MAY IN REVIEW || preparing for nano + summer + {hello june}

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

- helped my dad set up our new pool (NOW WILL IT JUST GET WARM ENOUGH?? xP)
(this was during the leveling xD)

- read a toooonnnn (and checked out like 20+ more books. whoops xD)

- FINISHED SCHOOL *cheers and flails and everything*
- mentally brainstormed for the second part of my novel ALL THE THINGS TO HAPPEN xD

- went to a friends graduation party (which was super fun xD)

basically, this month was super busy and I'm having a hard time remembering everything that happened haha. but I seriously got basically all my wall art up so hopefully the room tour will happen sometime this month (lol idk anymore haha). 

- writing basically didn't exist this month BUT THAT ACTUALLY WAS MY PLAN believe it or not. I decided to take a little break and enjoy the summer although next month will be plotting. which I don't mind /too/ much. I'm actually pretty excited about it?? my alpha-er's have been giving me some brilliant ideas for part 2 of my novel. *concocts plot in corner*
- oh, and I sent the first part of my novel off to like 5 alpha readers and omw they have been so helpful in giving me ideas for part two *is excited*

- it was also amazingly creepy when one of my readers described my MC for me as what she saw (I don't often describe my characters lol) and I sent her a pic of my inspiration for my MC and OMW IT WAS EXACTLY AS SHE DESCRIBED *flails*

"can I have a pickle?" *pauses* "whoops i forgot to say please" - little sis 

- when my little sis got a glow in the dark ponytail: *turns lights out* is my hair glowin'?

little sis: *gives me like 30 pennies before i go run errands* can you buy me a new toothbrush?

- when you are brought home a frosty and it's like *dies with happiness*
mom: hey - can you help me with this?
computer: *is set in German*
me mentally: I CANT READ GERMAN
me: *pretends i know what i'm doing*
me: *frantically looks for familiar English* NEVER LOSE ME IN SOME FOREIGN PLACE K

- when you and your dad are both perfectionists and you spend hours leveling the ground for the pool (it actually didn't tilt so it was worth it lol)

- when Julia is on her graduation trip and you tease her about using her fluffy blanket as a table cloth #muahahhaaa

- went to the park and hung out (literally).
sis: spin me again!
me: nooooo. i'm dizzy!
sis: well. when you are UNdizzy can you?

little bro - I'm glad I'm not a superhero! I mean, I'd like the flying part...but I'd miss out on stuff too. and I'd hate the super hearing part!

- when a baby fox crosses the road and it's the AWWWW THE CUTEST THING EVER 

- when you are the only girl out with your dad and bros and you end up being the one who carries your moms mother's day roses through the hardware store for hours so they don't wilt in the car #awkward
- when you've worked on setting up the pool all day and end up with one burnt shoulder, half a burnt neck, burnt ears and burnt elbows. how?... #onlyme

- when time doesn't exist
- five year old sis - *looks at me in wonder* how did you get growed up so quickly?

me: ooohhh thunder
julia: or it's the dryer 

- when you toss your phone on the bed and bounces and flings itself and lands on your hard floor and thankfully somehow managed to stay alive and you are just like:
me: *cuts onions* *actually doesn't tear up* wow am I some superhero or something
me seconds later: *starts blinking uncontrollably and can't see what i'm cutting anymore*
five minute later: *eyes still burn*

- changing your phone password bc it takes so long to do and after you change it you keep putting the old password in so, in reality, it's adding more time 

- jsyk calendar doesn't end - and yes, you can still set events here
"so I was thinking a year was like 10 months...not 12..." - ju
"Sarah look - *shows me a four leaf clover* I never thought I'd find one but I did! And it's real!*pauses* Now what do I do with it?" - little bro

its a journey by audrey - this was a brilliantly written post that I totally needed and you probably do too. reeaddd ittt
biking + it's national chocolate chip day??? + writing woes by hannah - hannah's post just made me so happy like adorable bikes and chocolate cookies? yas plz
forgotten films // animated treasures everyone needs to see by mary - mary brought back childhood for us like omw we had the best kid movies XD
exhale by ava - her photos seriously kill me xD
may highlights 2017 by katie grace - katie's wrap ups just always make me so happy - there are also donuts there so #extrahappiness

