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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

I'm a total planner and to-do list person and always have been (THANKS DAD << totally got it from him ahahaha) but seriously, I've had legit written out and organized to-do lists since I was probaaballlyy 9??.. and let me tell you, I LOVE 'DEM SO MUCH like idek what i'd do without my beloved planner. (aka I could never ever ever ever in a million years remember everything I need to do without it ahah ahhahaa)

but /sometimes/ it can be annoying. LIKE SOMETIMES SO STRESSFUL TO EVEN LOOK AT IT I COULD JUST THROW THE THING OUT THE WINDOW (but I never do, no worries. I wouldn't risk the pages getting bent #petpeeve)

then you have those days when you feel totally productive but then you go to your planner and see you have done nothing there that needed to be done and it's just like DUDE WHAT DID YOU EVEN DO ALL DAY?? *cue strangle noises*

every evening, I write down what needs to be done the next day + look at a couple days ahead aka PREPARING MYSELF (maybe you should do this in the morning if you are an overthinker tho??) lol, I have no problem tho. I'm the kind of person who has absolutely NO PROBLEM falling asleep. at all -- like, dude, sometimes i fall asleep with my light on. normally it takes less than five mins for me to fall asleep NOT EVEN JOKING or fall asleep on the couch after I come home from work #whoops

T I P S   F O R   P R I O R I T I Z I N G   +   O R G A N I Z I N G   Y O U R   T I M E :

  • PRIORITIZE BY: looking at the whole thing. if you could only do one thing on that entire list, what would need to be done? keep asking yourself that as you go through the whole thingy
  • stuff comes up. be prepared for things not being able to be done (aka errands, hanging out with friends, events, ect.) 
  • so, try and think ahead - those days when you don't have a ton do to, look ahead for your schedule for a super busy day and see if you can take out one of those things for that day and do it today (writing a blog post earlier, extra school, writing, projects, cleaning, ect.)
  • don't be discouraged if everything doesn't get done in fact, /expect/ that not everything will be done. it's okay. it's not the end of the world
  • try not to leave things for the weekend thinking 'I'll have so much time' LOL NO. anyways, weekends shouldn't be stressful with trying to wrap a ton of things up anyways -- leave extra time
  • expect projects to take longer than you think
(then if you get them done quickly, you can be happily surprised!)

  • leaving one day of the week [aka saturday or sunday - or dedicate a few evenings] to rest, read your bible, journal, read, and spend time on hobbies helps a lot. that way, if you are tempted to procrastinate doing something you enjoy, rather than things that need to be done, save it for that day. it also gives you something to look forward to if you are super stressed and busy
  • set weekly goals + what should be done daily to meet those goals
  • pray about it. there's no use stressing over things that you think are important 'cuz, there will always be more stuff to do. and, believe me, often, other things are more important
  • try and keep your work space clean -- it puts you in the mood to accomplish things and makes you feel inspired. ALSO. listening to audio books/dramas + music is SO INSPIRING 
  • if writing, make your daily goals higher than necessary so you'll be "ahead." that way, if you miss a couple days, you'll be all set!
  • don't push things back and procrastinate. GET 'ER DONE. stay ahead of the game, and don't let things pile up. it'll help your stress levels, TRUST ME

get your things done, but don't let your to-do list run your life. leave time for listening -- don't always be a go go go human -- and don't miss the little moments because you are so busy. the stress of it all will get to you, and wear you down [even if you don't realize it]. don't expect perfection from yourself, but do the best you can.

the stuff on your to-do list won't always get done. it's okay. just hand your stress over to God and don't worry. stuff will happen. life will be lived.

p.s. daylight savings was a great day. I got that extra hour I've been wanting A 25 HOUR DAY WHOO can we have these all the time tho?? [although it does get dark earlier now]
^^ basically my feelings tonight when I saw how dark it was at 5pm




  1. Thanks! I came here from Fishing for Ideas, and this was just as helpful as Jonathan's post! Stress is such a problem, and I've been trying to cut it out of my life. My mental to-do list has been a little . . . unreliable, so I'm picking my planner back up before I forget an assignment. I have a few ways of relieving stress - mainly writing. Music also keeps me alive, especially upbeat, positive lyrics. And Christmas music is a staple of life every day after Halloween. (Okay, fine, I started listening on Halloween, but I couldn't wait another day. It's the most wonderful time of the year!) Thanks for posting, and God bless!

