[a review - WHAT WAS UP IN NOVEMBER] aka randomness + THIS MONTH WENT BY SO FAST]

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

L I F E   I N   N O V E M B E R :

  • thanksgiving happened +the christmas event + my bday
  • stayed up until 2am a couple nights this month getting stuff done *squints*
  • took a lot of photos [hence the photo dump in my last post - LIKE I HAVE TO USE THEM, GUYS]
  • discovered this really neat board game called "ticket to ride" SUCH FUN - but watch a youtube video to learn how to play it. the instructions are nuts
  • remade a pie crust four times BECAUSE SOMETHING WAS WRONG AND THE DOUGH WAS LEGIT MELTING i still think it was our oven
  • did some Christmas shopping:

W R I T I N G   T H E   W O R D S :

I LOVE COUPON CODES SO MUCH THEY ARE MY FRENS (besides you guys, of course *cough*)

BUT OKAY I printed out my unfinished novel to edit because it needs rewriting and I just feel like I need to be able to look at it in legit book form (I get so lost scrolling thru Word tho). and now the wait for the thing in the mail yaaaayyy

U T T E R   R A N D O M N E S S :

julia: *bangs cereal box on my head* oh wow sorry that was a total accident
5 yr old sis: if the sky was green it would match the ground and then we would bump into it all the time because they look the same

"aren't you glad our lips aren't inside out?" - ju
me: *jawdrop*

time change + julia at the dentist = this ^^

"steak is my best friend ever" - six yr old sis

seeing how fast you type is actually really fun. I got my speed up to 103 WPM OMW

me hearing in background:
*slap* HA. I FINALLY killed that fly! - bro
julia: *is struggling to open package of cheese*
me: *watches julia struggle*
julia: *continues*
me: .....
julia: ugh fine *tosses package over* open it

mom: julia you really sound sick!
julia: Im not sick. I have a cold. 
me: ....
so it was snowing and I opened the car door and then all the snow that had been on the door FLEW ONTO MY SEAT and then Julia laughs *squints*

when a friend asks what you are doing for your bday
6 yr old sis: "so you know when I was a little kid - like when I was four"...

very randomly made a chocolate cake with my mom
so I just deleted exactly 500 emails MY OCD IS HAPPY

"you know I eat water?" - sis

julia and I tired from prepping for event =

coming outside after our event to see it's pouring rain and this older lady just goes "ew"

I was hanging out at our booth and this guy comes up to me and goes "I just met your mom!!" and I'm like "My mom?? I didn't think she was here-" and then he goes. "oh. um. wrong booth" and i'm like:
having some young girls from other booths hang out at our booth and teaching them how to knit and crochet <33

so I was looking up backpacks and yep IVE ALWAYS WANTED A LEAF BLOWER, like, ????????????????????
so I was leaving in the morning and said "goodnight" instead of "goodbye"and my dad just laughed (this was the last day of the christmas event jsyk. don't judge)

ALMOST DELETING ALL MY RANDOM MOMENTS thank goodness for recently deleted tho
^^ my little sis tried to guess how to spell my name. maybe this should be my new signature?? XD

julia randomly in conversation: so we are going out for your bday tomorrow because we can't go on thanksgiving 
me: what
me: wait. what?
^^ it was a blast tho XD

I accidentally burnt oven mitts on the stove top. AND I CHECKED TO MAKE SURE IT WAS THE RIGHT BURNER NO JOKE and all I was doing was boiling water

me: *squeezes paint bottle* why isn't this coming out?? -- oh. oooopppss.
me: *plugging in phone to charge*
why isn't it going in?
^^ I was trying to put it in the headphone jack. whoops

"are you really turning sixteen or are you just a robot?" - 8 yr old bro

my alarm went off and I legit had to lay there for 30 seconds trying to figure out why in the world I was supposed to be getting up 
I woke up and looked up at the shelf above my bed and um. basically this book is like this 8lb. book on the history of america. I use it as a book end. *cough* 

little sis: *whispers in my ear* my wiggly tooth is even wigglier!

me and julia be like:
F A V   P O S T S :
stress just isn't worth it - by jonathan - an excellent post on how stress just isn't worth it. READ THE THING.
nanowrimo week #4: lots of movie watching and I wrote "THE END!" - by katie - KATIE FINISHED HER NOVEL AND FINISHED NANO BEFORE THE THING EVEN ENDED AHHH everybody head on over to her blog and give her congrats and pizza k
WHY I'M THANKFUL TO BE THANKFUL (2017) // I'M REALLY TIRED BUT ACTUALLY REALLY HAPPY + APPLE PIES MMMM - by ju - yep actually linking my sisters post. but read it if you haven't, k xD
why perfect isn't worth it + thankfulness - by hannah - hannah wrote an awesome post about perfectionism and thankfulness that is totally a must read xD

