[DECEMBER MONTHLY REVIEW] - well, there went 2017 and HELLO TO 2018

Saturday, December 30, 2017

L I F E   I N   D E C E M B E R :
  • I GOT SPOTIFY PREMIUM - three months for $1 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • went and hung out at the library for 4 and a half hours xD
  • saw the newest starwars - won't say anything bc of spoilers except that it's AWESOME 
  • made homemade peanut butter cups that seriously tasted like the real thing
  • went to a christmas parade
  • it snowed. a lot. then melted, and snowed again. on christmas day it was like a blizzard outside NO JOKE

U T T E R   R A N D O M N E S S :
six yr old sis - "the printer isn't working!"
me "is it asleep?"
sis *looks at me doubtfully* "sister. Printers don't sleep!"
her five minutes later: "the printer woke up!"

little sis getting buckled in car "don't start the engine yet! I'm not ready."

saw santa and his wife today. I got a "ho ho ho" XD
playing legos with the bro -
me "hey where's the door?"
bro "oh. yeaahhh. I forgot that part!"

little sis: hey! you wanna play this game with me? kids AND adults can play!
me: wait. I'm an adult?
sis: uh huh! you ARE sixteen 
legit me
*lying in sleeping bag* I hate winter - julia

spending time and talking with my bro about random weather facts (such as when it rained frogs)

"I'm like, crazy sleepy!" - sis

"I'm the bordest of bored" - bro

me to little sis "if you want more pizza, let me know!"
sis "I will. cuz I'm gonna have seconds, and seconds, and seconds, and seconds!"

me -*has cold*
me -*sneezes*
ju "HONESTLY SARAH" *scoffs* "stop fake sneezing"
me -
turning on a speaker:
speaker: *explodes sound on 100000000%*

after watching the newest Star Wars movie - my older sis - "well I'm kind of deaf now"
grandpa "what did you say?"
^^ in the theater -- love our theaters new reclining seats tho XD

little sis helping me make ramen soup - "can I crush them? I won't use all my might!"

I explained being an introvert or extrovert to my bro and he goes: "hm. then I'm probably more of an introvert. bc when we go out places I don't really like, you know, /talking/ to people"
I slept all night with a book under my pillow and didn't even realize it until the next day

who knew connect four could be so complex (although she does whistle while she plays xD)
*playing chess with six year old sister* 
me: *takes out one of her pawns*
sis "aw you meanie!"
later: "no wait that was stupid pleaaseee don't kill him. pleeaasssee!!" *covers face* << but later she somehow kills my queen and legit I dont even know how

according to my personality type I'm a Jedi Master. oh yeah people

me: oooohh christmas cookies
me: *ends up decorating over 30 of them because everyone else was done*
^^ the super moon

according to Julia's and I's personality types we are the 'friends who shouldn't be friends' O.o

sis *shows me pic she took on her new camera* "am I a good camera person?"

"we have one book about sheep at the library. only one book." - julia

christmas day I put my spotify on speaker and left it on for legit 12 hours throughout the day. oops.

christmas day:
hrs of sleep = 4.5

D E C E M B E R   G O A L S   C O M P L E T E D :
  • read more - somewhat? probably not enough to count it, though xD
  • get ready for christmas without stress - yeeepp. and I finished my Christmas shopping almost two weeks before!
  • get my book from lulu and plan a starting/end date - I haven't planned a date or anything like that yet, but I have gotten my book!!
  • plan crafts + bakes to do with the fam
J A N U A R Y   G O A L S :
  • I want to do some writing. idk if this'll happen because of my schedule, but I've really been missing it. so we'll see, haha
  • start a new routine of getting to bed earlier + getting up earlier
  • organize + do artsy stuff in my planner

it's kind of hard to believe that this year is actually over. honestly, I couldn't say it went fast. it happened. a lot of stuff happened and was done. i have some plans for things around here (and brainstorms xD), books to read, things to write, and so many new things to do (you can read all about my end of the year post I did a bit ago here in case you missed it during this busy holiday season xD)  -- basically I'm excited to see what new year holds!

