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Saturday, May 20, 2017


  • finished school for the year (other than algebra I've gotta pound on that now yaayy xP xD)
  • helped my dad set up our new pool ITS SO NICE but now it's chilly again ughness
  • taking pics + needing a new camera card (I filled up two 32gb cards just in last year *cough*)
  • doodling some aesthetics for my bulletin boards (WILL BE POSTING MY ROOM TOUR SOON K)
  • also painting canvases for my wall and smudging one majorly
*i'm trying to get over the smudge don't worry xD*
  • picking up some knitting again ALL THE PRETTY COLORS
  • managed to get my family together for a family pic (ah being the photographer in the family xD)
  • brainstorming for part two of my novel
  • made a ton of pancakes and basically cooked myself in the heat. hot day + hot griddle = melted me 
  • taking a Little House personality test and coming out as Harriet Oleson - OKAY WAHT THAT IS NOT TRUE *takes it again and gets the same answer* I think it's broken
  • looking forward to having more reading time xD *stayed up until 2 last night reading* *cough*
*steps over the boundary of sanity*
  • catching up on blog reading BC YOU GUYS ARE ALL SO EPIC
  • brainstorming more DIY's to do (i got in this sporadic mood again. ha)
  • seriously considering making one of those DIY arm knit blankets (IT LOOKS SO COZY I WANT ONE)
- - - - -

GUYS. WE ARE LIKE REALLY FAR INTO MAY waaahhhtt. it's going so fast MAKE IT SLOW DOWN. xP Next month it's my goal to plot the second part of my book so I'm pretty excited about that xD

also, these pics were taken when my dad and I went to pick up my sisters from the airport. IT WAS THE COOLEST PLACE TO TAKE PICS OF (and I srsly took these pics walking + looking through my camera's viewfinder and didn't walk into anything or trip #skills)

well it's raining outside and i'm off to try some DIY or read + eat cake *waves*

what have you been up to?? have you tried any DIY's lately?
favorite flavor of ice cream??


  1. Ahh, the pictures are so pretty! Yeah, so, I went and took that quiz . . *cough* I got Nels Oleson. Yup, I think it's broken. Really bad. xP

    1. eeepp thank you!! oh, yep. that is totally broken. *nods in agreement* xD

  2. AHHH SUCH PRETTINESS. I love the pictures of the white arch thingy. It looks so clean and aesthetically pleasing. <3

    Yes to knitting and reading till 2 am. (Though I actually haven't stayed up that late reading in forever. 1:30 is pretty close, though. XD)

    CONGRATS ON FINISHING SCHOOL!! (But ew, good luck on algebra.)

    1. AAHHHH THANK YOU!! ikr?? it was so coooooll. I believe I walked backwards to get that pic (through the road where people drive thru to pick up people) *ahem*

      *fistbumps in agreement* hahhaa good for you - I don't recommend reading so late xP

      EEEP THANK YOU and *sighs resolutely* xP XD

  3. oh good, I'm not the only one who makes goals for next month before next month!!! xD butter pecan is the bestest and no Harriet Olson could ever deny it. :p

    1. haha, well, actually these are all things i've been up to #imcrazy. but yes, I do often make goals in the middle of the month ahahah XD ooohhhh that is good, although sea salt caramel is AMAZING. you must try it XD

  4. Ahh so much fun stuff! Casually stalking around your blog today... you're so pretty and I'm also an infj aka an introverted extrovert!! Is it possible to follow your blog by email? Or only on Blogger? (I'm low-tech + I never check my Blogpost account lol)


    1. aw, thanks! haha, stalkers are welcome around here XD omw thank you so much and whoo! welcome fellow INFJ hehe. XD Yes, it is possible! Scroll down to the bottom of my blog and there is a 'follow by email' widget for ya. and yeah, I totally understand that - following by email works great! :D

  5. AGH SUCH GORGEOUS PHOTOS. And good luck with plotting the second half of your novel! My favorite ice cream flavor is cookies and cream ice cream, no doubt.

    may @ forever and everly

    1. GAH THANK YOU GIRL! hehe thanks - I hope it goes well too haha. ooooooooooohhh cookies and cream IS SO GOOD. also, vanilla with homemade cookie dough chunks? YES PLZ. also, sea salt caramel. no one can dislike that stuff xD

  6. OKAY WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR BLOG DESIGN?! I like it. *grins and wiggles eyebrows* *cough* K, I'll stop doing that now XD UM YES, I know. I stayed up til 2am reading on Friday night. (It's my only night to do so, unless last night, but I was tired so) Where is the Little House quiz?! Can I have the link please?!

    I like the first picture - it's fab. OMW is that your dad? *whispers* Ju was supposed to send me a family pic so I could see everybody but she hasn't yet... pls make her for me. XD XD <3

    P.S. I like your profile pic. SO PRETTY. How do you guys take such lovely pictures? You look great <3

    1. OKAY I CHANGED IT A WHILE AGO AND THANK YOU EEP. dude. 2am? I was gonna say 'what's your problem' but I kind of have no right to say that ahem xP XD << and there ya go. tell me what you get!!

      EEP THANK YOU. and lol, the guy in the green baseball hat? yep - thats dad xD oohh well I'll get her to do that *will try to remember but dont count on it* XP

      EEEP THANK YOU. idk?? come here and we'll have an epic photoshoot with you XD

  7. *is looking forward to the room tour.*

    ♥Katie <>

    1. *will try to hurry and work on it* basically I just have to grab my dads drill and get on it WILL DO THIS SOON OKAY xD

  8. okay so since when has there been a Little House personality test?!? Do you have a link? I must take it xD

    audrey caylin

    1. since I discovered it?? jk jk, I signed up for some newsletter for a giveaway and yep - here's the link-o for ya: - and promise to tell me what you get. hehehe xD

    2. Okay, so I guess I'm Reverend Alden, but I forget who he is XP

    3. okay if you don't know who that is you need to brush up on your Little House watching lol XD

  9. *frowns in concentration* If you can walk around taking photos like this looking through your camera and still not run into anyone... I should be able to walk around with a big fat book glued to my face and not run into anyone? (I'd either run into an old lady, or lose my family. #notskills, apparently.) xD


    And congratulations! *sends procrastination for algebra* *MOTIVATION I MEANT MOTIVATION*

    Jem Jones

    1. well I guess its kinda different bc I CAN see through my viewfinder it's just limited + objects are closer than they appear haha


      DONT SEND PROCRASTINATION C'MON I'VE GOT ENOUGH OF THAT STUFF *shoves it in closet and tries to lock door* hahaa XD

  10. This is a nice post! I'm curious about your novel :D

    1. eep, thanks, Fiona! well, whenever it's done maybe I'll do a post about it! :D


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