N O V E M B E R   G O A L S   C O M P L E T E D :

  • do a fallish craft and/or bake - berry pies, apple pies, sweet potato pies, pecan tassies, and other thanksgiving stuff - and a chocolate pie THAT WAS SO AMAZING AND SOMEHOW I FORGOT TO TAKE A PHOTO OF IT (and it was a custard filling which was actually really interesting to make)
  • hang out at the library and/or coffee shop and be all writerly 

  • stay warm - except for that one night setting up our event. it was in a barn so basically it was as cold as outside which was like 30 degrees or something. IT GOT VERY COLD AFTER OVER THREE HOURS.
  • start Christmas shopping + prep - FINALLY STARTED ON THIS - I have plan to make plans for Christmas-ey stuff for next month ("plans to make plans" *shakes head at self*)
W H A T S   U P   D E C E M B E R :

  • and hopefully writing and school and blogging and reading and all that good stuff
  • also a meeting at the library that involves pizza YOU CAN'T GO WRONG THERE

G O A L S :

  • read more [cocoa + christmas lights + books = amazingness]
  • get ready for christmas without stress [LISTEN TO LOTS OF CHRISTMAS MUSIC]
  • get my book from lulu and plan a starting/end date ???? we'll see xD
  • plan crafts + bakes to do with the fam

november was an amazing month. thanksgiving, an event (THAT IS FINALLY OVER WHOHOO), my bday, and lots of hanging out at the library and coffeeshop. [guys. I got to sit in a nook at the library and read. how weird is that tho]. life just happened, and it was great. hope you had as awesome as a month as I did <33



basically a ton of photos and feels + [ITS THANKSGIVING AND ALSO MY BDAY WHAAAAAAAA]

Thursday, November 23, 2017

[feels + stuff that is happening + bday]

driving a pie home in the car is quite precarious.  stringing a christmas tree in a corner results in messy hair.  driving in the rain is aesthetic (also cold).  painting a piece of paper black is actually really satisfying [so it paint splattering bc you totally can't mess that up whohooo].  12 hrs at the event the first day + 10 hrs the next day + 10 hrs the day after that is very tiring but also good [I taught some young girls from the booth next to us how to knit & crochet - they are so sweet tho].  met so many people at said event - humans are interesting.  these are actually dslr & iphone pics [ALL THE BOKEH YAS].  driving and stopping on a dirt road because there were horses legit so close to the car SO PRETTY.  julia surprised me and took me out for shopping/hanging out yesterday for my bday *grins*.  we strung lights above our booth on this metal bar and it looked sooooo cooolll.  need to get christmas shopping done but i baked a bunch of pies today. annddd today is also my birthday *hides behind wall or something*

sooooooo i turn 16 today.

S I X T E E N.
[yes my birthday is on thanksgiving not even joking here] believe me, guys - I am taking full advantage of this and eating all the pie today (CUZ ITS SO WONDERFUL AND IN MY OPINION WAY BETTER THAN CAKE {i'll eat either, tho - but pie is preferable *nods*})

I'm actually happy that my birthday is today bc I like relaxed birthdays *flops on couch bc of all the food* xD 

anyways so i'm off to eat all pie and watch cars 3 with my fam -- HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!  i hope you all have a wonderful and blessed day <33


it snowed + your thoughts on my blog?? || [also, PREPARING FOR CHRISTMAS EVENT = MUCH BUSY]

Sunday, November 12, 2017

HELLO HUMANS. so since these pics have been taken we had a huge frost, aaannndddd then it snowed send it back plz . LIKE YESTERDAY IT FELT LIKE 9 DEGREES *chokes*
^^ pretty sure this accurately describes my feelings about it 

W H A T S   B E E N   H A P P E N I N G :

  • I tagged along with Julia and met some friends at the library [and got free snacks out of an event they were having #whoohoo]. it was dark, and we looked outside and it was snowing. so Ju and I drove home in snow with christmas music on xD
  • school and school and school and school and school and school
  • and I went to the library AND GOT BOOKS. BOOKS. TO READ. like, I haven't had time for reading in aggeess
  • my seasonal job at the CSA I've been working at this summer ended. its super sad for it to be done, but I learned a LOT and I'm super excited for next year
  • I ran outside barefoot to get the mail and I come back in and my mom looks at me like what even are you crazy?? (and the mail hadn't even come yet so it wasn't even worth it o.O)
  • ^^ btw its very. cold. out. side.
  • IM ACTUALLY REALLY EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS like I have a ton of plans this year. but I'm realizing how soon it is and how I need to get started on shopping #whoops
  • I finally got sick of my stuffed email and went through and deleted exactly 500 emails #myperfectionistsoulishappy
  • my younger bro wants to print out his book with a "floppy cover" like mine xD
  • so I found this GIF and it kind of gives me a new perspective on the whole carving pumpkins thing lolol:
  • I found this amazing jazz piano christmas music playlist that is just so awesome i love it soo muucchh
  • also cleaned my laptop screen today WOW THINGS ARE SO CLEAR THO WHO KNEW

basically I feel like a lot of things are slowing down, but more things are happening?? [LOL i mean, who am I kidding. life? slow down? ah aha hahahaa] I'm looking forward to being able to do more of my hobby things and prep for holidays this coming end-of-month + baking lots of holiday things - I'm planning on coming up with my own mint fudge recipe?? idk we'll see what happens with that

the Christmas event we are doing is this weekend. like, in five days. AHH SO MUCH TO DO TO GET READY THO - I'll share pics, promise.