signing off with my last post for 2017 -- HAPPY 2018 EVERYONE


[CHRISTMAS HAPPENINGS + FEELS] -- stringing the tree. its a wonderful life. eating goodies.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

restringing lights. peppermint bark. watching it's a wonderful life with the fam. the snow forcasted for christmas day. believe by josh groban. glittery red bulbs. taking photos. chess with ju at the library. new speakers my dad got me -- they sound ammaaazzzinngg. visiting our great gma. cut out + baked + decorated a bunch of sugar cookies. charging camera battery for christmas morning. wrapped gifts hidden in my closet. made fudge. driving home in the dark. ^^ iphone pics. reading new books. grandpa coming over to stay the night. helping wrap gifts. creating a christmas morning playlist. red curtains. decorating the tree. baking pie + other goodies. watching the nativity story tonight. reading about Jesus' birth together. eating chexmix. skyping with family.

i'm off to go spend time with my family [and eat goodies *cough*] but basically i just wanted to say -- MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"for there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord." luke 2:11


[WHAT I LEARNED + DID IN 2017] || a wrap up of the year + new stuff coming up

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

looking back at my 2017 goals, well, I basically flopped most of them. but you know..I think that's okay -- so many more things happened that I could NEVER have planned or foreseen 
^^ somehow this makes sense because it doesn't make sense xP

I didn't make 100 books (I got 68), but I came in 10th for all the teens in the summer reading program (when I thought I was incredibly busy!) I didn't end up completing my novel (yet!), or doing a full nano. but life happened, and I had a new experience doing a Christmas event with my sisters instead and met so many amazing people there. I didn't finish reading the Old Testament, but I read a bunch and I've left more doodles and notes in my bible than I ever have before

so those few goals that I set at the beginning of 2017 didn't get done. BUT BOY. A LOT OF OTHER THINGS SURE HAPPENED:

  • I am now an official member of TAB (teen advisory board) at my library and go to a bunch of events + volunteer
  • I worked at a CSA with julia all summer and we worked our way up from weeding to prepping and packing ALL the shares. we also picked a ton of strawberries and blueberries and also did baking (maybe even collectively made around 1,000 cookies idk xD (oh and ju and I also painted the lower level of our entire house ahhahhaa)
  • signed up + went to drivers ed, passed, and am now logging my hours (my dad is gonna take me out for snow driving soon *nervous laughter* (and this actually was a personal goal of mine for 2017 btw xD)
  • we went on a week vacation which was AMAZING and totally unexpected (we had 1.5 days to pack not even joking)
  • I kept a daily journal. just a few sentences every day, but so far I've kept this up since October 2016. I love looking back on these scribbly notes. (I discovered I like writing in college ruled notebooks better than anything so yep, my journal is in one of those)
  • I CUT 12 INCHES OF MY HAIR IN APRIL idk if that's an accomplishment but it's sure something lol
  • went to several library events, joined both camp nano's + wrote the first part of my novel

a lot of things happened -- things I didn't even expect. it was a different year with a tooonnn of new experiences for me. I had to juggle a lot of stuff and deal with stress and my perfectionism. I read the Bible and prayed tons. I had to adjust Julia working at the library after we had worked together all summer long (but I do tag along often and hang out there hahaha). I learned that prayer is really important and something we all need to take more time + focus on. I learned that my to-do list wasn't everything, and it was okay if things didn't get done. I learned that life isn't, and can't be planned out and that its okay
so what's going to be happening next year? I honestly have no idea. craziness, probably XD Next year will be my last year of school (after I finish this grade in the spring). my sisters will likely be trying to drag me on a plane to visit our grandparents on the East Coast (CAN I JUST TELEPORT OR SOMETHING PLLZZZZZ) maybe I'll write, or finish my novel. idk. I'll be driving and logging hours. joining summer reading and doing more volunteering. reading the bible more + growing my relationship with Jesus. taking photos and doodling. likely working at the CSA next summer again. and who knows what else! all I know is, some of the stuff I just listed may not happen, but I'm pretty sure other stuff will XD

