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living in the moment || painting + 17130128310 books to read. send help XD

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

sometimes plans don't mix too well with reality. I'm sure a lot of us have made plans or goals at the beginning of this year - or even this summer. and honestly, how have those goals or "bucket lists" been going?

tbh, I've never been one for making resolutions. I normally will make a couple goals tho. But even with that...I kinda decided to go with the flow this year.

and I realized I'm enjoying it. with joining summer reading, working at a local CSA, going to events at the library (another nerf battle xD), painting for 1720871237812 hours, going to parks, doing lots of swimming, reading, and trying to plot lol. so yes, it's been busy. and I have been forcing myself not to let the stress get the better of me. (like the day this week I slept half an hour past my alarm and jumped out of bed .5 seconds after having been sound asleep. and it was a work day #whoops) I was basically like this all day:
when I was working the other morning, it was just kinda quiet and I was realizing how much I was just enjoying life. (okay the painting is taking a while BUT WE ARE GETTING THERE. if you didn't know, we are painting our whole main floor of our house xD) but this has something I've been praying for God to help me to learn to do - praying that He would help me to slow down and take in the moments He has gifted me with.

I am freaking out a bit about nano coming soon, but you know what, it's only nano. It's not the end of the world if I don't finish my novel next month - even though I do want to. sometimes goals and resolutions can be good - but other times they can actually hold us back.

so live a little and just enjoy the moments God has given you! they are gifts, and not promised to us

oh, and, if you ever want a room painted, PLZ DON'T ASK ME. basically I'm my families perfectionist and if I don't cut in on trim and walls, it isn't done right. I'm not a control freak or anything on most things but omw, I have to wonder how people can do trim and just live with the mess like that *shakes head*
^^ me when julia does trim

p.s. I have over 35 books right now on my shelves to be read (well, on my shelves, and desk, and bed - everywhere lol). and they have to be read before the library steals them back. send help. xP xD

have you been working on your summer goals, or just going with the flow? 
how many books do you have waiting to be read right now??


Friday, June 16, 2017

// 1. you have 173084278038242 things to do rn and aren't doing them just cuz

// 2. you mentally give yourselves these excuses -
"I'll have time LAATTTTEERRR"
"gee, it's FOREVER away until that deadline"
"I'll do that. In a minute."

// 3. you are reading this post
now, what kind of procrastinator are you cuz im pretty sure you are one like c'mon lets be honest people
// a list maker procrastinator - you make a list to feel accomplished, look at the list and go -
// a super power procrastinator - you have the skills to procrastinate until the day-before-the-deadline and still complete it YOU HAVE SKILLS

^^ or you don't even complete what you are procrastinating - or better yet YOU FORGET COMPLETELY ABOUT DOING IT and then someone comes to you more than likely a sibling or friend *cough* and asks if you forgot it and you are like -
// a total-opposite-of-a-procrastinator-person - basically, you don't procrastinate how and get things done super quick and leave your guilty conscience behind you

- - - - -

honestly, I don't procrastinate things often. although, it does depend on the thing.
like how it's halfway through the month and I've only done a bit of plotting and how i kinda procrastinated this post and that's how this all started I ADMIT IT OKAY. sometimes I fool myself with the "wow it's forever until that deadline I don't even have to worry about it" and then i question my sanity later xP well, I'm off to go accomplish some stuffs.

so tell me - what kind of procrastinator are you??
or are you not even one?? share your secrets xD

camp nanowrimo

sparklers + cake + Julia's grad pics || basically my crazy life in a post

Sunday, June 11, 2017

so basically july nano is coming sooner than I had thought AND OMW I AM SO NOT PREPARED *flails and tries not to freak out* I have the bestest cabin tho, and I can't wait for it to begin (I just need to get into full force preparation which is hard when you are working, painting your whole floor level, doing summer reading, eating way too much ice cream for my own good, and then strawberry picking is coming soon, spontaneously going to get new couches an hour away, running 17082347082 errands, making food + shopping, watching emperors new groove again while painting -
basically I'm laughing bc WHO EVER SAID SUMMER HAD FREE TIME?? - I actually feel like it's more busy - even tho I don't have school going. #crazy

so this year my library created an online website to record your time read IT'S SO COOL GUYS - you can like see who is the top reader in the whole system *smirks* I'm ready for this people (but I need more time in the day, instead of staying up to 2 am reading xP XD)