btw i've been changing a couple things around here/brainstorming and wanted to ask you guys your thoughts on what should be changed/updated or whatever [BE HONEST, K]


[don't let your to-do list consume you] + [HOW TO SET PRIORITIES + TIPS ON ORGANIZING YOUR TIME]

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

I'm a total planner and to-do list person and always have been (THANKS DAD << totally got it from him ahahaha) but seriously, I've had legit written out and organized to-do lists since I was probaaballlyy 9??.. and let me tell you, I LOVE 'DEM SO MUCH like idek what i'd do without my beloved planner. (aka I could never ever ever ever in a million years remember everything I need to do without it ahah ahhahaa)

but /sometimes/ it can be annoying. LIKE SOMETIMES SO STRESSFUL TO EVEN LOOK AT IT I COULD JUST THROW THE THING OUT THE WINDOW (but I never do, no worries. I wouldn't risk the pages getting bent #petpeeve)

then you have those days when you feel totally productive but then you go to your planner and see you have done nothing there that needed to be done and it's just like DUDE WHAT DID YOU EVEN DO ALL DAY?? *cue strangle noises*

every evening, I write down what needs to be done the next day + look at a couple days ahead aka PREPARING MYSELF (maybe you should do this in the morning if you are an overthinker tho??) lol, I have no problem tho. I'm the kind of person who has absolutely NO PROBLEM falling asleep. at all -- like, dude, sometimes i fall asleep with my light on. normally it takes less than five mins for me to fall asleep NOT EVEN JOKING or fall asleep on the couch after I come home from work #whoops

T I P S   F O R   P R I O R I T I Z I N G   +   O R G A N I Z I N G   Y O U R   T I M E :

  • PRIORITIZE BY: looking at the whole thing. if you could only do one thing on that entire list, what would need to be done? keep asking yourself that as you go through the whole thingy
  • stuff comes up. be prepared for things not being able to be done (aka errands, hanging out with friends, events, ect.) 
  • so, try and think ahead - those days when you don't have a ton do to, look ahead for your schedule for a super busy day and see if you can take out one of those things for that day and do it today (writing a blog post earlier, extra school, writing, projects, cleaning, ect.)
  • don't be discouraged if everything doesn't get done in fact, /expect/ that not everything will be done. it's okay. it's not the end of the world
  • try not to leave things for the weekend thinking 'I'll have so much time' LOL NO. anyways, weekends shouldn't be stressful with trying to wrap a ton of things up anyways -- leave extra time
  • expect projects to take longer than you think
(then if you get them done quickly, you can be happily surprised!)

  • leaving one day of the week [aka saturday or sunday - or dedicate a few evenings] to rest, read your bible, journal, read, and spend time on hobbies helps a lot. that way, if you are tempted to procrastinate doing something you enjoy, rather than things that need to be done, save it for that day. it also gives you something to look forward to if you are super stressed and busy
  • set weekly goals + what should be done daily to meet those goals
  • pray about it. there's no use stressing over things that you think are important 'cuz, there will always be more stuff to do. and, believe me, often, other things are more important
  • try and keep your work space clean -- it puts you in the mood to accomplish things and makes you feel inspired. ALSO. listening to audio books/dramas + music is SO INSPIRING 
  • if writing, make your daily goals higher than necessary so you'll be "ahead." that way, if you miss a couple days, you'll be all set!
  • don't push things back and procrastinate. GET 'ER DONE. stay ahead of the game, and don't let things pile up. it'll help your stress levels, TRUST ME

get your things done, but don't let your to-do list run your life. leave time for listening -- don't always be a go go go human -- and don't miss the little moments because you are so busy. the stress of it all will get to you, and wear you down [even if you don't realize it]. don't expect perfection from yourself, but do the best you can.

the stuff on your to-do list won't always get done. it's okay. just hand your stress over to God and don't worry. stuff will happen. life will be lived.

p.s. daylight savings was a great day. I got that extra hour I've been wanting A 25 HOUR DAY WHOO can we have these all the time tho?? [although it does get dark earlier now]
^^ basically my feelings tonight when I saw how dark it was at 5pm



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