I've been brainstorming a couple ideas for things around here -- and possibly thinking of taking up a new schedule. BUT HONESTLY WHO KNOWS LOL

it was an awesome year. I think my main goal for this year was to live in the moment, pray more, and enjoy the little things. I feel like I've accomplished that, and want to keep going with it all as I learn and experience new things with the days God has given me. idk what 2018 is going to bring, but I guess we'll find out. but i'm off to go wrap some gifts cuz guys. CHRISTMAS IS SO SOON AHHH SEE YA <33



[5 THINGS TO DO TO CALM STRESS -- what i do] + putting your trust in God and worrying less

Saturday, December 9, 2017

i've been reading in Psalms lately and SO many times it says to hope in God, to not fear, and to not worry. In Him, we should trust. basically, that got me thinking about stress and how much time we waste on it (me, anyways xP) so, we all know about stress and how just plain annoying it is so I'm not going to talk about it except to share a couple tips i've found/use on how to push back that stress!


  • A D U L T   C O L O R I N G   B O O K S :
not that we are adults or anything *cough* BUT THESE THINGS ARE SO COOL. although, this can be counter active to the whole no-stress thing depending on your personality -- but personally, I really love this. i'll often spend around 15 mins in the evening doing this and listening to music or an audio book

  • T E A  /  C O C O A  /  C O F F E E  +  B O O K S :
plug in some Christmas lights (or even grab a blanket and sit by the tree), and read a fav book you haven't read for a while

  • B I B L E   J O U R N A L I N G  +  P R A Y E R :
so I haven't officially done this yet myself (BUT I SO WANT TO) -- but I do take lots of notes [basically I write all along the margins *cue reading upside down from continual notes that go around the whole page* ah hahaa xD] also lots of underlining and boxing in with colorful pens. its a great way to calm down and spend time in God's word while being creative. and guys, just pray, okay? that's probably the biggest "tip" I could give you. trust me

  • [ M U S I C ]   C H R I S T M A S  /  J A Z Z  /  C L A S S I C A L  /  P I A N O :
basically anything calm, and without lyrics. [however awesome they may be, they can be distracting] add a candle and a soft blanket and pillows and it'll be amazing, trust me. also, music with any of the above suggestions is basically perfection 

  • B A K I N G :
okay, so this /can/ be a stressful thing if everything blows up or goes wrong (or you burn oven mitts on the stove top -_-), BUT, it can also be really nice and calming. bake something random, or just a pan of brownies. put on before mentioned christmas music and get going! [T I P : make sure your work space is clean before beginning + clean as you go - it helps a bunch]


so these are a couple things that I do to help calm stress -- just remember that God didn't give us life to spend our time stressing about it. in stressing and worrying about what we can't control we are basically just telling God we don't trust Him, and, even if we don't realize it, it's true. 

'...do not fret -- it only causes harm.' 'the Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall i be afraid? ... though an army may encamp against me, my heart shall not fear; though war may rise against me, in this i will be confident.' psalm 37:8 + 27:1 and 3

so, guys, we don't need to stress and fear 'cuz God is with us. with God we can be without worry. with God we can be fearless.


[WHAT I CREATED FOR EDITING] + why you should print your novel in spiral bound to edit

Sunday, December 3, 2017

editing. scrolling through a document, getting lost, and trying to figure out what in the world you are doing (+ getting headaches from all the previously said scrolling)


it started when I saw that you could print a spiral bound book off lulu and suddenly I knew what I wanted do. *cue random inspiration moment* basically, I made up my own thing and went with it. I knew what I wanted, and I figured if no one else was going to make it I'd make it myself (this was actually julia's bday gift I made a couple months ago lolol)

basically, it's your book. printed out. with lots of extra space between lines to write in. extra width on the margin to write notes on. an extra blank page for notes after every chapter. and a bunch of blank pages at the end to write in.
^^ YOU HAVE TOTAL PERMISSION TO WRITE ALL OVER THIS THING but be kind to yourself and don't destroy it, for the sake of the book and yourself xD

I   P R I N T E D   M Y   N O V E L   T O   E D I T   I N   +   W H Y   Y O U   S H O U L D   T O O :

