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Monday, May 15, 2017

It's 11:38 p.m. and I'm just now sitting down to write this post that should have been prepared a few days ago (ha). which is actually really rare for me?...#ughperfectionist

but anyways. I have loads of things to do right now and basically these past few days have been a good insanity. today my family went to the park for Mothers day and ate a bunch of food and hung out in hammocks for hours (bc that's the way we do things lol) and took a family pic. Then I came home and started cleaning + organizing my room spontaneously and after that, I went to help my dad and bros work on the pool.

We got a bigger above ground pool this year which meant we had to dig and level, and level, and level, and dig, and level and check, and level basically for 1372084270823 hours
(but it was actually okay? both my dad and I are perfectionists so it worked lol). I get enjoyment out of making things look right and even. #i'mweird - then came the sand, and more leveling and spraying with water and tamping and yeah, you get the point. actually, I don't mind it too much. it's very pleasing to my perfectionists soul xD 

so life has been a busy good. yes I have 103708712379423 things left on my list to do but ya know? life is busy. and...honestly, it's always going to be busy.

and yeah...that it is something I struggle with.
I'm someone who lives on order + organization and things done right (to a point. I do have a lot of my mom's 'better, not perfect' in me lol) But things not getting done on my list - that I keep postponing - well, it bugs me. more than I'd like to admit, to be honest. Audrey actually wrote a great post on this today and it was exactly what I needed. *KINDA STEALING AUDREYS IDEA KINDA NOT lol* and yes, I know I basically just did a post about this topic BUT THAATTS OKAAAAYYY xD

but yes, in her post she said to 'not forget to enjoy the journey,' and it kind of hit me. I've been letting the things that I should have done pull me down, not focusing on the things that I did accomplish. not to mention the moments and memories I've gathered during the day that haven't been written down on my list. it's a beautiful post and you should all read it.

I'm not saying you aren't gonna get stressed, because you will (bc sorry, that's just inhuman if you don't stress. if you are inhuman like that GIVE ME YOUR POWERS xD) but yeah, I just want to try and let it not beat me down so much. I do really like lists and they help me a lot - I'm just gonna be praying more for God to help me not to stress over them and to help me to just...enjoy the journey.

are you easily stressed or are you...inhuman? *squints* xD
can you relate??


  1. I get easily stressed like it's what I do best. But, try not to overthink what should have been, we all get busy. The most important thing is to stand up again when we just got a punch from life :)
    Have a great week Sarah!

    Happy to follow you!

    1. lol well it's majorly annoying, isn't it?? xP Thankfully I'm not TOO much of an overthinker haha. totally and you too! <33

  2. I am so drowning in my perfectionist self right now I can relate so much (that's how I ended up writing the post). Last night I was laying awake trying to figure out why I am a perfectionist. It was nearly like exploring a character's backstory to realize why they believe something. I had a huge revelation late at night that really helped me. It's like it's cool to have the determination to make everything perfect, but at the same time not, because if we fail #ouch.

    Wow. I needed your post, you needed my post -- I think we're both even xD Let's pray for less stress <3

    audrey caylin

    1. *pulls you out of water* dooonnnnttt droowwwnnn. but yes, i understand. xP ah yes, writing posts for self-pep talks. *obv does this* woowowww. I have never done that before *pats your shoulder* but yeah, it's a good thing God doesn't want perfection from me bc gosh, I just couldn't do it. Which is why we all need Him <33

      *hugs* agreed. <33

  3. I struggle with stress of a different type, but I relate. I tend to be one of those people who gets EVERYTHING on my list done in one day, OR, I don't do any of it and end up doing something entirely different instead. I'd say I'm good at improvising, but I also tend to be so "stuck" on one way of doing things that I can freak out of it doesn't go that way. So yes, I relate. :)

    This was a sweet post. I liked the pictures, and yeah, enjoy the journey! Enjoy the life God's given us, and live each day moment by moment 'cause we're not promised tomorrow. <3

    1. so you are a spontaneous list doer hahaha - it'd sure be nice to get everything done on my list some time! xD Improving is certainly a great thing to learn and yeah, I know how that can be. Often I get stuck on a project trying to get it perfect then nothing else on my list gets done and thennn *cue stress* xP

      aww, thank you! it's so lovely here its just so much fun to take photos of! totally - beautiful words, Emily! Thanks for reading! <33

  4. I can be easily stressed if I have a lot of little things that I need to do and I feel too lazy to do them. And when I'm performing, I can get stressed that maybe I'll get my line wrong or sing the wrong note. xP
    I can totally relate. I find myself not being exactly a perfectionist, but having very high expectations and then it's just like, 'Yo, I'm reality'. And it's seriously all crash-and-burn.
    Anyways, I love the Disney movie Robin Hood so much it is my favorite in the entire world and #youneedtoreadthebook

    Fantastic post,
    Amelia xxx

    Postscript: I would really love to invite you to my blog, is there anyway we could get each others emails? I asked your sister to give me yours by going through Sophia Noelle's from Lavender & Blue but......I think she forgot. ;D I hope to see you on my blog soon!! <3 <3

    1. actually I like having a lot of little things to do?? I just get more stressed when I have like a ton of large things to do that will take a lot of my time. thankfully, I'm almost done with school so that'll help a bunch for the summer! :D

      aw, yeah. I'm more like when i do projects I get stuck into getting things perfect. like the time I printed my sisters novel offline and seriously spent twelve collective hours on it *blinks* XP

      so same like I should watch it again haha. ooohhhh - I've actually never thought of that?...*has to do that*

      aww, I'd love to read your blog!! hahaa I asked Julia and she said she did forget - she said she'll get both our emails to Sophia Noelle so she can send them off to you. so excited to see your blog - I bet it's awesome!! <33

  5. As a perfectionist, I can relate. Thank you!

  6. This is so me, Sarah. :P And then it's getting scary lately when I'm actually relaxing & letting go of 'perfect' a teeny-weeny bit. ;) Hey, God's still working on me!!
    Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. *feels with you* xP weell that's a great thing!! go you! :D aww, of course! <33

  7. I'm a perfectionist too, so I totally understand the struggle.
    I just stumbled upon your blog and I kind of love it! :)

    1. ahh, us poor perfectionists, right?? haha xD

      omw that is the sweetest thing you could say - I checked out your blog and it looks lovely! I adore your blog name xD

  8. I procrastinate until I have literally half a week to do something (an assessment, usually!), then get super-calm. Not a good calm, an I'm-too-stressed-to-function-so-I'm-turning-off-now calm. "I'm so stressed I have two days and I haven't started yet meh let's watch 3.96 hours straight of Studio C and now all the bloopers for the entire LOTR trilogy yasss I am so stressed!" Anyone else get that??

    *squints with you at inhuman non-stressers*

    But seriously, Sarah, I needed your reminder to trust God and enjoy the journey! <3

    Jem Jones

    1. hahaa that's crazy - at least you can stay calm! I often like to get things done and out of the way quickly so I don't have it hanging over me haha. lol and YES TO STUDIO C. you should try getting things done sooner I bet you'll enjoy watching that kinda stuff after a lot more haha. or setting goals? XD

      aww, I'm so glad! guess we both needed it <33

  9. I do get easily stressed, and because I am also very impatient I sometimes just give up and go crazy xD! I find that moving around or taking a quick break helps me get back to normal!

    xx Bubbles

    1. lol you sound like my sis - so many times I end up saying "JUST DO IT OKAY?" she gives up on projects pretty easy otherwise (unless it's painting a room lol). ooohh that's a good tip! I'll have to try it - taking walks does help relieve the mind XD


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