    1. aw, thanks, Brianna! believe me, I feel you. it's hard to cut it out - it's a real process, I know. honestly, idek if I've ever had a mental to-do list -- unless you count remembering to write that down that thing you should do on the to-do list. xP lucky you! writing isn't stressful for me, but I always feel bad when doing it because I feel like I should be doing other things :P

      I DID THE SAME THING. and I'm totally full-fledged listening to it now haha xD

  2. This was such a GREAT POST, Sarah! And it's so true. I used to be a procrastinator, but I'm really not like that anymore. If I have something I need to do, I just do it right there and then. If I can't do it at that moment, then I write it down on my to-do list and do it right when I get the chance. It really helps me! :)
    Those pictures are SO PRETTY!! Is that y'alls garden? It's absolutely beautiful! <3

    - Maddy | littlebitofsunshineweb.blogspot.com

    1. AHHHH, THX, MADDY. wowow that's an excellent skill though. I go either way, honestly. I do feel like when I have more things to do I procrastinate less tho?? idk. xD aww thanks!! It's actually the garden I've been helping out a ton with this summer - it's been awesome! and thanks *is so proud of all our little plants* xD

  3. THIS POST IS AMAZING THANK YOU. I literally feel like all my blogging buddies have collaborated to write posts for me xD

    DUDE HOW DO YOU FALL ASLEEP SO FAST??? It takes me a half hour, minimum. (Usually I'm thinking about tomorrow... #oops).

    I think you listed about every tip there is! The Sunday one is probably the best. I know I'm too busy when I spend Sunday afternoon "getting things done."

    1. AH YOU ARE WELCOME (and yes, honestly I feel the same way?? xD)

      DUDE IDEK ITS MY ONLY SUPERPOWER, SO. do you remember when you were a kid and it was like "If I fall asleep now I'll get exactly so and so amount of sleep"?? or maybe that was me #weirdkid xP XD

      yeaaahh, I tend to fall for that one a lot. then my weekend gets crammed instead of restful #whoops - working on that xD

  4. Ugh, I'm such a procrastinator. I really want to get everything down, I just get distracted too easily. I'm better about it than I used to be, so there's that. But I still need to work on it. Haha, when it comes to falling asleep you sound like my sister. She actually likes to fall asleep with the light on. I, on the hand, take a bare minimum of 20 minutes to fall asleep. It's kind of frustrating. Oh well.

    These tips were really great. It's always better to expect less of yourself than you can actually do, so if you do more you'll feel really amazing.

    ~ Ella Marie

    1. well, what I like to do is tell myself that if I finish my work, or at least part of it, I can do that thing that I wanted to do XD or, set a timer and stick to it. and lol, I'm honestly not particular - I can sleep with the light on or off xP XD

      aww, thanks! I discovered that one a long time ago - it's harder to feel pumped about finishing a project when it took way longer than you had thought xP XD

  5. YES. SAME. I APPROVE OF THIS. Especially the parts about expecting the unexpected, like expecting things to take longer than you think, or expecting things to come up and interrupt you. *nods* I've been working on that lately because big family life = something always interrupts you. PERIOD. NO EXCEPTIONS. XD

    Also the thing about leaving one day of the week open is so me? Like? You didn't hack my brain did you? XP For me it's typically Wednesdays though (but only in the morning) because I'm unconventional mwahahaha

    ALSO. ONE MORE THING. Do you bullet journal and if so does it help you to get things done? Someone got me a journal with dots in it for my birthday and I'm THINKING about bullet journaling but idk yet.