  • because its your book and you wrote it and you deserve to hold it in your hands !!!!
  • it's not official. so if you wanted to wait until your novel is completely done to print out, look at this as a step between the two
  • because YOU CAN WRITE IN A BOOK c'mon, we all know it's forbidden. but not with this thing
  • you can carry it around in your backpack and don't have to worry about it dying (no charger necessary, guys)
  • it's a place to keep all notes and editing in ONE place. don't mess with a thousand documents and the said scrolling. just, don't.
  • its so aesthetic you'll be excited to start editing TRUST ME. ITS WEIRD
  • DID I MENTION IT'S SPIRAL BOUND???! like, dude. I love spiral bound so SO SO SO SO MUCH. like, you can fold it over and it's not in the way and you don't have to use your arm to hold it open (we all know this struggle xP)
  • when reading on a screen it's hard to notice all those typos - it's easy to glaze over stuff on your laptop. in a printed out form you notice things waaayy more
  • IT'S DISTRACTION FREE. no internet embedded in this book, people. it's also cleanly formatted - which helps your eyes and mind to focus easier
  • easy to flip around, but keep your place.
  • it's also good for rewrites. make the edits in the book, then later, use the book as you go along rewriting it onto your laptop


we all dread editing (most of us, anyways -- some of you lucky beans out there actually /like/ it *is jealous*) REGARDLESS, here's my solution that I created to help with the horribleness of editing -- or even just a way to make it more motivating for any writer out there - DO THE THING!

[if you guys are interested in the actual /making/ of this book -- like the formatting -- comment below saying so. if I get enough people interested, I may just have to do a tutorial!]

btw if anyone has any questions i'll be waiting by the mailbox for the next few days waiting for my copy to come xD [PICTURES TO COME]


[a review - WHAT WAS UP IN NOVEMBER] aka randomness + THIS MONTH WENT BY SO FAST]

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

L I F E   I N   N O V E M B E R :

  • thanksgiving happened +the christmas event + my bday
  • stayed up until 2am a couple nights this month getting stuff done *squints*
  • took a lot of photos [hence the photo dump in my last post - LIKE I HAVE TO USE THEM, GUYS]
  • discovered this really neat board game called "ticket to ride" SUCH FUN - but watch a youtube video to learn how to play it. the instructions are nuts
  • remade a pie crust four times BECAUSE SOMETHING WAS WRONG AND THE DOUGH WAS LEGIT MELTING i still think it was our oven
  • did some Christmas shopping:

W R I T I N G   T H E   W O R D S :

I LOVE COUPON CODES SO MUCH THEY ARE MY FRENS (besides you guys, of course *cough*)

BUT OKAY I printed out my unfinished novel to edit because it needs rewriting and I just feel like I need to be able to look at it in legit book form (I get so lost scrolling thru Word tho). and now the wait for the thing in the mail yaaaayyy

U T T E R   R A N D O M N E S S :

julia: *bangs cereal box on my head* oh wow sorry that was a total accident
5 yr old sis: if the sky was green it would match the ground and then we would bump into it all the time because they look the same

"aren't you glad our lips aren't inside out?" - ju
me: *jawdrop*

time change + julia at the dentist = this ^^

"steak is my best friend ever" - six yr old sis

seeing how fast you type is actually really fun. I got my speed up to 103 WPM OMW

me hearing in background:
*slap* HA. I FINALLY killed that fly! - bro
julia: *is struggling to open package of cheese*
me: *watches julia struggle*
julia: *continues*
me: .....
julia: ugh fine *tosses package over* open it

mom: julia you really sound sick!
julia: Im not sick. I have a cold. 
me: ....
so it was snowing and I opened the car door and then all the snow that had been on the door FLEW ONTO MY SEAT and then Julia laughs *squints*

when a friend asks what you are doing for your bday
6 yr old sis: "so you know when I was a little kid - like when I was four"...

very randomly made a chocolate cake with my mom
so I just deleted exactly 500 emails MY OCD IS HAPPY

"you know I eat water?" - sis

julia and I tired from prepping for event =

coming outside after our event to see it's pouring rain and this older lady just goes "ew"