we finally got around to taking Julia's grad pics. these actually aren't the pics she used, but I wanted to add a couple here. I think she'll be posting her pics soon tho?? I love how they turned out so much XD

basically, life is crazy busy and I can't even stuff a fraction of what I've been up to (*cough* more like I CAN'T REMEMBER IT ALL whoops). basically it's insane but I love looking outside and sighing happily bc summer is legit here. IT'S SO LOVELY. also monday is getting into the 90's LIKE OMW GUYS HOT (and legit i'll be working in a garden probably melting) okay maybe I'm exaggerating
p.s. i was curious if you guys had any suggestions as to fav writing/plotting music?? i'd love to see what you guys like! (I often listen to the jane eyre soundtrack, piano guys, and also a soundtrack that adam young does (I think it's called Shackleton or something??) and nope, I can't listen to stuff with lyrics bc lol #distracting) thanks beforehand you guys!

what's a childhood movie you really want to watch again??
have any music suggestions for writing for me?


ROOM TOUR || diy wall art + unplanned painting + popsicle stick shelves??

Monday, June 05, 2017

don't buy the "oops" paint at the hardware store, k?

basically I bought it, tested it on my floor (IT DRIED CUTE OKAY) - slapped it on my walls and THEEENNN it went and turned this horrible blue purple grey color on me
*squints* so I ended up buying some white paint off my sis that she was gonna use and yep - I have white walls now that I actually rly like??.. xD

I finished my room and had a whole blank wall that was actually kinda creepily empty (lol it was weird, okay?) so I looked through the stuff I had around and started my DIY-ing.

W H A T S   O N   M Y   W A L L  -  # D I Y -

bulletin boards - I've had these for a year or so now and I seriously love them. I bought a bunch of square prints (credit to pinterest images) and pinned 'em up there. then I went on pinterest again and found some doodles i liked, so I then sketched out my version. xD

clip board - this was a cheap dollar store thing that I had lying around. I painted it black with acrylic paint and then used clear chalk board spray paint (gonna use it for doodles and quotes I think xD) I think it turned out super cute!

space aesthetic canvases - so I had these blank canvases lying around, kinda afraid to use them, actually. I had some black acrylic paint so I covered the whole thing and used some white watercolor and paint splattered. (messy, let me tell you. use newspaper or something XD) I showed it to my dad and he said it looked like stars so #success

song lyrics wall art - so I have this song that I love. it's called Bury the Workman by Unspoken. so I used a fav quote from the song: "you can silence the voices, but you can't stop the song" and yes we'll try to ignore that major smudge that happened there yep k and it's actually super easy + cool to transfer text to a canvas?? heres the tutorial I used I just used canva to find the font I liked, saved the image and tossed it over to google docs where I sized the image to fit the page (the bigger one was two images that I pieced together)

popsicle stick shelves - AREN'T THESE THINGS AMAZING?? (actually stole the cactus from my sis ahem) but okay, you guys have to make these. they add great dimension plus they are so easy to make + so cool. here's the link *whispers* they are also very calming to make ahem

- - - - -

so yeah, this is the place where I read, hang out, do school, concoct characters to torture and listen to loads of music muahahahaa
also, if you believe my room is always this clean you are totally crazy and must have been brainwashed or something. okay srsly i'm not inhuman. I mean, I try to keep it clean bc I'm a pretty organized person. most of the time *cough* - but i can pretty much assure you that my desk never normally looks this clean lol xD

**I don't support or agree with everything on these websites these are just some cool tutorials I've found xD

what is your fav thing in my room / on my wall?? what's a diy you'd like to try?
feel free to use some of my DIY's as inspiration, I'd love to hear if you try any!

monthly overview

MAY IN REVIEW || preparing for nano + summer + {hello june}

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

- helped my dad set up our new pool (NOW WILL IT JUST GET WARM ENOUGH?? xP)
(this was during the leveling xD)

- read a toooonnnn (and checked out like 20+ more books. whoops xD)

- FINISHED SCHOOL *cheers and flails and everything*
- mentally brainstormed for the second part of my novel ALL THE THINGS TO HAPPEN xD

- went to a friends graduation party (which was super fun xD)

basically, this month was super busy and I'm having a hard time remembering everything that happened haha. but I seriously got basically all my wall art up so hopefully the room tour will happen sometime this month (lol idk anymore haha). 