    1. YES it's a trick of mine that I discovered cuz sometimes projects take FOREVER tho and then you get annoyed with yourself then stressed and so on. :P and lol, ikr?? xD

      uhhmm, nooo - but I probably could have ahhaaa. ohh, a middle of the week break day is a good idea *nods* I'm working on leaving my weekend more empty for relaxation than stuffing things to do in there #dothatwaytoomuch

      OKAY. SO. yes, I /did/ bullet journal, but I actually stopped. simply because I didn't have time weekly to make a new layout for the week BUT if you dedicated one day a month to it I think it'd be fine. I found this other planner, called a Happy Planner that I lovveee, and would recommend, except its kinda girlish xP here's a layout I did do when I had one. it's a lot simpler then many people do but yeah http://the-introverted-extrovert.blogspot.com/2017/05/my-bullet-journal-realisticness-10.html

      if you do it, I'd recommend making a separate list of things you want to have in there. blogging area, monthly, daily, goals, money, books, ect. then go from there and figure out the order you want. the nice thing is, you can make it however you want it to be! look up a couple ideas online, just don't go crazy and get afraid of the thing xP

      but the actual bullet journal /did/ help me get things done! any list does, tho - as long as it's visible for me to look at. (aka toss it on my bed so I can actually see it). also, I set 1828198117183401 timers on my phone to remember stuff lol xP let me know if you have any more questions about it!

    2. OKAY I SHALL HAVE TO LOOK INTO IT. I kinda aspire to doing it, but it does seem to be a time commitment? We shall see though. I'll let you decide if I decide to give it a shot.

    3. hmm yeah. maybe what you should do is give it a month or something and then decide from there?? just give it a try and see if it helps you, or ends up draining you. sounds good!

  6. I really really really like this post, because I can relate to your list love!! I am the same way, but I have been failing MISERABLY at organizing my life. Like, not even kidding, I am taking my two off days from work to get my life together. :p

    But really this post helps so much and YES I'M LISTENING TO CHRISTMAS MUSIC TOO. I am so ready for alllll the Christmasy things BRING IT ON.


    1. eeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppppppp thank you!! ikr?? I remember being when I was younger I'd scratch to-do lists on my math school work #whoops XD whoaaa, well don't stress about it! and you can't /really/ fail at it - there's always room for improvement, but you aren't failing k.

      aww, well I'm glad <33 AGH YES. I found this piano jazz christmas playlist on spotify that I am just loovvvinnggg. AGREED. I AM READY (omw gotta start Christmas shopping tho *flails*)

  7. I definitely have those days when I look at my lists and think "WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING" because apparently the answer is twiddling my pencil or something?? And when that occurs on a Monday (my most productive day, or at least it feels like it), I don't seem to get into a productive mindset for the whole WEEK.

    (@ Everyone with Procrastination Hacks: why are you holding out on us.) :P
    - Jem Jones

    1. LOL IKR and often those are the days where you /feel/ like you got stuff done. but the truth is, you DID -- just not the stuff on your list :P woowow lucky you!! productive mondays?? I'm jealous haha. I do have spurts of inspiration to get everything done tho - mostly when I have a lot of stuff to do, and when my room is clean XD

      LOL I suppose people are still trying to find the cure lol XD

  8. I have SO SO SO many to do lists! I love listening to audio books while working on my to do list too!

    (Also: I haven't really started listening to Christmas music yet, but I'm slowly getting it, and I'M SO EXCITED!!!)

    1. I KNOW so many (honestly they are fun to write, but harder to do :P) saammmee. it makes getting things done much easier *nods*

      DUDE GET INTO IT ITS THE BEST THING TRUST ME I listen to it as long as I can 'cuz it's just so holidayish and cozy xD

  9. I know how hard this can be. I'm a *to-do list* type of person too. Thanks for sharing those really helpful and encouraging tips.


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