- finish my novel? - honestly idk why this was a goal?? anyways, I changed my plan and next month is plotting part two of my novel and then writing it in July xD

- FINISH SCHOOL - YES. I DID THIS. still working on algebra but we'll forget that if we can

- master some kind of new summerish hairdo for my short hair - uhhhmm. no? I kinda forgot about this. whoops. although my hair has already grown and I can do ponytails now haha XD

- READ MORE - did this. summer reading here we come!

try a new diy project - yep. I did a ton of canvas wall art and DIY's for my room xD

- do the room tour. seriously guys, I don't know what happened to that this month lol

- plot part two of my novel and prepare for July nano (CUZ GUYS. IT'S COMING SO SOON) 

- enter and participate in summer reading

- enjoy summer (this shouldn't be too hard haha)

hope you all had a lovely month!
what are you looking forward to the most in june?

THINGS I'VE BEEN UP TO {aka a list of randomness} || DIY-ing + airport pics

Saturday, May 20, 2017


  • finished school for the year (other than algebra I've gotta pound on that now yaayy xP xD)
  • helped my dad set up our new pool ITS SO NICE but now it's chilly again ughness
  • taking pics + needing a new camera card (I filled up two 32gb cards just in last year *cough*)
  • doodling some aesthetics for my bulletin boards (WILL BE POSTING MY ROOM TOUR SOON K)
  • also painting canvases for my wall and smudging one majorly
*i'm trying to get over the smudge don't worry xD*
  • picking up some knitting again ALL THE PRETTY COLORS
  • managed to get my family together for a family pic (ah being the photographer in the family xD)
  • brainstorming for part two of my novel
  • made a ton of pancakes and basically cooked myself in the heat. hot day + hot griddle = melted me 
  • taking a Little House personality test and coming out as Harriet Oleson - OKAY WAHT THAT IS NOT TRUE *takes it again and gets the same answer* I think it's broken
  • looking forward to having more reading time xD *stayed up until 2 last night reading* *cough*
*steps over the boundary of sanity*
  • catching up on blog reading BC YOU GUYS ARE ALL SO EPIC
  • brainstorming more DIY's to do (i got in this sporadic mood again. ha)
  • seriously considering making one of those DIY arm knit blankets (IT LOOKS SO COZY I WANT ONE)
- - - - -

GUYS. WE ARE LIKE REALLY FAR INTO MAY waaahhhtt. it's going so fast MAKE IT SLOW DOWN. xP Next month it's my goal to plot the second part of my book so I'm pretty excited about that xD

also, these pics were taken when my dad and I went to pick up my sisters from the airport. IT WAS THE COOLEST PLACE TO TAKE PICS OF (and I srsly took these pics walking + looking through my camera's viewfinder and didn't walk into anything or trip #skills)

well it's raining outside and i'm off to try some DIY or read + eat cake *waves*

what have you been up to?? have you tried any DIY's lately?
favorite flavor of ice cream??

perfectionist problems || its okay to be stressed + enjoying the journey

Monday, May 15, 2017

It's 11:38 p.m. and I'm just now sitting down to write this post that should have been prepared a few days ago (ha). which is actually really rare for me?...#ughperfectionist

but anyways. I have loads of things to do right now and basically these past few days have been a good insanity. today my family went to the park for Mothers day and ate a bunch of food and hung out in hammocks for hours (bc that's the way we do things lol) and took a family pic. Then I came home and started cleaning + organizing my room spontaneously and after that, I went to help my dad and bros work on the pool.

