait - I know it! it's spring. Jula told me yesterday was the first day of spring so i knowed it. 

- when you get your baking in the oven at the same moment as the oven finishes preheating 

- when you end up fishing the soda cap from your cup bc when you were putting it back on it flung into your cup #how
brother: how do you get an unbirthday?
me: haven't you ever watched alice in wonderland?
bro: yeah. but where do you get one?
me *laughing*: it's a birthday gift 

me: *goes barefoot on the first warm day* FFFRREEEDOOMM

- that moment when apples to apples names you 'delicious' 
me outside: *sees younger bro looking for the snake* YOU ARE STEPPING ON IT

little sis: what's a refrigerator? *laughs at herself* ohhhh. a 'frigerator

julia: i just inhaled pretzel

P O S T S   I   L I K E D:
writing is hard, and messy, and worth it by imogen - woowww this post basically hurt with it's truth. so beautifully written  <33
why blogging and shadow of light by sophia noelle - basically, sophia blew me away with her awesomeness this month. also, her birthday was this month so hop on over and wish her a (late) happy birthday :D 
growing older + some thoughts on that by katie grace - it was katie's birthday as well and she wrote a super deep and true post about turning a year older. *guides you over to her blog to wish her a (late) happy birthday as well* xD
dear writer, hows your heart and dear writer, whats your testimony by jonathan - these posts hold such truth and questions that every writer faces at some point. wonderfully written *shoos you off to check them out*
to my fellow dreamers by audrey caylin - and omw ouch. audrey wrote a beautiful post about how us blogger people stick together <33

M A R C H   G O A L S:

- start my new novel, or finish plotting it - I've finished plotting it am I'm ready for camp nano. i think xD

- take the carpet out and paint my bedroom floors - this has actually been postponed for next month. so. xD

- keep on track with algebra - weeelll. I'll give myself a half for this one. I've been doing pretty good through the business. xP xD

- read 8 books and work on the 2017 Reading Challenge - GUYS I FAILED THIS. WHAT EVEN. I was like one and a half books short

A P R I L   G O A L S:
- complete camp nano and reach my word goal

- try writing in a new formatting style. i've already got it pictured out how it will hopefully look xD ah a perfectionists problems xP

- stop getting papercuts. seriously. stop.

- learn something new in HTML

- don't die from the busy stuffs (GUYS. OKAY. why am i aiming for 50k and school (like 10477372038 algebra problems to do) and blogging and life. but ah, never fear I won't be taking a blogging break bc nope *nods resolutely*

- finish going thru that 600 page name book - i'm like halfway through and idk anymore lol

- - - - -

well peeps, March was pretty awesome. i'm looking forward to next month cuz (hopefully it'll be warmer) and also starting my new novel*flails* SO MANY IDEAS FOR THIS THING *actually has ideas for sequel too. heh*

something you'd like to accomplish in april??
fav random moment?

camp nanowrimo

"warm weather" = barefeet || preparing for nano + a 600 page name book

Sunday, March 26, 2017

GUUUUYYYYSSS. WARM WEATHER. (okay it was only 60 degrees. stop laughing at me you people with desert-like weather you) when i took these pics it was warm anyways. today it's rain/sleet and like 30ish degrees. *wraps self into burrito* 

basically that warm weather brought me out in barefeet along with several snakes, wasps and mosquitoes. but I still love the warm weather - even those things can't dissuade me. heh. so, I was cleaning and moved my hand over and legit two inches from my hand was this huge black-ish looking wasp. *cue heart attack*


*doesn't even bother to count the days anymore* I've pretty much given up on getting Julia to plot her novel for camp nano. basically me trying to prompt julia to plot:
she'll prob come to me during april and be like: "I SHOULD HAVE PLOTTED" or she'll whiz thru 50k and be like whateves. who knows with Ju anymore. *throws hands up*

I'm relatively plotted. I still have to get some character names - basically, I'm working through another 600 page name book and making a list *headdesk* so. many. names. halp. so my current goal for camp is 50k. but, tbh, I'm such a horrible estimator that we'll just have to see what happens lol. i mean, i estimated my last novel to be 50k and it ended up 105k. *blinks* ohhhkaayy.

also, syncing your phones (clicking play to the same song at the SAME moment) when you don't have the speaker in the car is the coolest
whats your word goal for camp nano?
have you ever tried syncing phones to make a "speaker"??

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