I was hanging out at our booth and this guy comes up to me and goes "I just met your mom!!" and I'm like "My mom?? I didn't think she was here-" and then he goes. "oh. um. wrong booth" and i'm like:
having some young girls from other booths hang out at our booth and teaching them how to knit and crochet <33

so I was looking up backpacks and yep IVE ALWAYS WANTED A LEAF BLOWER, like, ????????????????????
so I was leaving in the morning and said "goodnight" instead of "goodbye"and my dad just laughed (this was the last day of the christmas event jsyk. don't judge)

ALMOST DELETING ALL MY RANDOM MOMENTS thank goodness for recently deleted tho
^^ my little sis tried to guess how to spell my name. maybe this should be my new signature?? XD

julia randomly in conversation: so we are going out for your bday tomorrow because we can't go on thanksgiving 
me: what
me: wait. what?
^^ it was a blast tho XD

I accidentally burnt oven mitts on the stove top. AND I CHECKED TO MAKE SURE IT WAS THE RIGHT BURNER NO JOKE and all I was doing was boiling water

me: *squeezes paint bottle* why isn't this coming out?? -- oh. oooopppss.
me: *plugging in phone to charge*
why isn't it going in?
^^ I was trying to put it in the headphone jack. whoops

"are you really turning sixteen or are you just a robot?" - 8 yr old bro

my alarm went off and I legit had to lay there for 30 seconds trying to figure out why in the world I was supposed to be getting up 
I woke up and looked up at the shelf above my bed and um. basically this book is like this 8lb. book on the history of america. I use it as a book end. *cough* 

little sis: *whispers in my ear* my wiggly tooth is even wigglier!

me and julia be like:
F A V   P O S T S :
stress just isn't worth it - by jonathan - an excellent post on how stress just isn't worth it. READ THE THING.
nanowrimo week #4: lots of movie watching and I wrote "THE END!" - by katie - KATIE FINISHED HER NOVEL AND FINISHED NANO BEFORE THE THING EVEN ENDED AHHH everybody head on over to her blog and give her congrats and pizza k
WHY I'M THANKFUL TO BE THANKFUL (2017) // I'M REALLY TIRED BUT ACTUALLY REALLY HAPPY + APPLE PIES MMMM - by ju - yep actually linking my sisters post. but read it if you haven't, k xD
why perfect isn't worth it + thankfulness - by hannah - hannah wrote an awesome post about perfectionism and thankfulness that is totally a must read xD

N O V E M B E R   G O A L S   C O M P L E T E D :

  • do a fallish craft and/or bake - berry pies, apple pies, sweet potato pies, pecan tassies, and other thanksgiving stuff - and a chocolate pie THAT WAS SO AMAZING AND SOMEHOW I FORGOT TO TAKE A PHOTO OF IT (and it was a custard filling which was actually really interesting to make)
  • hang out at the library and/or coffee shop and be all writerly 

  • stay warm - except for that one night setting up our event. it was in a barn so basically it was as cold as outside which was like 30 degrees or something. IT GOT VERY COLD AFTER OVER THREE HOURS.
  • start Christmas shopping + prep - FINALLY STARTED ON THIS - I have plan to make plans for Christmas-ey stuff for next month ("plans to make plans" *shakes head at self*)
W H A T S   U P   D E C E M B E R :

  • and hopefully writing and school and blogging and reading and all that good stuff
  • also a meeting at the library that involves pizza YOU CAN'T GO WRONG THERE

G O A L S :

  • read more [cocoa + christmas lights + books = amazingness]
  • get ready for christmas without stress [LISTEN TO LOTS OF CHRISTMAS MUSIC]
  • get my book from lulu and plan a starting/end date ???? we'll see xD
  • plan crafts + bakes to do with the fam

november was an amazing month. thanksgiving, an event (THAT IS FINALLY OVER WHOHOO), my bday, and lots of hanging out at the library and coffeeshop. [guys. I got to sit in a nook at the library and read. how weird is that tho]. life just happened, and it was great. hope you had as awesome as a month as I did <33


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