We got a bigger above ground pool this year which meant we had to dig and level, and level, and level, and dig, and level and check, and level basically for 1372084270823 hours
(but it was actually okay? both my dad and I are perfectionists so it worked lol). I get enjoyment out of making things look right and even. #i'mweird - then came the sand, and more leveling and spraying with water and tamping and yeah, you get the point. actually, I don't mind it too much. it's very pleasing to my perfectionists soul xD 

so life has been a busy good. yes I have 103708712379423 things left on my list to do but ya know? life is busy. and...honestly, it's always going to be busy.

and yeah...that it is something I struggle with.
I'm someone who lives on order + organization and things done right (to a point. I do have a lot of my mom's 'better, not perfect' in me lol) But things not getting done on my list - that I keep postponing - well, it bugs me. more than I'd like to admit, to be honest. Audrey actually wrote a great post on this today and it was exactly what I needed. *KINDA STEALING AUDREYS IDEA KINDA NOT lol* and yes, I know I basically just did a post about this topic BUT THAATTS OKAAAAYYY xD

but yes, in her post she said to 'not forget to enjoy the journey,' and it kind of hit me. I've been letting the things that I should have done pull me down, not focusing on the things that I did accomplish. not to mention the moments and memories I've gathered during the day that haven't been written down on my list. it's a beautiful post and you should all read it.

I'm not saying you aren't gonna get stressed, because you will (bc sorry, that's just inhuman if you don't stress. if you are inhuman like that GIVE ME YOUR POWERS xD) but yeah, I just want to try and let it not beat me down so much. I do really like lists and they help me a lot - I'm just gonna be praying more for God to help me not to stress over them and to help me to just...enjoy the journey.

are you easily stressed or are you...inhuman? *squints* xD
can you relate??

my bullet journal || realisticness + 10 things to have when journaling

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

apologies for this slightly out of focus pic *whaps it*
You know when you go on pinterest and see all those perfect bullet journal styles? Well, that's just it. They're perfect. and the problem is...we compare to perfection.

But honestly guys - perfection just doesn't exist.
so here's my realistic totally-not-perfect post. You get to see my bullet journal, plus the smudges that happen. (BC UGH THEY ALWAYS GET THERE SOMEHOW) and also when I started writing 'Saturday' again and tried to creatively turn it into 'Sunday.' xP Also, I haven't drawn all the cups on the water section bc ha, that's a lot to draw xP xD 

But anyways, my point is, I'm not perfect and neither is my bullet journal. I'm just real. And so are you. so it's no use putting trying to standardize yourself to these unrealistic internet things. just do your thing and don't let the "smudges" bother you. this goes for bullet journals and basically anything else in your life (look at me being deep, ha) but yes. let's get back to the bullet journal stuffs -
there are no rules in bullet journals. you do what you want here. FEEL THE FREEDOM. GO OUTSIDE OF THE LINES (dots, of you please,) JUST DO WHATEVER. seriously. rules are not allowed in bullet journal. period.

*ahem* annnyyywaayyss

so here are 10 things you could use for bullet journaling. (see pic for my stuffs)

// 1. GEL PENS.
guys these are amazing and even tho they run out kinda fast it's so pretty and also GLITTER GUYS. THESE PENS ARE GLITTERY. (I got mine from here).

// 2. lotion.
bc lotion smells nice and makes your hands feel awesome

// 3. MORE PENS.
okay these pens ROCK. it's like normal pens where they don't bleed, but in gorgeous colors. (you can get them here).

// 4. notebooks.
for sketching and trying fonts and colors out. (and why shouldn't it be a whale notebook? it's the best notebook in existence, don't fight me on this, k?)

// 5. music + headphones.
must I really explain how this is necessary? MUSIC IS LYFE. (annndd here are my headphones that you can get. super great sound for the price btw).

// 6. even more pens.
bc DUH you can never have too many. *pets my 1830278208742 pens* 

// 7. a ruler.
bc, guys, face it. none of us can really draw a straight line by ourselves and it's kinda necessary for this, k? it will save you a headache.

(totally not obsessed. nope.) but these can be used to write quotes, inspiration, to do, and bible verses on. plus they can be easily taken off for new refreshing quotes or whatever. WHALA. magic, right? (no not rly, but shh)

// 9. bullet journal.
well, uh, you kinda need this. it's just kinda necessary. *cough* (I recommend the dot grid AND DO THE SPIRAL BOUND THING it's looovveeelllyy) I bought mine here. 

