hello there and welcome to the world of an introverted extrovert (aka an INFJ) if you're new, here's a bit about me -

// i like to embarrass myself in a relatable way - let's just get that point out right now, okay? good.

// daughter of the One and only King - He saved me <33

// coding things is da bomb - i bought a template for this design, but tweaked it to my liking. i've been dubbed the #codingqueen

// reading is also da bomb - *reads allll the books*

// i want a legit, living mini whale - BC DOESN'T THAT JUST SOUND COOL?? i mean, okay - a little whale as a pet? plzz

// i enjoy writing - currently working on my second novel

// give me music or give me death - no joke

// i quote alll the things - INCONCEIVABLE? i think not

//  *grabs out my camera* - photography is the coolest way of capturing a moment. for all you nerds out there, I use a Canon Rebel t5 with the kit lens, and 50mm.

// FOR NARNIA - *charges*

// i'm random - as you'll see here

welcome to my blog - link your own below and i'll be sure to check it out!

trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; proverbs 3:5

hello there fellow human. i'm sarah - the introverted extrovert. just a teenage girl who apparently likes to embarrass herself {as you will see here}

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