about sarah

H E L L O   F E L L O W   H U M A N S
i'm sarah. the introverted extrovert.

my family calls me witty {and weird at 12am}, my friends call me a weird fun crazy nut {in a good way i think??? ahahahaa} and other humans who meet me probably think me a quiet, shy person. *cue blog name* LOLOL it's only a disguise, people. trust me.

  • I'm a part-time gardener and idk if I have a green thumb or not 'cuz honestly, it's covered in dirt half the time.
  • Jesus is my one and only savior
  • pie is better than cake (i'll eat anything you give me tho I HONESTLY DON'T CARE I'M NOT PARTICULAR)
  • I'm an INFJ {although I took the test again recently and came out as an INTJ and instead of 80% introverted, I'm now 54% introverted so idk????}
  • I believe in the narnia in the wardrobe
  • I have this sister (but we decided we must really be twins and not just sisters) who i just can't seem to get rid of AND YES Ju is older *rolls eyes* CHECK OUT HER BLOG HERE she's pretty neat even if she does give names to everything she owns
  • I write novels and read all the books. i'm also a dabbler in all things photography, html, and craft related
  • I also have a personal library (that the library owns. ha. hahaa)
here i blog about life, thoughts, share photos of things i think are pretty. you could probably describe it as complete and utter organized randomness (which totally makes sense shhh) basically i'm an abnormal teen who is striving to live every moment to it's fullest for Jesus.

i seriously love talking with you all so hang around and tell me about yourself! <33


  1. Hi! I just found your blog through Hannah's at The Relentless Day Dreamer.
    I'm an introverted extrovert too; but an ENFP. My Mom's an INFJ though. (: and Proverbs 3:5 is one of my favorite verses!
    Laura @ flowersinmybasket.blogspot.com

  2. You and your blog are so fun! I'm an introverted extrovert too (although I'm an ENFP).


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