// 10. your bible.
(to use more sticky notes with, right??) also, I want to start putting a bunch of verses in all over in random spots xD

- - - - -

the cool thing about journaling's yours. It's you and even if you make mistakes, there are always 'next times.' (trust me, the mistakes will happen.) there are so many variations to many colors to use. endless possibilities. just be you and have fun with it! (plus it's great to have all your things in one notebook)

feel free to use my design as inspiration (I'm always changing it up tbh lol) or if you dare, roam the realms of pinterest at bullet journals for ideas xD

also, Julia left for her graduation trip and im like:
jk jk actually I really miss my sisters BUT THEY'D BETTER HURRY HOME AND STOP TAKING ALL THOSE GORGEOUS PICS WITHOUT ME *whaps them* xD

do you have a bullet journal?? have you ever thought of starting one?
do you find yourself comparing often? (it's a hard thing to fight, I know)

HAPPINESS (when sarah does a tag {shocker!}) || fav blog posts + campfires

Thursday, May 4, 2017

So I was tagged for the happiness tag by Hannah from the Relentless Day Dreamer (GO TO HER BLOG  RIGHT NOW OKAY. SEE THE BEAUTIFULNESS) also, I'm sorry if someone else tagged me with this and I just forgot #ughmybrainsometimes

anyways, I'm super bad with tags...sorry guys, I just always forget to do them xP - so here I'm finally gonna do one (I just went back and discovered my last tag was the snippets tag I did in december last year *cue coughing*) so...ACTION *cue cameras and lights*

*rolls film*

- my new bullet journal style (do you guys wanna see a post on this?? let me know in the comments!)
- using glitter pens to underline my bible (although I stink at underlining but shhh we are talking about happy here)
- the song 'happy' by Pharrell Williams - DUH GUYS IT HAS HAPPINESS IN THE TITLE. me listening to the song be like:
- new photo editing apps (omw guys THE POSSIBILITIES)
- playing nerf tag with my siblings and dad outside while babysitting
- almost being done with school for the year *cue cheering and flailing*
- my newly painted room (SO BRIGHT LOOKING - also a blog post coming on this...sometime hopefully soon lol)
 - green leaves and the smell of spring
- braiding julia's hair - AND IT ACTUALLY TURNING OUT PINTERESTY?? how. idk lol
- spontaneous campfires and s'mores with my family
- watching 'I Love Lucy'
- sea salt caramel icecream (GUYS THIS STUFF ROCKS YOU MUST HAVE IT NOW I mean wait *hugs it to self* it's horrible, you don't want any. trust me.)

well this is kind of more of a recent-happy-happenings but there's nothin' wrong with that, right?? xD

*edits post* and I almost forgot to link people. WHOOPS. *grabs all the links*

audrey | michaila | ember | clara | autumn | katie | naomi | savannah | julia | mary |
christina | chloe | elizabeth | natasha | katie | 

- - - - -

also, guys, somehow I didn't add my fav post links to my monthly post (aka I just plain FORGOT) 
sooooo basically I'm gonna add 'em here cuz you guys are so awesome

4 tips on merging fiction with faith - by jonathan - and here's another awesome post in Jonathan's series. go read it - he speaks the truth xD
how pain is handled - by julia ryan - YES IM LINKING MY OWN SIS *folds arms* but yes, this is such truth. go read it and die
hope - by naomi sarah - she's awesome ALSO SHE HAS MY NAME TOO SO THAT MAKES HER MORE AWESOME *cough* but this post was pure beautifulness and totally from the soul. probably one of my fav posts ever. seriously. go read this.
i'm a writer. excuse my browser history - by clara - OMW THIS POST. it's just epicness. also, she has some great how-to-get-out-of-writers-block tips so *guides all writers to flock over to this post*

p.s. I DID REACH MY NANO GOAL GUYS!! #morehappiness

do you like my tags, or for real, do you normally not read them? BE HARSH HONEST K
what is something that makes you happy?
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