- writing basically didn't exist this month BUT THAT ACTUALLY WAS MY PLAN believe it or not. I decided to take a little break and enjoy the summer although next month will be plotting. which I don't mind /too/ much. I'm actually pretty excited about it?? my alpha-er's have been giving me some brilliant ideas for part 2 of my novel. *concocts plot in corner*
- oh, and I sent the first part of my novel off to like 5 alpha readers and omw they have been so helpful in giving me ideas for part two *is excited*

- it was also amazingly creepy when one of my readers described my MC for me as what she saw (I don't often describe my characters lol) and I sent her a pic of my inspiration for my MC and OMW IT WAS EXACTLY AS SHE DESCRIBED *flails*

"can I have a pickle?" *pauses* "whoops i forgot to say please" - little sis 

- when my little sis got a glow in the dark ponytail: *turns lights out* is my hair glowin'?

little sis: *gives me like 30 pennies before i go run errands* can you buy me a new toothbrush?

- when you are brought home a frosty and it's like *dies with happiness*
mom: hey - can you help me with this?
computer: *is set in German*
me mentally: I CANT READ GERMAN
me: *pretends i know what i'm doing*
me: *frantically looks for familiar English* NEVER LOSE ME IN SOME FOREIGN PLACE K

- when you and your dad are both perfectionists and you spend hours leveling the ground for the pool (it actually didn't tilt so it was worth it lol)

- when Julia is on her graduation trip and you tease her about using her fluffy blanket as a table cloth #muahahhaaa

- went to the park and hung out (literally).
sis: spin me again!
me: nooooo. i'm dizzy!
sis: well. when you are UNdizzy can you?

little bro - I'm glad I'm not a superhero! I mean, I'd like the flying part...but I'd miss out on stuff too. and I'd hate the super hearing part!

- when a baby fox crosses the road and it's the AWWWW THE CUTEST THING EVER 

- when you are the only girl out with your dad and bros and you end up being the one who carries your moms mother's day roses through the hardware store for hours so they don't wilt in the car #awkward
- when you've worked on setting up the pool all day and end up with one burnt shoulder, half a burnt neck, burnt ears and burnt elbows. how?... #onlyme

- when time doesn't exist
- five year old sis - *looks at me in wonder* how did you get growed up so quickly?

me: ooohhh thunder
julia: or it's the dryer 

- when you toss your phone on the bed and bounces and flings itself and lands on your hard floor and thankfully somehow managed to stay alive and you are just like:
me: *cuts onions* *actually doesn't tear up* wow am I some superhero or something
me seconds later: *starts blinking uncontrollably and can't see what i'm cutting anymore*
five minute later: *eyes still burn*

- changing your phone password bc it takes so long to do and after you change it you keep putting the old password in so, in reality, it's adding more time 

- jsyk calendar doesn't end - and yes, you can still set events here
"so I was thinking a year was like 10 months...not 12..." - ju
"Sarah look - *shows me a four leaf clover* I never thought I'd find one but I did! And it's real!*pauses* Now what do I do with it?" - little bro

its a journey by audrey - this was a brilliantly written post that I totally needed and you probably do too. reeaddd ittt
biking + it's national chocolate chip day??? + writing woes by hannah - hannah's post just made me so happy like adorable bikes and chocolate cookies? yas plz
forgotten films // animated treasures everyone needs to see by mary - mary brought back childhood for us like omw we had the best kid movies XD
exhale by ava - her photos seriously kill me xD
may highlights 2017 by katie grace - katie's wrap ups just always make me so happy - there are also donuts there so #extrahappiness

- finish my novel? - honestly idk why this was a goal?? anyways, I changed my plan and next month is plotting part two of my novel and then writing it in July xD

- FINISH SCHOOL - YES. I DID THIS. still working on algebra but we'll forget that if we can

- master some kind of new summerish hairdo for my short hair - uhhhmm. no? I kinda forgot about this. whoops. although my hair has already grown and I can do ponytails now haha XD

- READ MORE - did this. summer reading here we come!

try a new diy project - yep. I did a ton of canvas wall art and DIY's for my room xD

- do the room tour. seriously guys, I don't know what happened to that this month lol

- plot part two of my novel and prepare for July nano (CUZ GUYS. IT'S COMING SO SOON) 

- enter and participate in summer reading

- enjoy summer (this shouldn't be too hard haha)

hope you all had a lovely month!
what are you looking forward to the most in june?

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