Monday, July 2, 2018

woooww i love summer and how is june already gone???? here's a random sum up of my month + some funnies XD
six yr old sis “you’re the best”

almost setting my alarm for the time i'm supposed to wake up for the time when I should be leaving OOPS

little bro on hot day “I could stay in the fridge for hours”

“We passed 23 cars on the way here” six yr old sis as we get into town

“I’m intelligent right?” little sis

got my whole fam to take the speed typing test XD

lololol me

Going to bed without setting an alarm to wake up early for the first time in WEEKS

me: why do people even shake hands anyways??
julia “yeah like why don’t we shake feet?”
me: ...

like lololol

me:*is halfway plugging phone in*
phone: *dies*
I did that twice in one week. Like ok then

“I love that pole” - Julia driving
“Oohh you got a new backpack!’ Does it come with instructions? Can I have that box? I want to make a car” - sibling

farming life: “am I tan or is that dirt. probably both”
^^ Painting a ton of kids faces and hands with paint for the summer reading kickoff (and getting an official volunteer card!!!)

“I love smelling marshmallows. I don’t like eating them. Maybe I’ll make a pillow out of marshmallows” - ju

texting with dad lolol

“Why do birds fly around in circles like that? It must be fun. Otherwise they wouldn’t do it” - mom

Me: “is lying on bed*
Ju: *hops on bed*
Me: yeah ok just sit on me

“This is the first time I’ve made eggs and toast without burning something” - bro

  • reading. not as much as a used to (summer reading) but enjoying it
  • baking (i really want to do more of this this summer for sure)
  • many pool days, mowing the lawn, and random arting
  • taking SO. MANY. PICS. man you guys, i just got this phone and it already has loads on it lolol
  • went on a little trip to a beach near us at 7pm and it was basically empty and lovely. planning on doing that more <3
  • got together with hannah this weekend!!
  • i journaled a lot, and i'm really liking how i've been changing it up
  • i signed up for segment 2 of drivers ed for next month!! i'm at 42 drive hours (of 50). i also went and practiced parking with my dad -- i can back a truck great into a spot, but can't pull into a normal parking spot to save my life #nice
  • there's not a ton to say..its summer, and i'm loving it <33



  1. You should do a post on journaling. And different styles of it.

    Hmmmm maybe I should too ...

    1. i just might have to sometime!! i always love seeing other peoples journals and techniques for sure! <3

    2. I second this! I love hearing creative ideas about journalling. :D

  2. Aww your June sounds like it was so great and full of summer fun! I have been appreciating summer this year so much too!

    1. it really was!! i think its all going by waayy too fast tho xP aw I'm so glad!! <3

  3. 1) I heard somewhere that handshaking began during some war to show that you had no weapons in your hand and the actual shaking was to insure that the other party had no weapons up their sleeve. In some parts of Africa, two people will shake hands for a whole conversation to show that they do not wish to be interrupted. If they are not shaking hands, a third person may approach them and join in the conversation. In Libra, handshakes end with snapping your fingers against each other's hands. In Austria, it is customary to shake even children's hands, and in Japan, a weak handshake is preferred to a strong one.
    2) Birds fly in circles so they can slow down so they don't hit the ground hard, lol
    3) You have the best handwriting ever.

    1. 1) ohhh well that makes sense and dude thank you for that cool info *logs that away* XD 2) lolol i'll have to tell my mom that 3) uhhmm THANK YOU thats super encouraging to here bc that was one of my first times just going with it and writing instead of making sure it was all perfect..haha it saves much time, so XD

  4. Can I just say - I LOVE LOVE LOVVVVVVE your monthly updates. The awesome photos, plus relatable life things and gifs and funny quotes... they never fail to make me laugh. XD

    1. UHHMM THANK YOU SO MUCH, GIRL <33 honestly, I love doing them bc its a great way for myself to look back on the month (and go back through them in the year, too xD) but man, thanks so much!! <3

  5. I love these posts... they make me happy. (Are you guys colouring in on a trampoline...? Cool!)

    Reading, baking, pool days, beach nights!! Ohh, jealous!! And driving! Hey, I just passed my 50 hours! (Out of 100. >.<) And journalling!

    Love it. :D

    1. aww :'''') i love to hear those words <3 and actually, we were coloring in a pop up camper we have in our yard! its basically our summer hangout bc its less hot (we can plug fans in), its comfortable, and we can be there at night and not be bugged by bugs (lol unintentional pun xD) -- we've even done a couple movie nights in there.

      yuuss its been wonderful!! AND WHAA. 100 hours??? they recommend that here, but you only need 50 to take your road test to get your license. like i'll still practice and drive with my parents after for a bit, so it'll likely end up around the same

      thanks, Gabby! <3

  6. Totally laughed at the donut/watermelon face xD

    1. LOL you should have seen the other ones we came up with XDD


  8. Loveeee your monthly updates 😂 #alltherandomness
    Sunsets. For King and County concert this month *tries unsuccessfully not to freak out* Swimming in th RIVER XD XD and just like every summer thing there is to do :)
    The Ramblings of a Bookworm

    1. awwe, Janelle, thank you!! and lol ikr?? can't get much more random really xP
      FOR KING AND COUNTRY????? JEALOUSSS!!! but really, sounds like you have some wonderful summer plans there <333333

  9. Really enjoyed this post! So fun. :D
    What I'm most looking forward to this month would have to be leaving for vacation! Seeing my brother + other family, and friends. Plus where I'm going is lovely in the summer. ^__^

    1. awwh yes. vacation are wonderful, especially when going to see family!! hope you have a wonderful time <33

  10. Great post! Looks like you had a fun June! :-)

  11. Your June sounds so summery and fun and just happy in general!!

    (also lollol I got a new phone too because the old battery was wonky and kept dying too--it would drain so fast and died when I was plugging it in several times)

    1. hope yours was as wonderful as mine! <33

      ugh thats so annoying. my charger is being weird on me now arrrgg xP i wouldn't mind one of those 6ft charging cords but MAN. the cost -_-


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